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Prayers, Meditations & Chants 🙏 - St. Germain Silver Violet Flame

Written by Deidre Madsen on . Posted in Teachings

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St. Germaine's Mantra of the Silver Violet Flame

I AM Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame or, the Violet Flame with the added dimension of the Silver Violet Flame. Because, as times change and the vibrations go faster, the vibrations are accelerated, we have to add other colours to assist those that you've already been using.

Higher vibrations mean different times, so different cures and different methods are called for. So, the Silver Violet Flame. There are many things you can do with it. one thing you can do is you can get It to consume all your negative feelings and emotions. Just consign all that aggravates you in that way into the Silver Violet Flame. So, when you find your thoughts moving in directions that you don't want them to move in thoughts that are interrupting that flow of Christ Energy into your physical body. When you work out what these interruptions are and as time goes on, it becomes much easier for ones to do this, just consign them into the Silver Violet Flame.

There are also Mantras you can use. Of course, it only means that you have to add the Silver bit to the Violet Flame Mantras, the most useful or easiest many ones find to use is:

I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire. 
I AM the purity God desires.

Now, I give this Mantra to you to use in your daily lives for several reasons. One is that this is a Cleansing effect. You could say that the Silver Violet Flame Mantras are Spiritual antiseptics. You can flood your consciousness, your minds, your physical bodies, with this spiritual antiseptic and ALL will become clean. But, if you chant this Mantra in the mornings when in your bath or on the loo, you will find that it brings the Silver Violet Colour, the Silver Violet Energy into your space, into your living room and of cause, this heightens the vibration. We're not suggesting you take up this system of chanting on beads or an exact number of these Mantras every day and taking it up as a discipline in that way. Although if you are going to take up the chanting of Mantra, if you chant this Mantra day after day, this is one Mantra that is very worthwhile thinking about. But just use this Mantra in your daily lives, chant it a few dozen times a day and you will find that every thing starts to become Silver Violet. The vibration gets into the walls of your house, into the metal work of your cars, into the metals of your jewellery, into your energy system, both physical and spiritual. You will actually start shining Silver Violet! So, we could chant a few repetitions and see the vibrations.

I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, 
I AM the Purity God desires, 
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, 
I AM the Purity God desires.
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, 
I AM the Purity God desires.

This is very good because many are putting the emphasis on ' I AM', because the important part of this Mantra is I AM. The important part of the Ascension process is realising that you ARE the 'I AM' Presence.

So use this Mantra in your daily lives. It need not take up much time. No need to put hours into it. Use it as a matter of course. Allow it to flow into your consciousness. Allow your voice to speak it. It is better spoken out loud and with intent because, saying it to yourself, although it has an effect on your physical body, your four body system and what can be termed your Spiritual Body, you are not having an effect on everything that surrounds you. So when you think about how much Service you can do for creation just by chanting your Mantras out loud (because the business end of the mantra is the vibration of the Mantra) so you will be affecting everything around you. So when you get into these situations, as well as using the Protection of the Pillar of Light of Archangel Michael. use these Silver Violet Mantras. They will help to bring nice high vibration Energies into your space. Any questions? A deep heartfelt 'thank you' to all from .... ... There's no need to thank us, that's our job. We accept your thanks with Love but all the time, there is no need to thank us because we are giving you Service from the heart with unconditional Love. It is because we love you, we give you the Service. I do take your acknowledgement and accept your love, thank you. So again, I say to you that you can use this Mantra out loud but also you can meditate with this Mantra, which will trigger your mind into meditation.  Then meditate on this Silver Violet Flame.

I have now with me, some helpers to help put the Vibrations and energy of this Silver Violet Flame into your working space and now you have chanted a couple of rounds of this Mantra, some of you if not all of you, must be seeing this Silver Violet energy that is building up within the space. We are putting it too into this small Stargate and spreading it into the room. So, just take some time to think about this Mantra. Ground it within your bodies and your consciousness and bathe yourselves with the lovely Vibrations of It . . You must all now be feeling in your physical bodies, this Raising of Vibrations. This is a reasonably Energetic day on many levels so of course on the second day, many are feeling the results of that.  Many feeling somewhat disorientated, feeling somewhat tired but you see, there IS a heightening of Vibrations here. So, use this in your daily lives, use It to transmute situations that are undesirable to you. You can also as well, leave this Violet Flame behind you wherever you go. You can bring down the Fire and install It in many Places. Install it in the streets of your towns, on the rads of your Island, in the energy Points of your Island. It will be there then for the transmutation of all, not only of the human but the animals, the birds. Work with these instructions. We love you.

Channelled by JOHN ARMITAGE


Deidre Madsen 2015Deidre Madsen
Imagery Consultant
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