The Chakras & Chakra Balancing Meditations

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Chakras - Spinning Wheels (Spheres) of Light Encoded Programs

proportschakrassm1 ☸️ The Chakras | Chakras are vortices (vortexes). We all have them. There are many chakras all over our bodies; they are everywhere in and around us. They are all over the planet at sacred power points on the land. They are everywhere within and without. We are made up of moving units of Light Packets or Codes of Light.
There are far more than a mere seven chakras; however, today we focus on the main central wheels of Light that are positioned as seen in the image with the Vetruvian Man with Seven Chakra Overlay traveling up the central column of our bodies. Let us first review the body's basic chakras.
Have you ever wondered about our body's chakra system, these spinning vortexes or wheels of light? Would you like to know what each chakra represents and how to work with it? Here is a simple diagram and list for you to follow:


Chakra List



  GOD Root/Base of spine   Muladhara   Physical survival, tribal, energy distribution and practicality    Cube   Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Garnet    Red   Survival   Fear


  DUALITY (MALE/FEMALE) Sacral/Lower abdomen, below the navel   Svadisthana   Creativity, one-on-one relationships, feelings, sexual drive and pleasure; exploration    Icosahedron   Carnelian, Orange Zincite   Orange   Pleasure   Guilt


  TRINITY Solar Plexus/Below ribcage, above the navel   Manipura   Personal power, self-identity, self-confidence    Tetrahedron   Citrine, Golden Calcite, Tiger's Eye, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Amber   Yellow   Will Power   Shame


  WISDOM Heart/At center of chest   Anahata   Relationships, personal development, direction, sharing    Octahedron   Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Green Tourmaline   Green   Love   Grief


  GRACE Throat   Vishuddha   Communication, personal expression, flow of information    Octahedron   Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate   Blue   Truth   Lies


  MAN Brow/Third Eye, center of forehead   Ajna/Bindu   Understanding, perception, knowledge, mental organization    Dodecahedron   Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite   Indigo   Insight   Illusion


  PERFECTION Crown/Top of head, Kether (Hebrew)   Sahasrara 1000 Petals   Maintains overall balance of the chakra system, stimulating fine levels of perception, intuition and inspiration; gateway to eight chakra    Dodecahedron   Amethyst, Clear Quartz   Violet   Cosmic Energy   Ego Attachment


  INFINITE Above Crown   Vyapini Soul Star   Heightens our embodiment of spiritual wisdom, divine love, spiritual connection, and transcendence; gateway to ninth chakra; connects to higher self           Ultra Violet   The Soul    


  MOST HIGH Above the Eighth Chakra   Mouth of God   Access to your soul’s code or higher purpose           Translucent, Gold or White   The Spirit    


Harmony and stability can also come from re-structuring and re-organizing our chakras. By doing this we walk on the earth with a renewed sense of order and inner/outer structure when we 'lock in' to the Divine Structure and Flow of the Universal axiotonal grid lines surrounding the planet and traveling through us.

As natural geometric beings, we align with All that is All (space and the space between things) via sacred geometric structures which tesselate, overlap and reflect the sacred geometries and transfer consciousness via our DNA via Light and Sound resounding and vibrating with the celestial music of the planetary spheres.

Blockages or vulnerabilities in our chakras will show up as blocks in our daily lives so it pays to pay attention to them, and clear them often.

Now with a greater understanding of the basic seven chakras you can understand their importance and value. There are may ways to rebalance ourselves: yoga asanas, breath working exercises, aromatherapy essential oils, chanting Sacred Names of God, visualization, eating a more balanced / living diet, walks out in nature, ecstatic dancing or whirling as the Sufi masters, and so on.

Chakra Meditation Exercises

Discover a powerful method of rebalancing and clearing the chakras utilizing breath, color and focus with the following meditation exercises:

colorfulclouds meditation deidremadsenAdvanced Breathing Exercise #1
Colorful Cloud Meditation to Clear & Rebalance

You should now be in a gentle, relaxed state of being. This exercise will balance, calm and clear your chakras, giving them the right amount of balanced energy. Pay close attention to any variances or nuances the clouds and chakras may exhibit in subsequent meditations. These changes may mark or indicate shifts of consciousness. You may feel free to get up and move about as you wish, take a sip of water, and so forth, and yet are capable of returning to this state of relaxation.

When you feel you have mastered this exercise begin to pay attention to any feelings you may experience. As you inhale begin to expand that time from four seconds to eight, then to 16 seconds. After a while you can hold that time between each inhale/exhale the same length.

With eyes closed ...  Imagine a small red cloud coming before your inner vision. See it floating before you.

If you have difficulty 'seeing' a little red cloud pretend a red cloud is floating before you or see at least the color of red.

Inhale the little red cloud through your nose, slowly and gently, inhaling deeply, filling your lungs and belly with this little red cloud. 

Now through your mouth, slowly exhale the little red cloud from your belly and lungs.

  • The red cloud represents your root chakra or 1st chakra

The next cloud you see is a small orange cloud. Do the same inhale/exhale exercise for this colored cloud. Inhale the orange cloud through your nose slowly and completely, and exhale the orange cloud through your mouth.

  • The orange cloud represents your sacral chakra or 2nd chakra

Do this exact same inhale/exhale technique for the remaining clouds.

  • Yellow cloud, solar plexus or 3rd chakra

  • Green cloud, heart chakra or 4th chakra

  • Pink cloud, this is for your high heart chakra, or known as the high heart area

  • Blue cloud, for your throat chakra area, your throat center, 5th chakra

  • Purple cloud, for your third of ivy, or your Third Eye chakra, 6th chakra

  • Silver cloud, your crown chakra, 7th chakra

  • Seafoam green cloud, your 8th chakra

  • Pink/orange or salmon cloud, your 9th chakra

  • Blue green cloud, your 10th chakra

  • Pearlescent white cloud, you're 11th chakra

  • And last but not least, a beautiful golden cloud, halo, 12th chakra

inhalelove deidremadsenAdvanced Breathing Exercise #2
Inhale Love Exhale Gratitude

On the Inhale

Add an attribute feeling (i.e., love, kindness, peacefulness, etc.).

On the Exhale

Add an emotion for release (i.e., anger, hatred, fear, guilt, shame, and then get back to gratitude, etc.).

This way you are taking in the positive and releasing the negative at each chakra level.

Very powerful!

There is Order Within Chaos - Rising Above the 7th Chakra

This is good news in that there is always, always, always order and structure even amid the darkest chaos. The downward spiraling 6 energy aka entropy is a subset of 9 (syntropy/neg-entropy). This means that "not one sheep will be lost" - Christ. Eventually, we access the triple power (trikaya) of the divine trinity "3" code in order to increase to the 9 level, travel through this lower dimensional frequency and ascend into the higher realms of Light. Do not limit yourself to clearing and working with seven chakras only, break through the Crown (Kether) into a higher light frequency. READ FULL ARTICLE


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