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  • TGI Imagery Healing

    Ascension Symptoms

    Lost, confused, angry outbursts, excessive fear, depression worsening, excessively lethargic are just a few of the DNA ACTIVATION FROM 3D - 5D symptoms. You may be suffering from R.A.M. (Rapid Ascension Movement)?

    We are all experiencing rapid DNA shifts as we and all of creation move into a higher consciousness both physically and psychologically.

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  • TGI Imagery Healing

    TGI Imagery Healing

    Are you ready to heal chronic past emotional pain? Have you lost your way in career, life or love? Are you seeking self-mastery? Discover your Inner Physician and Inner Spiritual Healer.

    TGI's lush, evocative and practical (yet fun) sessions yield drastic yet effective changes for DNA altering bliss body healing. Fast and Guaranteed!

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  • Image 02

    Imagery to Healing Dis-ease

    How to use Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) to heal dis-ease with ease through the lucid right-brain of the inner divine feminine. TGI is one of the most under-utilized tools for self healing as in lucid daytime dreaming. Discover the power and potential for each one of us to heal our bodies through TGI ...  through personal experience. Learn how to master your healing.

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  • Soulmates

    The Age of Miracles

    The Twins are coming together to Unite the world into a whole-minded world of Light and Peace. We are in the Age of Aquarius and enlightenment. Learn how to balance through ceremony and ritual.

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  • Image 05Healing Toxic Relationships

    Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried every fad diet and exercise to no avail? Toxic Relationships are a key component in weight gain. Toxic relationships can cause anxiety, depression and medical issues because FEAR IS IMMUNE-SUPPRESSIVE. So, let's get healthy!

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  • Image 01

    Lifting the Veil

    How to Strengthen Psychic & Intuitive Abilities - A Teaching for the Sensitive Intuitive in Training. Environmental conditions can often produce a hyper-sensitive empath. How to recognize your own psychic abilities. Details, tips and what makes a good intuitive.

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  • Image 06

    Dream Interpretation

    Paying attention to our dreams all the time and especially during auspicious times of our lives can point us toward a greater understanding of our next steps in life, our divine mission and patterns for healing.

    Discover what your dreams mean.

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  • Tea Time

    Tea Time Meditation

    tea cupsOur little tea room offers a cup of warm loving support for you on your path. Pour yourself a cup of tea and relax with our meditations. Explore the history and medicinal uses for tea. Learn to follow your inner divine guidance and try your hand at the ancient art of tea leaf reading. Take five minutes and r-e-l-a-x. From sipping tea to conscious breathing, these 24 tips can create calm.

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  • Sun and Moon

    Sun & Moon Interpretation

    Sun Worshippers and Luna Lovers, planetary alignments of the sun and moon affect our bodies and minds. Use these energies to affect tremendous healing benefits by sun or moon gazing.

    Health benefits of being in the sun for sun worshippers. Learn the Moon phases, calendar, and teachings.

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  • Ascension Symptoms Ascension Symptoms
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  • Tea Time Tea Time
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Written by Deidre Madsen on . Posted in Teachings


DNA ACTIVATION:  FROM 3D - 5D:  Ascension Symptoms - Are You Suffering from R.A.M. (Rapid Ascension Movement)? If so you may be experiencing some of the following ascension symptoms. These symptoms are indicative of rapid DNA shifts as we and all of creation move into a higher consciousness both physically and psychologically.

Just remember you are not alone. Most everyone is experiencing these RAM symptoms to a degree. Very few it seems are gliding through Mother Earth's ascension into the fourth and fifth dimensions with ease and joy.

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universal mind quantum consciousness

Gaining Your Strength to Reach Your Limitless Potential's Mid-Point Heaven. The stroke of midnight is here. Prepare yourselves for a quantum leap in consciousness .....Yes, we are seeing and feeling incredible changes in the Schumann Resonances and the collective global consciousness is shifting dramatically; every day we are experiencing a new level of cosmic awakening on the planet.

What is next for us cosmically? Get ready for the great wheels in the sky. The Crop Circles will become Sky Circles and Sky Spheres. We will be seeing and hearing numerous symbolic messages in the sky! Now that the Mayan shift of 2012 has definitely left us with something to think about, but is anyone really aware of just what that shift filled with subtle nuances entails? How do we identify with anything subtle in this not-so-subtle world?

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Creation is Speeding Up. Hold onto your hats. We are in the time of the colossal "Shift Happens" as humanity and the planets experience the Great Awakening. This is a very good thing, right? Along with things that appear to be bad comes a plethora of GOOD as well. Learn How to Orient Our Consciousness to the Flow of Creation.

Our mind is not built for speed - creation is going too fast/faster/fastest. We are going outside our mind or ... out of our mind - Ian Xel Lungold

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