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Prayers, Meditations & Chants 🙏 - Prayer Wheel for Thanksgiving

Written by Deidre Madsen on . Posted in Teachings

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Prayer Wheel for Thanksgiving

by Maria Yracébûrû, LLd

Ancient Ones, Keepers of Knowledge, guide my heart and bless my tongue with words of hope and love.  Ancient Ones, may I speak only with reverence.  Hear my prayer, that others remember, Sacred Law. Chajala Nakía, Healing Snake of the South, be my inspiration.  My dreams guide me.  I take my first step toward the Dream Reality.

I have sympathy for those in fear.  I have compassion for others' lessons. Chajala Hada'didla, Healing Thunderbeings of the South West, fill me and infuse me with your glorious radiance.  The power of healing is mine.  All of today's opportunities are easy, because I choose so.

I build my life on Tlish Diyan  principles.  May it be a good building when my work is complete. Chajala Eo'to'to, Healing Bear of the West, send forth in a blaze of glory the declaration of my triumphant emergence from the restrictions of all physical limitation.  I need never go back again.  I am spared that.  My destiny lies in the future.  I am certain it brings all that I desire, and more.  I realize that past days have ended.  I face each new day, the coming twenty four hours, with hope and courage.

Chajala Dolee'atee, Healing Little Ones of the North West, I, who have known ignorance, bigotry and injustice live to be a shining example of unconditional love and pure intent.  The patterns I weave with my life are complex, full of intricate detail and knots.  I go at my own pace, taking one stitch at a time.   It is the perfect fit for my overall design.  I take my lessons in stride.  I accept what comes as part of Spirit's plan for my spiritual growth.

Chajala Tuma, Healing Buffalo of the North, who has been an inspiration and sacred overseer of many of my incarnations, a deep breath invites the inner strength to move through me.  I feel the exhilaration of Spirit's power.  I know the excitement of growth and peace.  I feel that Spirit's power is mine.  I am able to face  anything through that power.

Chajala Kachiñas, Healing Master Teachers of the North East, liberate me from any limitation that keeps me from fulfilling my highest good.  I am never given more than I, and my higher power, can handle.  The flow of Spirit comes to me through many channels.  I function on the spiritual plane as well as on the material plane.

Chajala Itzá, Healing Eagle of the East, who has been my teacher, guardian and protector since time immortal, the lessons of love increase my rapture.  I dwell with Spirit at the center of my life.  I keep that inner peace at  the center  of  my being.

Chajala Nohwiza'ye, Healing Ancestors of the South East, fill me with the desire to know and experience the hidden wisdom of the ages.  A deep breath invites the inner strength to move through me.  I feel the exhilaration of Spirit's power.  I know the excitement of growth and peace.  May I be a help to discouraged people.  May I have the courage to help bring about what the weary world needs but does not know how to get.

Chajala Yusn, Healing Giver of All Life from Above, universal teacher and bearer of truth and wisdom, be my inspiration.  Depression must be coddled to maintain it.  I choose  to move beyond it, by kicking it off my train.  I enjoy the results.  May I be used by Spirit to lighten many burdens.  May many souls be helped through my efforts.

Chajala Esonkñhsendehé, Healing Changing Mother from Below, infuse me with all the healing energy, love and compassion  of your wondrous nature.  I am grateful for my lessons today and know all is  well.  I reach forward and upward.  May my character be changed by this reaching upward for the things of Spirit.

Chajala Pinu'u, Healing Higher Power of Myself from Within, I endeavor to personify hope and inspiration in my manner, speech and actions. When I am uncomfortable with certain people, and the feelings don't leave, I consider what might transmute the energy.  I open myself to the way and ask to be shown the steps necessary.  I am patient.  I accept the limitless and eternal Spirit.  May this  Power express itself in my life.

Chajala Bidáá, Healing Higher Power of the Light of All That Is, for whom I feel such great affinity, guide  and sustain me in my quest for truth and creative powers.  How great is my influence today!  I go forth feeling love.  I choose to ? it guarantees an enjoyable day for me and everyone I meet.  I will not be held back.  I let Spirit lead me forward. In my heart beats the Beauty Way, pulsing with each breath I take.  In my thoughts burns the Eternal Fire, Spirit's light to show the way.  In my soul is the Sacred Way, the power to obtain lies within.  Heartbeat of Esonkñhsendehé, Fire of Yusn, Power of Bidáá, my connection is strong.

Daaiina, and so it is.


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