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Prayers, Meditations & Chants 🙏 - Nine Pathways (Theg-Pa's) of Shen (Christ)

Written by Deidre Madsen on . Posted in Teachings

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Nine Pathways (Theg-Pa's) of Shen (Christ)

The nine theg-pa's or pathways - a Tibetian Teaching. In order for us to break free from the mechanistic mental patterns, and to maybe activate our memory of the Divine seed that we are, the Mind or Nous, must go through certain basic transformations. In the eastern teachings there are Nine (9) Pathways of Shen (Christ) that we must go through, which speak of creating a compatible network with the Brotherhood of Light, the Masters and Angels, etc. The network is created through these nine pathways, where your own limited network is thrown open.

Phyva-gsen Theg-pa

1st The Way of Shen of the Prediction. Your mind sees the results of Cause and Effect and begin to transcend this. The Mind is aided to going beyond mechanics into living Divinity with GOD.

Snan-gsen Theg-pa

2nd The Way of Shen of the Visual World. The material form is seen as a Housing for Higher conscious states, in seeing the difference between I have a body and I am a body.

Hphrul-gsen Theg-pa

3rd The Way of Shen of the Illusion. When your expanding mind is aware of its own power of Light, we transcend the third and fourth dimensions.

Srid-gsen Theg-pa

4th The Way of Shen of Existence. In the category of the Ophanim. Your cells start to split and you start working with the higher Light entities. Projections of Images and thought forms from the Angels are received and your spiritual path is re-calculated.

Dge-bsnen theg-pa

5th The Way of Virtuous Adheres. In the category of the Ophanim. The identification of your Light Body together with spiritual intelligences which will guide you through the Higher and Lower worlds.

Dran-sron theg-pa

6th The way of the Great Ascetics. In the category of the Ophanim. Breaking through the barrier to the Immediate Overself. Memories hidden from knowledge are released and instant memory is experienced. The creation of the "between" from Overself, still evolving, to Christed Overself in unification with the Mother Father GOD.

A-dkar theg-pa

7th The Way of Pure Sound. Also called The Hyos Ha-Koidesh. At the Highest levels of humble service to the living creation suddenly the Hyos Ha-Koidesh appears, showing Master Over Mystery!!! The experience of the pure sound as the highest vibrational resonance connected with divine thought forms.

Ye-gsen theg-pa

8th The Way of the Primeval Shen. The Hyos Ha-Koidesh through the Divine Mother (Shekinah) the Holy Spirit the Christed Overself open to other Christed Overselves and undfolds into multiple divine appearances.

Bla-med theg-pa

9th The Way of The Supreme. Here the Christed Overself merges with the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Koidesh). The great supreme becoming vehicle within the Father's Love. Trinitized unity of Being, Becoming and being in between Being and Becoming as the Trinity of Trinities.

- Extracted from the Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch, Key 313


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