Overweight & Angry from MSG

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The MSGing (Poisoning) of America's Babies, Pets and YOU!

Does your weight get you down? Are you chronically ill? Angry? After only seven months upon relocating to Sedona, AZ, I went into anaphylactic shock and was nearly raced to the local emergency room hospital. I had been in this state of distress for six hours by mid-afternoon in a critical state. Fortunately, I was clear-minded enough to follow my instincts (ntuition) and chose to be taken directly to Rinzai's Market health food store in town. (Rinzai is a compassionate healer; his charming market, excellent reputation, and the gentleness of his staff are what continue to draw people to him worldwide. Forever grateful. Blessings, Rinzai!)

The MSGing of America's Babies, Pets and YOU!Quickly, Rinzai assessed my symptoms and administered Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and Natural Calm's Magnesium supplement. During the half hour it took to get my body's constricted muscles under control, Rinzai remained calm and supportive. I owe a lot to him to this day and look back at that moment as one of the most frightening of my life 

What Happened to Me?

Unaware, I had been ingesting, over time, large quantities of MSG (monosodium glutamate) which cumulatively built up in the system. And no, I wasn't on a Chinese food binge; I was eating regular food from the grocery store.

Since my experience, I have been scouring the web, talking and sharing with people my personal experience, and have since come up with a lot of info. I discovered MSG is now added to virtually everything ... even baby food and pet food!

This article spells out the plight of the American people. I came across these articles and am so happy they contain what I wanted to share with you. Good ol'e Jeff Rense ... his website is always an attractant for people who are true "system busters."  Kudos, Jeff! And, kudos to the authors of these articles.

✂️ Full List of MSG Hidden Sources - Print & Save to take along when you shop ... and read labels!

What Are Your Alternatives?

motherearth tweenOnce you've digested these articles, now what?! Well, for example now I eat organically and locally where I can. Still, its important to utilize caution as even at the organic grocer's there is hidden MSG. Beware to all consumers. The best solution? Whole, organically grown foods, not processed, and especially not Frankenfoods! Try to get off the Food Grid as much as possible. Seek out the local organic chicken/egg farmers and visit them with your saved egg crates and trade them in for fresh organic free range eggs. (It takes determination and commitment, like the folks in Mendocino County who voted and WON to keep their County GMO-free. Way to go Mendocino!)

When in Denmark, I discovered that everyone had a garden in their yard. Even growing a small porch container garden is better than nothing. many places around the world promote home gardens, even potted ones. In the Pacific Northwest of the USA,  home gardens are plentiful. 

Get reacquainted with Mother Earth's medium ... her soul ... er, I mean her soil.

The following articles are more of the links I found along the way to better health that you may find useful.

Many Healthy Blessings be Showered Upon You,


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