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Prayers, Meditations & Chants 🙏 - Divine Names of God

Written by Deidre Madsen on . Posted in Teachings

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Divine Names of God

  1. Abba  - "Father AB and Mother BA"
  2. Adonai (Hebrew) - "Lord as in Adonai Maria or Lord Mary "
  3. Adonai, Melek (Hebrew) - "Lord, King"
  4. Ain Soph (Hebrew) - "Limitless One as in Ain Soph Or - Limitless Light "
  5. Ahava (Hebrew) - Hav means "to give". Ahav is "I will give", the state of "I will giveness"
  6. Ammi Shaddai (Hebrew) - "Family of Light "
  7. Chokmah (Hebrew) - "Wisdom - #2 of the ten Holy Sephira"
  8. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (Hebrew) - "I AM THAT I AM" or "I will be what I will be" or "Ani Ani - Egyptian"
  9. El (Hebrew) - "God"
  10. El Elyon (Hebrew) - "The Most High God"
  11. El Shaddai (Hebrew) - "Metatron"
  12. Eli, Eli (Hebrew) - "My God, My God"
  13. Elo-Ha Shamayyim (Hebrew) - "The God of the Heavens"
  14. Elohim (Hebrew) - "The Gods" or "Godhead"
  15. Gedulah (Hebrew) - "Greatness" or "Magnitude"
  16. Gibor (Hebrew) - "Strong, mighty, brave, valiant" Giborah - Heroine, Gibor - Hero, Giborim - Champions
  17. Ha Shem (Hebrew) - "The [Great] Name"
  18. Kether (Hebrew) - "The Crown"
  19. Mayim Hayim Ain Soph Or (Hebrew) - "The Living Waters of the Limitless Light "
  20. Mayim L'Chaim Ain Soph Or (Hebrew) - "The Limitless Light of the Waters of Life"
  21. Meshiah or M'shecha (Hebrew-Aramaic) - "Messiah," "the Anointed" or "the Anointed One"
  22. 'Ose Shalom (Hebrew) - "Creator of Peace" or "The One who Makes Peace - directional "
  23. Rokeb Ba-Arabot (Hebrew) - "The rider upon the higher spheres or passageways"
  24. Ruach Ha Koidesh (Hebrew) - "The Holy Spirit"
  25. Shekinah (Hebrew) - "The Divine Feminine Presence - Divine Feminine side of the Godhead
  26. Shemmah Yisrael (Hebrew) - "Hear O Israel"
  27. Shemot (Hebrew) - "Names"
  28. Urim-Thummim (Hebrew) - "The Lights and the Powers - Focal point for transmitting the Divine Language"
  29. Vay-Yik-Ra (Hebrew) - "The Call into Holiness "
  30. Yahweh (Hebrew) - "The Revealed Name of the Divine"
  31. Yahweh Elohim (Hebrew) - "God Creator" or "Lord God"
  32. Yahweh Shalom (Hebrew) - "The Peace of Yahweh"
  33. Yod He Vau He (Hebrew) - "The Tetragrammaton"
  34. Yoshua Yahweh (Hebrew) - "The Anointed of Name of Yahweh"


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