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I am especially pleased to share this article with you, as it was the first article (several years ago) which influenced my spiritual path profoundly. I have learned a lot since then and have always connected strongly with Moriba's insight and wisdom. Since, many others have come to me asking about this article's origins and where they can read it. I have either sent them to SpiritWeb's archives or allowed them to read my own tattered copy. Here, happily, is the very article, so Dear Reader, please sit back and relax into Moriba Jah's eye-opening message which may change your life, too! Moriba Jah is a powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Please visit his tremendous websites to find more of his work. - Deidre


Dear Ones,


We all come from the same Source. We always have been, are, and will be connected to this Source. This Source is the same which people have termed "Creator," "God," "Allah," "Yahweh," "Oriman," "Ra," "Nature," etc. ... It matters not which river we decide to swim in, for all rivers lead to the great ocean.

Each being is unique and singular, yet in our uniqueness we are one. Many people criticize others because their character, race, gender, personality, and/or religion is different from their own. This behavior is due to ignorance, and I shall tell you why. Many people would agree that we were created in the image and likeliness of our Source, and these same people would also agree that our Source is almighty and unlimited. Taking this into account, it is yet so difficult for humankind to notice that the variety of people and races is but a simple expression of the unlimited nature of the Source. The differences are superficial and the similarities are deep and profound. A rose and an orchid are physically different, yet they are both flowers. Their individual uniqueness reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. One is not better than the other; they are simply different in their oneness. A cloud and a lake are physically different, yet they are both water only in different states.

This difference reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. A Chinese man, communist, poor, and Buddhist would appear to be very different from an Italian woman, democratic, rich, and Catholic. The difference between them reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. The Chinese is no better than the Italian, nor vice-versa. The one does not contain more of the Source than the other. They are simply different in their oneness. These three examples are very good, however they are still limited. To be less limited we could contemplate the following: A rose, a cloud, and a woman are extremely different, physically. All three are different aspects or expressions of the Source. The difference between them reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. No one is better than the other, they are simply unique in their oneness. Now dear ones, perhaps you can notice how senseless it is to hate, destroy, or abuse, when as a whole, we are doing it to ourselves. It is not that hatred is "bad," it is simply unnecessary. There are people who have only experienced pain, hatred, anguish, and rejection since the moment of their birth. When these people grow up, it is only logical to realize that they will express themselves as they only know how. Suppose that one of these "evil" beings commits a homicide, meaning the act of brining physical death to someone. What is the first thing that we as a society do? We send him to trial projecting all of our resentment, then we imprison him/her. There, in jail, this being only receives more hatred, pain, and suffering. We as society despise this being for what he/she stands for in our eyes. Without being aware of it, we are only assisting this being in being more of what we precisely despise. Does this make sense? If this being is released from prison, he/she will probably commit another "crime." If someone were to be at fault would it be this being, or we as a society. This being might even find pleasure from bringing others pain, yet if this is the only form of pleasure that he/she knows, can we sincerely blame him/her? Let's go back in time within the previous incident to the time before this "evil" being was put in prison. Instead of sending this being to prison, let's say that we sent him/her to a place where he/she were surrounded by loving, non-judgmental beings. Here, this being would be given the opportunity to experience love and harmony. People could teach this being that he/she is not a "bad" person, but has simply expressed him/herself in an unnecessary manner.

In this scenario, this being would probably find out how pleasurable love is. He/she would see that hate and violence are completely unnecessary and disruptive. Only by knowing both love and hate, can a being see the "big picture." Only by knowing both, can a being analyze what the final product of the one or the other is. Now, I ask you which form of treatment is the most harmonious. Hate cannot be dissolved with more hate, just augmented. But on the other hand, a strong and true love cannot be dissolved by hate. Love is always stronger because love is balance, whereas hate is precisely the lack of balance. In all things, there is "Light," and "Darkness." To reject darkness is only to produce more of it. To illuminate darkness one must show it the light, not keep it away from the light. At night, to see in a dark room one must show the darkness the light. Yet, I must say that in all things there is light and darkness. Both are necessary to create balance. Many people associate darkness with the lack of harmony, and light with harmony. This is only a personal choice, not a law.

Darkness will be the lack of harmony as long as a being identifies it as such. Day and night need to exist to create a balance. Let us say that day is "good" and harmonious, and that night is "bad" and non-harmonious. People feel fine during the day, yet as soon as night approaches, they hurry home and lock all doors and windows. People are scared at night because it is non-harmonious, to them. At any point in time, any person can choose how they wish to perceive something. No one can eliminate the night, but he/she can change the way that they perceive the night. This is the key dear ones. Darkness will always exist in all things, yet the way someone perceives it can always change. It is not about changing night to day, nor darkness to light. It's about making the night become as day while being night. It's about making the ugly become beautiful while being ugly. It's about making darkness become light while being darkness. This is one of the big secrets towards harmony. Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus the Christ), Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, and all other messengers of love and light, are not exempt from having an equal amount of light and darkness. They knew the secret. They made darkness become light while being darkness. They accepted their darkness and loved it until it became as light. Many people accept the existence of a being who leads the horde of the "evil." This being is known by many names including "Devil," "Lucifer," etc. Let me say that this being also has an equal amount of light and darkness, but he made his light become darkness while being light. In any moment, this being could choose to do the exact opposite by loving his darkness until it became light while being darkness. Then he would be a harmonious "Devil." Imagine that!

Love, hate, and fear, all part of the same feeling, except that they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One cannot experience both at the same time and space. They may be one next to the other, yet never together as one. Night and day are one next to the other, yet never night during day nor vice-versa. If one is afraid or angry, one only has to ask for, and think of love, to become not afraid or not angry. Even though it is easier said than done, it is still very, very possible. I know because I have done it. Making choices from one second to the next is the key factor. In truth, everything just "Is." It is humankind that has created duality. When one defines light, the definition of darkness is immediately created. When one defines beautiful, one has immediately defined ugly, and so on. For humankind to gain understanding, he and she has sought out this understanding by defining. To define is to limit. I will say this again, to define is to limit. In defining things in life, we have only limited ourselves. Nature, even though always in balance, always changes. Nature is never stagnant, even though many things within her appear to be constant. A human being's physical life is so short, that he/she cannot perceive just how much Nature does change. Only in releasing our definitions and "being as children," can we truly take a giant step towards understanding and enlightenment. Being as children means not having barriers that interfere with experiencing life in its wholeness. It means not going by the way that society tells us that we must perceive things. It means being eager to learn with an open mind and heart. It means not being chained to the way our family and friends told us how life was or should be. It means not having hatred and prejudice. It's seeing within and without in that magical state of awe and splendor. It's looking at life with wonder and having that curiosity about everything, that "I want to know" feeling. It's finding and rescuing that childlike magic and innocence that we all had until someone told us "NO," or "stop living in that fantasy world of yours, you're in the real world."

In a period of 24 hours, Nature reveals to us the mysteries of our own existence.

The nature of the universe is but a giant mirror reflecting ourselves.

The same way that we can see ourselves reflected in night and day, darkness and light, we can see ourselves reflected in the whole of Nature.

He/she who contemplates the universe wishing to find him/herself, will find him/herself. Not only will this being find him/herself, but will also find the Source, and will find that he/she and the Source are the same. The Source is totality, all in all. When we look at ourselves in a mirror, we are only seeing a small expression of this totality. However, if we look beyond of what is reflected in a mirror, being aware that the reflection is a door, then and only then will we have a key to the infinite! A person and a tree are two different expressions of the Source, but they are both doors which lead to the same place. What a great revelation and enlightenment it would be for the being who would be so bold as to open the door which he/she sees in the mirror, and look face to face at his/her truth. The revelation would come if this being would later open the doors of an ant, a tree, the sun, the wind, and even someone he/she hated, and found him/herself. This being would finally realize that to truly love something is to love oneself, and to hate something is to hate oneself. I'll give you a small example of this concept of seeing oneself mirrored within Nature. One day I went to this mountain. It was an eight hour hike. Even though I was tired, this sense of completion filled me. As I lay on a rock I saw a Condor, a bird, flying. This bird wasn't fighting the wind, but rather allowing itself to be carried by the wind. If the bird were to perceive itself as being separated from the wind, it would fight against the wind, become tired and perhaps anguished. The wind is stronger than the bird. The wind does not desire to harm the bird nor to mislead it. The wind desires to take the bird where it needs to go. To fight the wind would be to fight harmony, and create the illusion of disharmony. The bird knows that in flight it is one with the wind, and so it uses the wind in harmony. It allows the wind to assist it to reach its destination. To the same effect dear ones, most people see themselves separate from Life, from the Source. In doing so, they fight against it and loose.

People become tired, anguished and stressed. All this for no reason because the Source takes us where we need to be if we simply allow it to do so. If we accept our oneness with the Source and use it within harmony, then our fighting will end, and then we can enjoy life instead of dreading it. Can you see the relation with the Condor? Realize that all of Nature can teach us so much about our relationship with all things, with the Source.

To continue, Light and darkness exist to create balance. If one sees light as harmonious and darkness as non- harmonious, then one is not creating balance. Harmony and non-harmony do not combine to create balance because that which is in balance is also in harmony, not out of harmony. Once one can see both light and darkness as harmony, then and only then will one be creating balance. Only under the illusion of being separated from the Source can one accept the lack of harmony as a reality.


Love is the natural flow of the universe, however, there are places within the universe where the lack of harmony predominates. In these places, such as Earth, it is more difficult to be harmonious than to be non- harmonious, although this is slowly changing. As each day goes by, the Earth is becoming more and more a part of harmony even though it does not seem so. I shall explain this further, later on. Have you ever asked yourself why the martyrs were martyrs? The martyrs were martyrs because the harmony which they brought was rejected by those who were non-harmonious. If those who were martyrs came to this planet to fulfill their missions of peace and love, then realize that they did not have the option of not being martyrs. Their missions did not include the need of being martyrs, however, here, being a martyr was inevitable. Where love and harmony exist, dominance and hate do not because love is freedom; love is harmony; love is balance. Those who were martyrs demonstrated and expressed this freedom, harmony, and balance. In doing this, they left those who were non-harmonious discovered and naked. Naturally, they [non- harmonious] didn't like this, and they did as much as possible to stop this.

The history of planet Earth reflects the desire of Man to dominate the masses. This cannot be accomplished through harmony and balance. So, how can this dominance be accomplished? I shall tell you through an example. It will only be an example, so no offense is intended nor extended.

First, you take a group of people and persuade them to believe that "God" is a being which punishes, and by the "sins" that an individual commits, he/she will be sent to "hell" eternally. You tell he/she that the only way not to be punished is to believe in the "Only Son of God." You take a scripture, and by changing a few words, you show them that this is coming from "God," not man. In this way, you impose upon this group of people, a series of rules, including those which define what "sin' is, that they cannot follow. In this manner you guarantee imbalance with fear, and a feeling of guilt (I am not worthy). You tell these people that "God" is a being so grand that no one can reach him, except through the "only Son," and this way guaranteeing a sense of inferiority (I am nothing). You tell them that the scriptures are the only truth, this way guaranteeing inequality, disharmony, and a sense of superiority with respect to other religions (I am right, you are wrong. I will go to heaven, you will go to hell). Let me pause and say that this was a really good way to guarantee recruitment out of fear. This "only truth," also guaranteed that those who did not believe every single word in the scriptures were bound to them by fear of being judged by this "angry heavenly Father." To somewhat top it all off, you tell these people that at the end of times, the "Devil" will tempt all of humankind in infinite ways, and whoever follows him will perish. This way you guarantee that even if this "only Son'" came back personally, very few would believe it because of their fear of being tempted by the "Devil." By the way, to clarify things about the scriptures, you couldn't have changed anything until all those who personally witnessed the truth of this son of God were deceased. If you would have tried this while they were alive, it wouldn't have worked because they held within them the direct truth and experience given.

This has been only an example. I didn't refer to Christianity to judge it. I referred to it because it is the religion that, in this life, I am most familiar with. I am sure that every religion has at least one tool of domination which guarantees it strength as an institution. I just wanted you to observe how dominance could be established over a group of people, a dominance which has even lead to murder in the name of "God."

Society, including religion, tells you who you must be, how much money you should make, who you must associate with, how you must dress, how and what you must eat, what activities you must indulge in, what material things you must have to be accepted, who you must marry, what physical appearance you must have, what products to buy, etc If you do not match these expectancies, then you are viewed as a failure, a nobody, a parasite, an embarrassment, and practically not worthy to be alive. I hear people constantly say, "I want to be somebody." I tell them, "You are, and you have no idea just how much of a somebody you are." Everything in Society is full of Rituals. For those who do not like the term "Ritual," you may interpret this as "Routine." When we allow ourselves to be engulfed in Routine, or Rituals, the Now moment or Present, is lost. When someone says a prayer routinely, the thought and feeling within the prayer is lost. When this is lost, the prayer looses its essence and thus its meaning. When one does a task the same way, the task at hand becomes lost. One enters this monotonous world where one is like a robot. Thought and feeling are lost, and therefore we don't live the Now because we aren't even aware of it. I will not say that All Rituals within Society/Religion are unnecessary, but I will share with you an interesting experience. One night, I was in deep contemplation of All that Is. I was in deep meditation.

One of my Guides and Friends took me by the hand (not physically) and we began to soar through the skies. One moment I was aware of being in my body, and the next moment I was aware of being over Asia, possibly India/Tibet. As we landed, I saw a temple. In this temple there was a man who was cleaning some sort of an amulet or religious object. He cleaned it with a cloth and lifted it up to the sunlight to see if it was nice and shiny. As he did this, another man in the distance saw his actions, yet didn't go to him to ask him what he was doing. The man who was watching hurried to his room and took a similar object, rubbed it with a special cloth, and held it to the light. When he did this, he blessed God and asked for God's blessing. Another man saw this man's actions from a distance, and like the man he was watching, didn't go over to him to ask him what he was doing. Instead, he hurried to his room and took a similar object, washed it in special water, rubbed it with a special cloth, got on his knees, held it up to heaven, and prayed to God for mercy and good fortune. Another man saw these actions, and as before, he didn't ask the man he was watching what he was doing. Instead, he hurried to his room and took this process a step further. Another man saw him, and so on, and so on, and so on. Can you see how a Ritual can begin based only on misunderstanding and assumption. If someone would have only asked the first man what he was doing, the entire Ritual would have never existed. Let me just say that many, if not the majority, of Rituals performed worldwide today began in a fashion similar to the example above.

The frame of mind of most people, is based on self imposed limitations in the name of society (the invisible master), and this is the chain which maintains us enslaved to unbalance, chaos, anguish, poverty, hatred, and fear. When I say poverty, I am referring to all poverty: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. A group of beings which go by the label of journalists," have insured our fear and insecurity by persuading us to believe that we are weak and vulnerable to our own Brothers/Sisters, which in turn they persuade us to hate. In this way they guarantee more imbalance, dominance, hatred, fear, and disharmony.

Interesting, is it not? Worry not, for things are changing before your very eyes, even if you can't see it yet. When dealing with relationships, many people say, "This woman," or "This man is mine." From that instant, it is no longer love, but dominance. There are also those who say. "I love you, but you must do this and that. You must not do this, and that." It is no longer love, but dominance. Love is saying, "I love you, and I wish for you to do as you please. Be yourself."

In true love, there is no jealousy, because jealousy is insecurity, insecurity is fear, and fear is the lack of love, remember? Love is the lack of fear. To love another, you must love yourself first because one cannot give what one does not have. Love is equality and humility. To feel pity for someone is proof of feeling superior to that someone. To feel compassion for someone is proof of feeling equal to that someone, desiring his/her well being. Compassion is the truth which says, "We are equal, and because of my love for you, I wish you to be well." Pity is the illusion which says, "Poor fool, better him/her than me."

Compassion is what drives a person to help another simply for the satisfaction of seeing that other person well, and happy. Pity is what drives a person to help another simply to boost his/her own ego. Compassion says, "Have this, and I hope it makes you feel better." Pity says, "Have this, and I hope it makes you feel better. Remember that I gave it to you."

To love is to release, to let flow. A person does not try to love, but rather allows him/herself to love. Love is natural, and in the natural there is not effort, but rather allowance. In love, one does not hold him/herself, but rather gives him/herself. Love is not creating a river, but rather allowing the natural, and pre-existent flow of the river. The river already exists, one must only allow its free flow. Love exists in all things because love is the Source. For one to manifest this love, one must allow the flow of it. To allow the free flow of love is to allow the free flow of the Source. To hold back love is to obstruct the Source. When one obstructs the Source, the river floods and no longer follows its natural course. The river detours. This detour creates distorted images of the truth, of the Source. These distortions are synonymous to hatred, fear, egoism, poverty, anguish, etc... The natural flow of the Source is love, wisdom, peace, harmony, abundance, happiness, health, etc... To allow this natural flow is to manifest the Source in its natural essence. To allow this natural flow one must accept being one with the Source, not separate. To deny being one with the Source is to manifest the detoured river of the Source. To accept being one with the Source is the Truth, to deny it, is the Illusion. When someone says, "The Source is Almighty," it is a great truth, but what very few contemplate is the fact that the Source's greatness is reflected in all creation, including ourselves. We are all almighty and great within the Source, and in truth, we are in the Source because if the Source is all in all, it means that nothing is outside of it. With this I wish to show that we are truly one with the Source, and there never has been or will be separation. Its not possible because we are the Source. By thinking and accepting that we are separate from the Source, we are choosing to live the detoured flow of the river, the Illusion, the Lie. By denying our oneness with the Source, we are only denying ourselves. The Source does not punish anyone, because to do that would be to punish itself for expressing itself the way it has chosen to express itself through ourselves (ITSELF). The Source is love, and love is freedom. that is the only reason that we have free will. If the Source were not love, then we would never have to, or be able to make any decisions. To punish is to dominate, and domination is the lack of love.

When a great Master (teacher) said, "Love one another as you love yourselves," he wasn't asking us to do it, he was telling us a universal law that carries out whether you believe in it or not. A person loves another in the exact way he/she loves him/herself, and this is inevitable. As a person loves him/herself more and more, in this same manner, he/she may love another. Everything you direct towards others is but a reflection of what you direct towards yourself. So, to have a society of love, the members of such society must first loves themselves. This love is not to be confused with the boosting of the ego, nor having a superiority complex. Everything begins in ourselves, to be reflected later towards others. The world in which we live in is simply a reflection of the way in which we perceive ourselves, what we think, and what we feel. This is a law that carries out whether you wish to believe in it or not. Ignorance nor non-acceptance changes a single thing. Being one with the Source, being within the Source, being created in the image of the Source, makes us Co-Creators. Being Co-Creators implies that each moment of our lives is our own creation. I will explain this further, later on.

There was a great Master (teacher) who came to this Earth, and his mission was love. His name is Yeshua ben Josef, better known as Jesus the Christ. By no means was he the only Master to come to this Earth, but for this moment I shall refer to him since we have been, and always will be good friends. This Master came to bring a message of love, therefore freedom. He came to show that love is the Great Eternal Power, and that with love, all things can be accomplished. Many loved this Master, including myself. There were also those who hated him, and feared him. Those who hated and feared him thought, "This messenger and his message are not convenient to us. If we eliminate the messenger, there will be no more message." This was logical, and so they tried. To their surprise, the messenger came back from "death." "How could this be," they asked. Well, I'll tell you the way the messenger explained it to me then, even though I didn't understand it then (Of course, I do now). If the messenger would have simply been someone who carried the message, the elimination would have worked. What those who feared him didn't know was that the messenger was not simply someone who carried the message, but rather was the message. The message is Eternal, and by the messenger being one with the message, he too became Eternal. This is similar to Knowledge versus Wisdom.

To just know is as good as being ignorant. Many, many people are very knowledgeable. How many of them are wise? Knowledge becomes Wisdom only when one becomes Knowledge, instead of being just a carrier of Knowledge. To be one with Knowledge and become Wisdom is only achieved through the experience, and the harmonious application of Knowledge. To carry a "package," and to BE the "package," are very different things. To carry love, and to BE love, are very different things. Now, what allowed Jesus to walk upon the waters, create an abundance of food, heal the sick, bring back the "dead," and bring himself back from "death," and ascend himself? With one word, LOVE. Because of his unconditional, and I stress unconditional, love towards humankind, there was nothing he could not do. By knowing that "I and the Father are the same," he became the natural flow of the river, of the Source, free of illusion. By not holding images of limitation, he became unlimited. He did not fear, nor fight anything, because he knew that if he did, he would make it his reality. With all of this, to this day he shows us what we can accomplish through Love. He shows that "death" is an illusion, love accomplishes anything, Ascension is very attainable. He paved the road! I will get deeper into this, later on.


Each instant of our lives is created by ourselves. This implies that we are not victims of others, but rather of ourselves. Later on I will tell you of the consequences that, by not assuming responsibility of our physical manifestations, we bring upon ourselves. I will also define manifestations in an easy way to understand, hopefully.

To continue, many people think and believe that we only exist in this physical world, at this time and space. The certain truth is that we are so vast, that we exist in many worlds, and times and spaces, simultaneously! In various religions, the term "heaven" exists. If this term does not exist, then a different word encompassing the same concept exists. To ease understanding, I will associate such concept with the term "dimension." From here on, whenever I use this word, "dimension," I would like for you to think of the concept you have, such as "heaven." "Dimension" is simply a word, and in using it, in no way am I intending to say that the word you use is archaic, nor unacceptable. I simply want to unify terms in one term. This simply facilitates the communication that I would like to convey to you. Thank you! Within a no time/no space, no beginning/no end, all of manifested (tangible, physical) creation was one with the Source, without being self-conscious. If you would, imagine the universes, galaxies, stars, planets, and people, being in a giant kettle. Now, imagine if everything inside this kettle were melted into oneness. Picture this further by imagining that within this oneness we were no longer self-conscious, no longer aware of being individuals, but rather became one consciousness. We would no longer have bodies, but rather one whole body being everything. Going further, this body would be neither limited nor defined. It would have no end nor beginning. It would just BE. If you can conceive of this, than you still have a limited idea of how creation was, the instant before creation. I say limited idea because the intricacies involved are very difficult to explain and grasp, however, this idea is close enough and will do just fine. The following is a concept of Creation that will somewhat take you step by step through the process. It may be very confusing at first, but I simply ask you to be patient with yourself. I have tried to put it as simple as possible. This is only a concept, because every detail would fill infinite libraries. I can only ask you to thank yourself for willing to view things from a broader perspective.

I wish for you to imagine that you do not have a body, but rather that you are only aware of being, existing. For you, time and space do not exist. You are only aware of an eternal Now. In a given moment, or Now, you decide to contemplate yourself. As you do this, an infinite amount of self-conscious light cells, or sparks, are created. When I say self-conscious, I am implying that each spark is conscious of being you (macro-conscious), and at the same time, conscious of being totality expressed individually with respect to each other (micro-conscious). The fact that these self-conscious sparks were created as you contemplated yourself, was simply a way that you showed yourself to yourself after deciding to contemplate yourself. Each spark is yourself, because you are the only thing that is; you are everything that is! Now, after these self-conscious sparks , which are you, were created, you decide to know yourself more. You allow yourself to do this through yourself (each spark). You then give yourself, each spark, the liberty of choosing how they (you) desire to exist. The question is where? You need a "where" for you to exist through your sparks. Because of this, you create an infinite amount of planes of existence, or Dimensions. In this way, you are offering yourself an infinite amount of possibilities to know yourself. Every Dimension exists simultaneously within a no time/no space, within yourself, since you are everything that is. Since you are multidimensional (in all Dimensions simultaneously), your sparks are also, since they were created in your image and likeliness, with your creative capacity, and most important of all, they are you! You are ecstatic, happy, at the richness of experiences that you have through yourself (sparks), and since you are unlimited, you continue to experiment with yourself more and more. You are unlimited energy, and through your sparks, you densify yourself until part of you becomes the illusion of physicality. At this moment, you now have a physical body within which you are universes, solar systems, planets, etc... Let me pause briefly to say that this process took a vast amount of our concept of time. Continuing, space and time are now created. All things within the physical you are composed of four basic elements: gases, solids, liquids, and fire (some people would include plasmas, yet I will not). Everything that you have created is you! Don't let this concept leave your mind!

Experimenting even more through your sparks, you create infinite life forms. Every form is designed with an evolutionary pattern. This guarantees you even more un limitedness. This ensures that your physical part is never stagnant, giving you an infinite amount of experiences for yourself, through yourself.

You are very ecstatic, happy, with what you have done. All life, all of you, is conscious. You have created life forms with the capacity to adapt and grow. In this way, balance is maintained. The reason why you have created evolutionary patterns within life, within you, is because evolution is unlimited. Now, every universe, star, galaxy, and planet, is a living being, a spark which lent itself to perform that specific function.

For a short moment, I have tried to assist you into seeing creation, up to the point that we are at in the paragraph above, from the Sources perspective. From here on, we shall concentrate on Mother Earth, the Spark which lent itself to perform the planetary function. I will describe function better, later on.

This planet, as with the rest of manifested Creation, was, is, and will be a creative experiment for the Source to know itself more. This is the only reason for anything to exist anywhere! From the beginning of this experiment, the self-conscious sparks involved, experimented with many unlimited forms of life. To guarantee the evolution of species, DNA DesoxiriboNucleic Acid {the molecule which houses the designs of All Creation, not just ours}), was created. Self-conscious Sparks, as yourself (the you who is reading this), experimented with planet Earth without becoming a direct part of the experiment.

This would be somewhat like overseers of the experiment. At a given moment, these Sparks projected an essence of themselves onto the third dimensional plane (Earth). Their bodies were not physical, but merely bodies of light. If you were to observe these bodies now, they would be translucent and iridescent.

To continue, these projected essences shared the same consciousness as the projecting Sparks. In other words, there was no concept of separation.

The Sparks were aware of their projections as being themselves, and vice-versa. It was like being at two places simultaneously, and being equally aware of both. To these projections, the concept of death still did not exist. When a Spark got tired of its projection, it simply dematerialized it, and materialized another. Earth was still the Christian concept of the "Garden of Eden." Experimenting even more, these Sparks were able to give their projections a separate focal point of consciousness. This was a major breakthrough. They could now could now experience the physical and non- physical planes independently of each other. However, separation was not a complete concept because the projection was still aware of the existence of the projectee, and of course vice-versa. As a matter of fact, the projectee (Spark) has never lost awareness of the projection, yet the projection has. The concept of "death," from the projection's perspective was still non-existent because it was still non-physical (the projection was still non-physical). The Sparks involved in our Earth experiment created a prototype to house the consciousness of their projections. These prototypes evolved through form for thousands of years until the appropriate moment. The moment I am referring to is the moment of the Link, the unfound or missing one!

When this moment was reached, the first projections were born to what we know as humans. Several things were implemented when this happened. The first thing was a Veil that was placed over the memory, meaning that the humans that were being born had no recollection of being Sparks! With this, the illusion of separation was born also. The projections were no longer aware of who they truly were, and only took as truth that which could be perceived through the five senses. The physical world was the only truth, and the non-understandable became worshipped. As humans experienced the illusion of separation, so was the birth of judgment, of good and bad.

At first, every judgment was based on emotions, and later on thoughts. The perception of the lack of love gave way to frustration and sorrow, and so became violence and hatred. Humans became possessive because they did not know of their creative powers. Ego grew very strong in a short period of time. Obvious survival gave way to the concept of weak and strong, and so fear and domination were born. Throughout the time of an emotional based life, control was established through violence. When thought became involved, the emotion of guilt played its role, like now. Night was dark and cold. It brought a sense of insecurity because it offered no visual tangibility. Night was physical blindness, a fear. Darkness became associated with a "bad" feeling.

I'm sure that many of you would ask why. Let me say that if humans were born with full recollection of who they were, do you feel that they would learn something about physicality? Only by not knowing who we are can we experience being physical as real as we can now. Being physical opened up a whole new world of perspectives and sensations that otherwise we would not be able to experience. Do you not realize how real being separated from the Source, that we are, feels. So you see, by not knowing it is that we are learning. Being that the Source is All in All, can you not be amazed at how varied and intricate physical life is? Can you not see how wondrous Manifested Creation is? We are the Source discovering itself through playing a game of "Let me see what I can learn by not remembering who I Am." The most realistic way to learn from an experiment is to become part of it, while being aware of nothing other than your experience. To make the experiment more fruitful, the concept of reincarnation was established. This provided a way in which each human could experience physical life from all possible perspectives and through all possible outcomes, thus richening experience. If life were only one, then your physical experience would be limited. You would never be able to truly know what it is to be human in every possible experience. I say possible because life is choices. Notice that each race and culture offers many different experiences and perspectives. Living one life is limitation, and being that we are the Source, we are unlimited! A dimension was needed to house the Source within disincarnate (dead to most people) humans. So, the fourth dimension was created for this purpose. A plane of existence where the "deceased could regroup and choose there next "bus" to the physical world. Yes, I said "choose." Every incarnation that we've had, we have chosen who our parents will be according, but not limited to the experiences that we need to experience in order to grow. I will explain further things about the fourth dimension that would be very beneficial for you to know!

A great learning tool was also activated. Scientists know it as Action and Reaction, others know it as Cause and Effect, and others as Karma. Let me clear up some things about this Law. I say Law because it takes place whether you accept it or not. Trust me, your disbelief in it wouldn't make an ounce of a difference. I don't mean to sound harsh when I say this, so If it seemed so, I apologize. To continue, this Law was not activated as a punishment. Remember that the Source has no interest in punishing itself for being! This Law is very appropriate inasmuch as it allows us to experience both giving and receiving. Without knowing one or the other, how could we truly learn? This Law gave us the opportunity to experience what we cause. What X does to Y, Y does to X. Does "you shall reap what you sew" sound familiar? There is no need to glorify the statement, but simply realize that the tool has been mentioned. Also realize that with this tool, humans have caused so much grief and agony! In the instant that you Cause, in that instant you call upon the Effect. The idea that you are being punished is only a way of domination through fear. The ignorance or non-acceptance of this Law has played a key factor in the rise and fall of every single empire that this planet has known. The boomerang always comes back, and not necessarily in the same lifetime! When a person, in his/her ignorance, is not aware of his/her origin and truth as a being, this person falls under the illusion of seeing others as different. By seeing others as different, this can be as superior or inferior to him/herself. When this occurs, the desire for domination and feeding of the ego is born. When this desire is not satisfied, it becomes unstoppable greed and anguish. Only under the illusion of separation can someone greed another, because seeing others as different promotes the thought of, "They have this and I don't." Without the illusion of separation, one sees everything as being one. Under the truth of oneness, one knows that if someone has something that one desires, all one must do is ask for it, hold that thought and feeling long enough (because things here do take time), and a harmonious way in which it may be obtained will present itself. This is not wishful thinking, it is a Universal Law, "Ask and you shall receive." The only caution that I do make, is to be careful with what you ask for. Asking for something that hinders someone else, or asking for the non-harmonious, will just be self-inflicted pain. If when you ask for something, you ask that it be within harmony for all, then it be known that it can only be harmonious. Later on I shall give you some suggestions for how to do this. I say suggestions because we are all our own Master. We are creative beings, and we must be creative. Ritual is only certain "death," of experiencing moment to moment life. When someone experiences the lack of harmony, they usually put the blame on life or "God." Many religions state, "Fear God. He will punish you for your sins." This statement of punishment is only true if one considers Humans as God, being a self-conscious fragment of the Source. However, if one views Humans as separate from the Source, than the statement is a lie, because people punish themselves.

During the course of planetary history, there have been Beings which have incarnated in the attempt to show humankind the road back to the Father/Mother Source. These beings taught Love instead of Hatred, Equality instead of Inequality, and Truth instead of Fanaticism and Illusion. Humankind, in its ignorance and blindness, rejected them, made them into martyrs, misunderstood them, and varied their teachings. Humankind continues to anchor itself to the limitations, and illusions outside of itself. It continues to let itself be guided by ego, instead of quieting itself and allowing itself to become anchored to the Truth within and be guided by Spirit. Whenever a person decides to search for him/herself within, he/she will re-cognize him/herself as the Source. After reaching this re-cognition, if this person accepts him/herself as the Divine Being that he/she is, then and only then will he/she be able to manifest his/her Divinity without limitations, and live Heaven on Earth. When someone sees the Divine in themselves, there is no way to not see the Divine in all of Creation! Again, the Law of Cause and Effect was not implemented as a punishing tool, but rather as a learning tool. If a being acts in Love, he/she will easily be able to see how this affects others. However, the lesson or experience is only complete when the same being receives it and experiences it. It works in the same fashion for those who act without Love. The Earth is school where each being goes through a series of experiences.

Every experience contains a lesson which, when understood, leads to learning. This learning leads to knowledge, and this knowledge, when applied harmoniously, becomes wisdom. On Earth there are three main types of ignorance. From least grave to most grave they are: a) not knowing, b) knowing and not using the knowledge, and c) knowing and using the knowledge non-harmoniously. For example, there are four towns. In each town, people are dying of starvation. Each town has an unlimited supply of seeds. In the first town, nobody knows what seeds can do, so they continue to starve. In the second town, only one person knows what seeds can do, but being afraid of responsibility, he does nothing at all. In the third town, only one person knows what seeds can do. This person tells the people that he will give them food if, and only if, they give him complete reign over the town. The people must all do what he says in return for the food. In the last town, there is only one person who knows what seeds can do. This person teaches everyone how to farm and make the seeds produce food, so that everyone may eat forever. He asks nothing in return, but that they teach each generation the way of farming. I ask you dear one, who is ignorant and who is wise?

Each lesson leads to learning. It is humankind as individuals who qualify their experiences as "good," and "bad." Let me say that "good" and "bad" are subjective, and not objective. What may be "good" to me may be "bad" to you. It is only personal perspective which gives something the label of "good" or "bad." When someone experiences something that they label "bad," they usually damn life and/or feel fear or hatred towards the circumstances. With this attitude, the person is turning their back on the experience. This only guarantees that the lesson will not be learned, and also guarantees that the experience will repeat itself until learned! Let me give a short example of the subjectivity of "good" and "bad." Let us say that you are in a room. In the middle of the room there is a small coffee table. I put a glass of water on the coffee table. Let us say that the glass of water represents an experience. When you stand on the right side of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of sadness, anger, fear, etc... When you stand directly in front of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of indifference, you don't care, you feel neutral. When you stand on the left side of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, etc... Now I will ask you a question. Did the experience change or did your perspective change? The experience remained the same, what changed was your perspective of the experience. You are always in control of the way you perceive anything, anytime, ALWAYS! Illusion will tell you that these things are beyond your control, however, it is time for you to step into your truth!

Moving Beyond Physicality

Each human being has many parts which compose him/her. By the way, I don't use him/her to establish some sort of ignorant superiority/inferiority concept of humans. There is no such thing as a superior/inferior gender. If the Source were not equally both, then one of them would not exist. I could use her/him, and it would be the same. To continue, a being who sees him/herself in a mirror, is only seeing a millionth part of him/herself. Each human, apart from having a physical body, has:

A. An Emotional body which receives, feels/interprets, and transmits energy of this frequency, or kind. (I will explain frequency, and other aspects of universal energy later on).

B. A Mental body which receives, thinks/interprets, and transmits energy of this frequency. Let me say that the brain does not think. The brain is only a linear computer of data sent and received from the Mental body.

C. A Spiritual body which defines you as the Source, and links you with other spheres or dimensions, simultaneously.

These are the four bodies which people have termed "lower bodies." People speculate about the location of the Soul. Whether it is in the Emotional body or the Mental body. I am indifferent to this speculation. To know that the soul is within the four lower bodies will suffice. Other people have the term "Causal body" or "Body of first Cause." They say that the soul is within this body. I will just use the four bodies that I have mentioned before. The Physical body, is the lowest of the four. It is the most dense of them. There are higher bodies, but I will let you discover them. Knowledge of the four lower bodies will slowly reveal the higher bodies to you. We all have these bodies, and this connection to higher dimensions, all the time. To say that you are connected to the Source would be ignorant, being that you are the Source! The difference that may exist between one body and another is given by its quality, function, and vibratory frequency. As a matter of fact, all of Creation has these three variables of Energy. As I stated earlier, I will explain this further, later on. We are constantly in many dimensions, simultaneously. Very few people are aware of this. When we sleep, there are parts of our being that, in a higher dimension, are planning what will become our experience of future. This is the case which leads to what people have termed "Deja Vous." For those who have not heard this term, it is a term used to label the experience of being somewhere and feeling that you've been there before. It is also the label given to the experience of talking to someone and knowing what they will say next because you "dreamed" it. In truth, it is not a dream, but the simple fact of something planned that happened. When this "remembering the dream" happens, it is a clue that something beyond coincidence is happening. This reaffirms that we are not victims of life, nor others, but of ourselves! Some of you might be saying, "Well, that's just great. All this time, I've been creating this mess in my life." Well, yes!

It is not something for you to feel upset about. To know the root of a "problem" is to have the ability to "solve" it. Now that you have been informed of your outstanding creativity (and it has been so real, hasn't it?), you can start taking responsibility for everything your life, and I do mean everything, and begin to create harmony. Only when one accepts ones experiences as ones own creation, can one consciously take control of ones life again. Only with a lot of patience and Love, can a person understand why he/she has created the experiences that he/she has! When this is understood, then a person will find themselves before a great challenge. This challenge I speak of is the challenge of trusting and having faith in oneself.

When someone accepts and trusts him/herself as a Co-Creator, then he/she can see beyond the illusion which surrounds him/herself. When someone sees beyond this illusion, he/she will see truth. This truth will light up the way to the conscious return to the Source. When I say "to the Source," I am referring to the journey that each being has until the discovering of his/her truth. In the dis- covering of this truth, this being will re-enter the unlimited awareness of the totality that she/he has always been, is, and will be. This being will be aware of being Source, and the concept of separation will fade before this truth. Separation is the illusion, and the blind become all seeing again!

Enkodham - Moriba Jah
The Mind is a Great Servant, yet a Terrible Master

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The time is nigh, the moment at hand. I look within and contemplate in everlasting awe, the magnificence of divine life which brews and spews forth in a radiant shower of heart-melting Love. I salute thee, oh myriads of servants of peace!

What do we know, and are we what we know, or do we simply carry this knowledge? I salute thee, oh mother earth, mother amongst mothers. Oh celestial globe of peace that you shall become, my life is in devotion of your worthy, loving cause. Tears of joy pour from these eyes that have incessantly looked upon your own face, and penetrated thy essence in the inner desire to understand thee.

Oh angels of divine grace, shower everyone of us, your kin in Love. Oh how I invoke thee, with this very breath of life that I take. I open my heart in a no effort to allow for the welcoming of your gracious presence in, through, and around me. Have we truly understood our nature, and have we truly sought understanding, or a mere and shallow fulfillment of curiosity? Oh angel of truth, illuminate my every step, and invoke thee I will, as my protector and benefactor in the name of the Father/Mother Source of all that was, is, and ever will be. I step into the infinite light that I Am and in this step, accept my promise to be kept to this Earth, my home. I step into the awareness of my essence, and awaken gracefully, and ever so subtly, and move swiftly as water in the creek, filling this ocean of everlasting peace, that breatheth the radiance of the holiest and most radiant one!

To thee, oh Source, my Source, I Am thy servant. Bless me with this opportunity to serve thee, and surrender myself to you I do, with everlasting pleasure. May my deeds be knownst unto you, and you alone. Let not my being be deceived by the illusion, so ever present around me. Oh divine eye that sees all that is, grant me endless vision of truth.

I stand tall amongst Lords and in my standing, cry out the cry of imminent victory. I Am the Ascended Master that I've been, Am, and Always will be! I cry out to the heavens and reclaim the glory of the Source, and bring this glory here, as a humble messenger of Peace, Love, and ever so bountiful Harmony!

Oh my Source, precious Source, creator and created, bow unto you I must, and ask with tender heart and attentive mind, for the blessing of all life, here and everywhere. Oh my goodness, to contemplate myself, I find you, and in this finding, wake up to the universal truths of Love. Let no being starve of Love! Honor me with the task of being your vehicle. May I become the magnet which uniteth your children, and bringest them into your everlasting and ever so radiant presence. Bless my brothers and sisters in Love, and keep them nurtured in your sacred bosom of divine wisdom and truth. Oh, I cry, I cry to the Angels of wind, earth, water, and fire. Let the winds take this seed of love, and may the harvest be fruitful. I have no voice, yet I Am in and out of all sound. I have no name, yet I use any name which serves my divine purpose. I have no shape, yet I am within and without all shapes. I am as the wind, which can only be seen by seeing beyond that which the wind touches. Where there is Love, there you will find me. In silence, I speak.........

Enkodham.......In The Light Of The Source

The Mind Is A Great Servant,
Yet A Terrible Master
Moriba Jah
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TGI Exercises

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Table of Exercises/Log of Visits

This grid serves a dual purpose. You can click on each of these directly to go to that particular area as well as using it as a guideline for your progress. Printing this out, you can check off and date your visits.



Exercises to Maximize Brain Functions            
Choose a hemisphere to visit            
A visit to the other hemisphere            
Experiencing an activity in the left hemisphere            
Experiencing an activity in the right hemisphere            
Exploring between the hemispheres            
Exchanging gifts between the hemispheres            
First experience with the center between the hemispheres            
First experience of doing an activity in the center            
The third eye or the mind's eye            
Exercises for Improving Mind/Body Functioning            
Experiences with a vertical line (symbolic)            
A visit to your heart and other organs            
An experiment with the cerebral spinal fluid            
Using bodily healing resources            
Exercises for Understanding and Freeing the Emotions            
Getting acquainted with the hallway            
Exploring different rooms in the hallway            
Experiencing a younger self at any age            
Experiencing your own birth            
A Visit to the Heart Center            
First visit to the heart center            
Second visit to the heart center            
Exercises for Understanding and Utilizing the Spirit            
Resources from the cosmic area            
The energy of the etheric (spirit) body            
A Visit to the Sacred Place            
Step 1: Discovery            
Step 2: Exploration            
Step 3: Guided Meditation - The Pool            
Step 4: Guided Meditation - The Cone of Light            
Experiencing Integration for the Holistic Nature of Being            
Using inner resources for healing            
The energies of Mother Earth            
In the hallway of your mind: A third guided meditation            
Resources or self-healing: The use of the sacred place in healing            
A Visit to the Solar Plexus            
Step One            
Step Two            
Step Three            
Gathering Gifts From Various Staging Areas            
Different Styles of Transformational Exercises and Conclusion            
Example 1: Six directions            
Example 2: Body Visit            
Example 3: Meeting your Inner Physician            
Example 4: Your Maintenance Room            
Example 5: Journey Technique            
Example 6: Gut Instinct            
Afterward: A Walk-Thru Guided Meditation for the "3rd Eye Blind"            
Meditation: Walk Down Memory Lane            




Choose a Hemisphere to Visit

Close your eyes for a moment and sense the two hemispheres of your brain. Decide which one you would like to visit, or which seems the more inviting. When you have made a choice, open your eyes and read the following general instructions on how to maximize exploration:

  • Be in the chosen hemisphere.
  • How open is it?
  • Can you move around freely?
  • How big is it?
  • What colors do you sense, see, or feel?
  • How do you feel there? Do you like it?
  • Can you talk to anyone or anything?
  • Can you touch anything and get the feel of it?
  • Can you hear, smell, taste anything?

When you are ready to visit, close your eyes again and make your first visit to the chosen hemisphere. When you choose to come out into the here and now, take a piece of paper and write: "A visit to the ______ hemisphere." Log as much of the experience as you can. You will find it valuable to write in as much detail as possible. you may want to repeat the above experience several times in order to maximize the visit. Log this additional information. In the future, you will want to visit the hemisphere again and again. Each time you visit, date the entry before you log it.


A Visit to the Other Hemisphere

  • Be in the chosen hemisphere.
  • How open is it?
  • Can you move around freely?
  • How big is it?
  • What colors do you sense, see, or feel?
  • How do you feel there? Do you like it?
  • Can you talk to anyone or anything?
  • Can you touch anything and get the feel of it?
  • Can you hear, smell, taste anything?

When you are ready to visit, close your eyes again and make your first visit to the chosen hemisphere. When you choose to come out into the here and now, take a piece of paper and write: "A visit to the ______ hemisphere." Log as much of the experience as you can. You will find it valuable to write in as much detail as possible. you may want to repeat the above experience several times in order to maximize the visit. Log this additional information. In the future, you will want to visit the hemisphere again and again. Each time you visit, date the entry before you log it.


Experiencing an Activity in the Left Hemisphere

Be in the Left Hemisphere. Choose any activity you wish - any sport, dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, listening to music - whatever. What is the way the Left Hemisphere does it? What is the style, feel, or nature of it? How do you feel doing the activity in the Left Hemisphere?

When you have concluded the visit, thank the Left Hemisphere for showing you whatever, and come back to the here and now. Log and date. If you would like to try another activity, do so and then log.


Experiencing an Activity in the Right Hemisphere

Be in the Right Hemisphere. Choose any activity you wish - any sport, dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, listening to music - whatever. What is the way the Right Hemisphere does it? What is the style, feel, or nature of it? How do you feel doing the activity in the Right Hemisphere?

When you have concluded the visit, thank the Right Hemisphere for showing you whatever, and come back to the here and now. Log and date. If you would like to try another activity, do so and then log.


Exploring Between the Hemispheres in the Corpus Callosum

Be in the Left Hemisphere again. Can you sense, see, or feel a passageway or crossover to the Right Hemisphere? Now be in the Right Hemisphere. Can you sense, see, or feel a passageway to get across from either or both sides? If you can, go back and forth between the two hemispheres a number of times. If you can go easily from one side but not to the other, at least go across from the easy side to the other hemisphere. Then go back and do the more difficult crossing until it becomes open and accessible.

  • If you have difficulties, make it larger
  • If there is a wall blocking you, ask for a door or some other opening
  • If it is too narrow, widen it in some way
  • If it is too rough, smooth it out
  • If you cannot get across either way, ask for help
  • If you can be in both hemsipheres but cannot travel, work something out
  • If it is just right, enjoy it!

This is your Transformational Guided Imagery, you control all of the events that surround you. Explore and enjoy your experience. It is all you.


Exchanging Gifts Between the Hemispheres

Be in the passageway between the two hemispheres. Explain to the hemispheres that you would like them to work together in the most harmonious manner possible so that you can be more fully functioning and live a more fulfilled life. Then explain to each hemisphere that in order to have them work together at their best, you want each to give a gift to the other. If this interchange feels good, then it is likely there is a free exchange between the hemispheres. Note how it feels and enjoy it.

If there is tension or strain, it could be that the two hemispheres are not yet ready for such an exchange. Ask them what is the source for the tension. Ask them to talk to each other. Perhaps one hemisphere could tell the other what is needed by that one. After these issues have been resolved for both sides, you can proceed with exchanging gifts.

When you are ready to come back to the here and now, thank the hemispheres for their cooperation and their lovely gifts.


First Experience with the Center Between the Hemispheres

Be in the center between the two hemispheres on the pathway between. Experiment if you need to do so in determining where the center is. You may just know where it is or you may have to work at it. You may have some difficulty. If so, try for an imaginary center of some kind. Now check how you feel in your center. How comfortable is it? Do you feel in balance there or are you pulling toward one of the hemispheres? What do you feel like doing there, if anything? Do it.

Now ask the two hemispheres to consider building you a home base of your own, or to send over tot he center some building ideas and materials so you can build it. Or both. Explain that you want to be close to both of them so you can learn to work with them and the rest of your body. What responses are you receiving? Do they feel like doing more? Anything you want to change or improve? Thank the hemispheres for whatever they have provided - even just for listening. when you are finished, come out into the here and now. Log and date.

Look over your notes and decide what more you would like to do in the center, if anything. Do you have any furnishings for work and rest? Do you like the size and shape of the center? Repeat the experience as often as you wish.


First Experience of Doing an Activity in the Center

Be in your center. From now on we will designate it as the Head Center. Ask each hemisphere to send you their best qualities, so that you can experience both of them at work in your Head Center. Feel, if you can, the two hemispheres giving their unique gifts and working together as much as possible with you.

When you have finished, come out into the here and now.


The Third eye or the Mind's Eye

The Third Eye, taken from the mythic sources, is located directly above the bridge of your nose between your eyes. For some, it is experienced as a special way of seeing and knowing. Many believe you can meet your spirit guide or a wise person there. Others testify to meeting a "Merlin-type" person in the Third Eye. Still others believe it is future-oriented and they can see or know something of the future. What may happen is that you experience any or all of the above or perhaps you will experience something completely different.


Be in your Head Center. Directly in front of your Head Center is your Third Eye. If there is a pathway to it, take it and explore as you wish. If not, ask for a pathway. Otherwise, simply be there and explore. Is anything getting your attention? How do you feel? What do you feel like doing? Ask for an inner guide to show you around. Talk to the guide if one appears; otherwise, talk to anyone or anything. If an eye appears or a lens in any form, try and see through it.

When you feel you are ready to conclude, thank the Third Eye for allowing you to visit, promise to return, and be back in your Head Center again. Take some time there to consider what you have just experienced. Come out into the here and now. Log and date.


Sometime later or immediately after your logging, visit the Third eye again and explore as you wish. Note: You may visit the Third Eye as often as you wish.


It is very important to improve the way the brain and the rest of the body work together. Following are a number of exercises to achieve that goal. Try each one to see what works best for you.

Experiences with a Vertical Line (symbolic)

Be in your Head Center. Be aware of a vertical line coming down through your center. How far down into your body does it go easily? If it goes down through your body into the ground, thank it for connecting your brain center with the rest of your body and with Mother Earth. From the Head Center scan your body to determine whether all organs and functions are relatively open to you or can be known by you.

If the line is blocked or stops at any body level, thank the line for stopping and ask it to show you or tell you what the block is and why. Check the health of any organ or body function in that general area. From the Head Center call the hemispheres over for a conference to find out what each does or does not know. Remember that the Left Hemisphere controls the well-being of the right side of the body and the Right Hemisphere controls the well-being of the left side of the body. Do whatever you feel like doing to explore or to correct the situation. Ask the line to continue down through your body into the ground (straight down or going down through each leg). Thank the line for responding to you. If there is another block, repeat the steps suggested above. It may take several trips to complete the experience. When you are finished with a part of the whole, come out into the here and now.


A Visit to Your Heart and Other Organs

Be in your Head Center and be in touch with it for a moment. Then be at or in your Heart and explore it as you wish. Here are some suggestions if you need them:

  • Check for color, size, and general well-being
  • Ask if it wants anything from you or needs anything
  • You may want to explore it inside
  • You may want to explore throughout the circulatory system
  • If you sense anything wrong, repair it

When you have concluded the visit, thank the Heart for its unceasing work on your behalf and for the visit. And when you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Repeat this visit as often as you like.

Do this same process when exploring any of your organs (i.e., liver, lungs, etc.)


An Experiment with the Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Each of the hemispheres stores cerebral spinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. It is a relatively thin, clear liquid made from whole blood. Some physicians believe it provides a base for the cells for cleaning and feeding and that health is enhanced by its free flow in the body. You may experience the nature of the fluid as being the same in both hemispheres. However, often it is experienced as being of a different color or consistency. It may seem colored or absolutely clear. You may prefer one hemisphere's fluid over the other's.

Be in your Head Center and explore the fluid in each hemisphere. If the fluid in one hemisphere seems the wrong color or is lacking in something, or if there seems to be little or no fluid in one, ask the other hemisphere with the "good" fluid to help the hemisphere with the inferior fluid. Thank the hemispheres for whatever happens. If you feel you want to improve the situation in some way, go ahead.

When you have finished to your satisfaction and as you are still in your Head Center, note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.


Using Bodily Healing Resources

If you know something is wrong with your body, be in the distressed area and note if it exhibits one or more of the following:

  • The area may be cut off from the Head Center and/or the Hemispheres
  • You may not like the way it looks or feels - shape, size, color, etc.
  • You may have a general feeling of something being wrong somewhere
  • You may sense waste materials are being held there
  • The area may be irritated, tense, unyielding
  • There may be an absence of fluids and blood

Try an experiment, either from your Head Center or from one of the Hemispheres. Ask for a fresh supply of fluid, first from the hemisphere in charge, if possible. If not, ask for the fluid from the other hemisphere. Make sure the fluid is able to connect you with the distressed area and flow into and through it. When the cleansing is going well, ask for a fresh supply of blood to flow into the cleaned area. The blood will naturally do that since the fluid now provides a way for it to get into the distressed area. Cleaning and feeding any distressed area is important for the well-being of that area.

When you feel comfortable that the cleaning and feeding is being done well, thank the fluids and the blood for responding to you, the Hemispheres for providing fluid and the Heart for sending fresh blood.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat this experiment as often as you like in the above area, or in another area.


The Hallway of the Mind

The Hallway of the Mind is a symbolic name for your memory and for all your experiences. It is intended to be a living laboratory where you can re-experience your personal history in the present tense. Your personal history is full of good and bad experiences inter-mixed with fact and fiction. A visit to the Hallway of the Mind is your opportunity to resolve issues in order to live more fully and freely in the present.

Getting Acquainted with the Hallway

Be in your Head Center. Pause a moment to get reacquainted within. When you are ready, turn around and face the back of your head from your Head Center. Walk down the Hallway of your Mind and explore it as you wish. Here are some suggestions:

  • What catches your attention, if anything?
  • What do you feel like doing?
  • How open is the Hallway to you? How far can you go?
  • Ask the Hallway to show you a place to visit.
  • Talk to the Hallway. Ask any question you wish.

When you are ready to conclude your visit, thank the Hallway for whatever it has shown you, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.


Exploring Different Rooms in the Hallway

Be in your Head Center again. What emotion is a problem for you? Anger? Fear? Guilt? Whatever feeling or problem you have, be in the room of your choice (i.e., Anger Room, Fear Room, Guilt Room, etc.) Explore it any way you wish. Here are some suggestions:

  • What do you feel about the room? What do you want to change?
  • If it is too small, ask it to become larger.
  • If it is too dirty, clean or paint it.
  • If the windows (if any) are closed, open them.
  • Talk to whoever or whatever is in the room.

When you are ready to conclude your visit, thank the room for whatever it has shown you, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.


Experiencing a Younger Self at Any Age

  • Be in your Head Center thinking of whom you would like to visit
  • Walk down the Hallway to the one you have chosen or to one who chooses you
  • Get in touch with him/her in as many ways possible. 
  • Here are some suggestions:
    • Touch him/her
    • Talk together about anything/everything
    • Become him/her to get the depth of knowledge
  • After you are somewhat acquainted, bring him/her up to the Head Center in order to explore together the Hemispheres and any place in the body
  • Allow your younger self to stay wherever desired or to go back down the Hallway
  • Say goodbye with a warm hug
  • Thank him/her for the visit
  • Come out, when ready, into the here and now
  • Repeat this exploration with various aged selves

If any of the child selves have been devastated by some traumatic experience, tell them how proud you are that they figured out a way to survive so that you could grow up. Give them a medal of honor of some kind to show your appreciation. Do anything you can to bring the child out of the condition they are in. If it feels comfortable for you, go up to your Head Center with the child and allow the child to explore wherever they wish. What response does the child make of the experience? If the child wants to go back down the Hallway, say goodbye and promise to visit the child again.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.


Experiencing Your Own Birth

Be in your Head Center. This time you are planning to go down the Hallway past your actual birth to before you were born. You are in your mother's womb about ready to be born. Allow the experience to be whatever it spontaneously is. These suggestions may help you flesh it out:

  • How safe and comfortable do you feel?
  • Are you ready to be born?
  • How do you feel about being born?
  • Are you relatively active or passive in the birth process?
  • Can you feel whether your mother is active or passive?
  • Are you having any serious problems along the way? If so, be your big self and help out.

Now you are actually born. How do you like the new world? Can you check out how it is to breathe on your own? How are you being treated? Do you have a chance to become acquainted with your mother right away? How do you feel about what is going on? End up with the safest or happiest experience of your first day or a day later. If necessary, be your mature self and take care of the baby the best way you know how. Love your baby self. When you have concluded the experience, come back to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat this experience as often as you like, changing what you feel is hurtful and adding your love and appreciation wherever possible.


You may already have visited your physical heart in one of the body trips. This visit is to your feeling heart. Are you down-hearted, great-hearted, whole-hearted, half-hearted, broken-hearted, faint-hearted, happy-hearted, etc.? Read the following instructions.

First Visit to the Heart Center

Close your eyes and relax. Be in your Head Center and take time to settle in. When you are ready to proceed, be in the presence of your Heart and ask yourself the question:

"How hearted am I?"

What response do you get? What picture do you get? What do you sense? Whatever the answer, explore your heart as you are able.

Talk to the heart. Listen to what it says.

Be the heart.

Be inside the heart.

How do you feel?

What do you feel like doing?

Touch the heart; hold the heart

What resources do you have elsewhere to give to the heart? When you feel you have become acquainted with your feeling heart and are ready to conclude the visit, thank the heart for the visit, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like. Log under the heading "A Visit to the Heart Center: Step One."

Second Visit to the Heart Center

Read over these instructions before beginning your second visit to the Heart Center.

Close your eyes and be back in the presence of your Heart Center (or emotional heart). Notice any changes, if any, from your first visit. Now determine whether there is a pathway of some kind from your heart to the Head Center. Are you satisfied with it? If so, thank it for being there. If it is not satisfactory, what can you do about it? If possible, find out how the Heart feels about your visit. Thank the Heart for being your Heart. If you are able, go back to the Head Center by way of the connection. If not, be back in the Head Center. From the Head Center check the connection between it and the heart. How do you feel about it? Are there any improvements to be made? Now how do you feel in the Head Center?

Thank your Heart again for allowing you to become acquainted with it, and when you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Resources from the Cosmic Area

Be in your Head Center. Be aware of the vertical line - again this time in its upward direction. Does the line go clear up through the top of the skull on into space? If so, explore the cosmic energies in whatever form you wish - as sunshine, stardust, rainbows, cosmic rays, etc. A white or golden white light is often available. When you are comfortable and at ease with these energies, ask the energies to come down into your Head Center, into the Hemispheres, and on into and through the rest of your body. Encourage the energies to go especially into any distressed areas. Thank the cosmic energies in whatever form for healing and for energizing you. Come out into the here and now. Log and date.

The Cosmic Center: This area may not be open, may be partially open, or covered/hidden in some way. Ask it to open for you. If it does, then continue as above. If it does not, ask what the problem is and then solve the problem and continue. If the Cosmic Center is still closed, be on the top center of your head looking down into the Head Center. Then ask the crown to open from the top and allow you into the Center and continue on with the exercise above.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

The Energy of the Etheric (Spirit) Body

Be in your Head Center. Be aware by seeing, feeling, or knowing that around you, like a second different kind of skin somewhat out from your physical body, is a second "body." It is made of light, energy, and color. It surrounds you completely in the ideal, but you may think it doesn't. The energy for this body comes from the cosmos and not from your own body. It is unlimited.

How well can you sense this non-material body around you? If you feel or see it completely around you in a satisfactory way, ask it by osmosis, to energize your body, especially in the distressed areas. Be sure to check the quality of your etheric body over these distressed areas. Often it is too thin, too dark, or otherwise not in satisfactory condition. As it to become complete all over and especially in the distressed area(s).

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Step One: Discovery

There is no specific location for the Sacred Place. It is wherever it is - wherever you find it. Read the instructions below before you begin your visit.

Close your eyes. Be in your Head Center. Pause as long as you like, then be in your Sacred Place. Allow it to show itself in whatever way it pleases. Examples of Sacred Places could be beautiful indoor or outdoor scenes, familiar chapels or sanctuaries. If there seems to be a presence or person, or even a picture or statue, talk to it and listen. Ask questions. What resources are now present or promise to be present for your total well-being?

When you are ready to end your visit, thank your Sacred Place for being there for you. Promise to come back soon. Then come back to your Head Center. Can you see or sense where your Sacred Place is in relation to your Head Center? Is there a pathway connecting the two? In your Head Center note any new changes (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Step Two: Exploration

Close your eyes. Be in your Head Center. Once again be in your Sacred Place. Familiarize yourself with it. What do you feel like doing there? what positive feelings do you have? Ask that they be strengthened. What negative feelings do you have for yourself? Ask for forgiveness and cleansing and for strength. Ask to find the compassion for yourself within. What negative feelings do you have toward someone? Ask for strength and grace to forgive them. Ask to find the compassion for this person within you. How do you feel?

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Step Three: Guided Meditation - The Pool

Close your eyes. Be in your Head Center and then in your Sacred Place. You sense or see a quiet pool of clear, pure water. You wade into the pool and sense it washing away your negative feelings. You begin to feel clean and fresh, forgiven and cleansed.

Stay with the experience as long as you wish. If the experience is completely different from the above or from what you expected, explore it and learn as much as you can from not forcing anything. Allow yourself to instinctively do what is best for you and explore the Sacred Place in your own way.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like. Log and date.


You may use the pool in many ways that seem appropriate for your healing - for physical healing or for pleasure. You may wish to just sit and be in the pool. All choice are right for you. However, if the pool does not appear, explore your Sacred Place in whatever way you wish.

Step Four: Guided Meditation - The Cone of Light

Close your eyes. Be in your Head Center and when ready, in your Sacred Place.

Become aware of a point of light above you, which becomes a cone of light large enough to walk into. If you are so inclined, walk into the cone of light. How does it feel? Can you imagine it washing through your whole body, cleaning out patterns and belief systems that do not serve your physical and/or emotional bodies? Can you imagine feeling cleansed with a new sense of well-being?

When you have concluded the experience, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more.

Using Inner Resources for Healing

Be in a distressed area. Ask the pain why it is there. If it wishes to say anything else, allow it. Respond to what you learn in an appropriate way. When you have explored locally, determine whether there is a connection to either Hemisphere, the Head Center, or the vertical line running down through the body. Do what you feel like doing as the circumstance demands. You may want to be in the Head Center and call a conference with the Left and Right Hemispheres enlisting their help. You may want to use the fluids and the blood again for cleansing and healing. The vertical line may send out a line to the area. There are many and varied ways to respond.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

The Energies of Mother Earth

Be in your Head Center. If the vertical line goes down into the ground and you feel well-connected to Mother Earth, you are ready to call on your earth energies. If not, try the following experiment anyway.

You are standing on Mother Earth on a warm day in your bare feet. You feel, sense, or see the earth energies coming into your feet - a smorgasbord of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and other elements you need. It flows up through your legs and body. Each body function, each organ, and every cell receives or takes what it needs. Be sure any distressed areas receive your special attention. Also, pay special attention to an old injury (if any) anywhere. If an area seems blocked, get in touch with the block, learn from it and then open it to let in the earth energies. Or, call forth the fluids to open it.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

In the Hallway of Your Mind - A Third Guided Meditation

Be in your Head Center and when ready proceed to the Hallway of Your Mind. Find a room that needs attention - possibly the guilt room. Explore it in as many ways as you can. If it seems difficult to deal with or if there is some strong negative symbol or symbols there, leave it for a moment, and be or go to the Sacred Place. If there is some symbol of power over guilt there, a lighted candle from an altar, a cross, etc. - take it with you to the guilt room. What happens? Does your Sacred Place have any resources to clean out the guilt room?

Also, when you are in the Sacred Place, if there is a presence there - a person known or unknown - ask him/her to come with you to the guilt room. What happens? Does that person have any power there?

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Resources for Self-Healing: The Use of the Sacred Place in Healing

Be in your Head Center. Scan your body to see where a physical problem exists or, if you know in advance of being in the Head Center, what problem exists. Be at the site of the pain or hurt. Explore it in terms of color, texture, shape, etc. Determine what needs to be done either to eliminate the pain and hurt or to correct the problem, if possible.

Now go to or be in your Sacred Place. What resource - person or symbol - is available to help you? How? What happens?

When you are finished to your satisfaction, thank the presence or symbol for the help and for healing. Return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Step One

The Solar Plexus is an important center according to many health care practitioners as well as many from the Eastern Cultures. Read the following suggestions before you make your first visit.

A Visit to the Solar Plexus: Step One

Be in your Head Center. When you are ready to begin your first visit to the Solar Plexus, be there and explore as you wish. Be aware that many important body functions are located here - the stomach and the intestines, the abdomen for breathing, the adrenals for energy, the liver and kidneys for cleaning, and the reproductive systems. Keep in mind the following:

Check for color(s), sense of size of the area, vitality.

Talk to and listen to any or all of the functions.

Be the Solar Plexus. What impressions do you receive from it?

How is it related to the Head Center?

How is it related to the Heart Center?

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Journal your experience.


Step Two

The Eastern World believes there is a significant energy center symbolized as the third chakra or energy center. It can be located on your spine above and behind your navel. Be there and explore it for color, size, shape, and especially for its vitality. If you sense something wrong or lacking, improve it. If there is a weak connection from the center to any of the functions, improve it in whatever way you can. If the connection between the Solar Plexus energy center and the energy center of the Heart is strong, do what you feel like doing.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Journal your experience.


Step Three

Visit the Solar Plexus again. 

  • What present or potential resources are there for the well-being of the whole organism? 
  • How can you use them? 
  • What happens if you do?

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Journal your experience.


From the Various Staging Areas

Be in your Head Center. Enjoy it as it is. Express your appreciation to it for whatever you enjoy most when you are there. Now you are planning on visiting as many of the following as you wish in whatever order you choose:

  • The Right Hemisphere
  • The Left Hemisphere
  • The Crown or Cosmic Center
  • The Third Eye
  • The Hallway of the Mind
  • The Heart Center - Emotional
  • The Solar Plexus
  • The Sacred Place
  • Any Organ or Body Function

Wherever you go, ask for a gift for yourself to take back to your Head Center. When you receive a gift from one of the above staging areas, thank the area for the gift; take it back to your Head Center or if you prefer, any place in your being. Enjoy it for a while, then visit another area and another, until you wish to stop or until you have visited all the areas you wish to visit. Take time to enjoy each gift. Remember that you now have abundance resources available for self-healing and self-enhancement.

Journal your experience.


Be in a hurt place in your body (i.e., a pain in a joint, headache, or an organ that is not functioning properly). Now go to your Head Center and ask one of the gifts to help you. Take the gift to the hurt place and let it work its magic. Use the gifts over and over again wherever and whenever you need them.

When you have finished to your satisfaction, return to your Head Center and note any new changes in the Head Center (i.e., color, time of day, anything or anyone new, change in temperature, lighting, sounds). Give thanks for the opportunity to heal and love yourself more. Repeat as often as you like.

Journal your experience.

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Award-winning author, Deidre Madsen, is a lecturer, instructor, spiritual counselor and life coach as a self styled quantum activist, following the theories of monistic idealism and tenured as a Supraconsciousness Imagery Guide supported by quantum energetics and phenomenology. She has been working toward publication for several years while developing TGI, her own healing modality, for the past 20 years. She is the founder of “Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI),” a time-honored, proven technique of in-depth deep-diving treatments utilizing lucid imagery plus intuitive guidance and succor for subtle body support to maximize your functionality in life and love.


Award-winning “Happily Inner After is the “Camelot” version of “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus”. Your wildest dreams of experiencing a magical life of love can now come true!"

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Author Deidre Madsen
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Once upon a time, I dreamed of having it all — the perfect life, husband, home and beautiful family. Like an idyllic Norman Rockwell painting meets Pleasantville. I wanted my own private happily ever after.

Acculturated by fairy tale fantasies most of our lives, many women like me have dreamed of our someday handsome prince within a halcyon, tranquil vision of our dreams coming true.

If you have tried to find and keep the love of your life to no avail, the mission of Happily Inner After is to not only help you to that love, but to have fun along the way. If you are ready to take the next significant step towards attracting your Mr. Right, or strengthening the existing relationship with your loved one, then take back the power in your life and watch miracles happen. Show me the way! Take me to love!


Dr Stephan B. Poulter, PhD, author of nine books including his recent through Hay House Publishing, "The Art of Successful Failure; It’s Your Life Journey", said: "Deidre has created from her own personal journey, an incredible spiritual map for awakening and having the Love life you have always desired but didn’t know how to find. This is a very powerful transformational book for any and all souls seeking a deeper Love!"

Rev. Elizabeth O'Day, Co-founder of SoulWorks, an integrated program for living your breakthrough. Centers for Spiritual Living, had this to say: "In clear heartfelt story and step by step instructions Deidre Madsen gives each of us a ticket to our freedom. Using Transformational Guided Imagery, and the five senses to create our inner landscape of love and joy, she provides a program that works. The exercises are lush, evocative and fun. And very effective. In the vast library of self help books, Deidre's stands out in its beauty, wisdom and simple but effective tools. She gives away the esoteric secrets of the ages with the ease and grace of a master, a queen. I couldn't stop reading because her personal voice was so sweetly clear, innocently vulnerable and deeply wise."


Madsen is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Happily Inner After
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Amazing, call her!                         

  Very uplighting and so inspiring, I'm very happy I called you when I did. Going into December/New Year I will be giving you an update on my new job I'm intending on getting based on your wisdom and knowledge I have faith and thank you so much again! Amazing call her! - K.O.

Knew things I did not mention!

Excellent! She saw and correctly identified that my deceased father in law was watching over my son and gave me details without any information from me. She knew things about them that I did not mention! - Mir

You gave me hope

I really enjoyed my reading with you tonight. You answered all my questions and your answers were very specific. I felt the reading was very uplifting for me and gave me hope for my future. I loved speaking with you and look forward to my next reading in the near future. I think you are truly gifted. Thankyou so much. - Kara

Thank you for giving me peace

 WOW! AWESOME Reading! Picked up on my deceased mother immediately without me giving any information, nor was I "thinking" about an answer when she responded with something out of the blue that she would have NEVER known about my mother. thank you for giving me the peace I was looking for. - L.H

Unbelievably accurate

 So unbelievably accurate! Angel U R awesome!! The fact that he's not Mr. GQ but there's something deeper about him I'm drawn to. Don't over analyze just seize the moment be playful be my amazing beautiful goddess self. He is very serious about me and ready for one person to connect with. He is a man's man likes being the pursuer. He wants to protect and honor me. Deep soul connection for both of us. Will not have any bm drama. He won't let that happen. She has her place. Just be myself effortlessly. - B.A.G.

Deidre is definitely gifted!

Wow! Deidre was spectacular! She picked up on words and phrases that my guy has used or bits of conversation that we have had. She was very thorough with details which were amazing to me. Deidre is definitely gifted! Don't be fooled by her very budget friendly price, give her a call while you can still get in because soon she will have a long waiting list! Thank you Deidre, I appreciate the wonderful insight. I WILL be back in touch! Many blessings to you!! - Margaret

Advise is consistently accurate

Thanks for a wonderful session! I am so grateful for your insights as your advice is consistently accurate and I am hopeful for the things we see emerging on all fronts to come together soon! Blessings to you! ★★★★★★★★★★ 10 STARS! - O.L.

100% Accurate

Dee is da bomb! Never saw a better automatic writer. 100% accurate in my reading in 2001! Tweet Blue OtterWill Blueotter‏@WillBlueotter @deidremadsen

Connects fast!

 Very beautiful soul and connects very fast.She is without doubt my best psychic. She is highly recommended.God bless you for giving me a very honest reading. - Kristy

She picked up on my deceased family

An amazing reading, over an hour Deidre and I spent talking. She picked on my deceased family and our lineage. I was provided with insight on my family and our karmic ties. I will be calling again. - Yolanda

Fast, honest, intuitive, accurate

Great! Fast, honest, intuitive, accurate, gave good insight and details. She tuned right into my situation fast and picked up accurately on people and things going on around me. I'm so happy I called this adviser. - P.L.

Needed a game plan, she gave me one

I am so pleased. Deidre and I spoke the same language. I needed a game plan and she gave me one. "Just be who you are and revel in these days as though fresh flowers were being delivered daily to your life." That is exactly how I feel, with the joy of knowing there is so much more to come. Thank you, Deidre! - Jude


Deidre was very sweet, sincere, honest and last but not least, ALL KNOWING! Yes! She has the gift and her reading was very matter-of-fact. There were no hesitations or guessing ONLY her gifts of KNOWING and SEEING! I wish I could've talked with her a little longer! - B.L.

Thank God ... for leading me to you

My Dear Deidre,  I cannot thank God enough for leading me to you and I cannot thank you enough for helping me in this journey of life as I find myself, who I am and why I am here. Your articles have been very helpful for me. May you continue to share your love and light with all those in need of it. - Your friend, Ayeshah

Simone Graser client comments testimonials - Deidre Madsen

I could feel her love even tho I was so far away

 Deidre came into my life when I was very hopeless and depressed due to two miscarriages I had. To this point I thought I might never be able to have my own children. I wondered why this happened to me and why it happened twice. She really took the time to help me and look deep within the family history or should I better say the problems in our family -- going way back into my great-grandmothers life -- and everything she said was true. I started to understand why there were those problems and why those things have happened to me. She was very kind and gentle. I could feel her love even though I was so far away -- this helped me so much. She also sent me a healing and I really felt the energy going into my body. I knew for certain that now I am healed and able to have children which I so much longed for. Those miscarriages truly broke my heart and Deidre really gave me my faith back. I am now a mom of an 8 month old son. : ) Deidre is a wonderful person. Yes truly an Angel God has sent to me back then. I will be forever grateful for her help. Thank you so much. - Simone Graser, Germany

It was reassurance ... things are okay

"Sometimes, everything can be overwhelming. You are still a responsible member of a society, paying tax, receiving pay-checks, while sought after by voices of the nature, it is overwhelming. In those days, you tend to forget that no matter how hard and impossible your life may seem, in the end, the Universe is all about forgiving. You were forgiven from the very beginning, but you just simply cannot realize that when there's too much on the to-do-list.   You forget that you can believe people. You forget that at the core, you are very good, and that you are now just a little agitatated, if you can't be generous to others as you wish you could. Those are the times you might want to get in touch with Deidre. For me, it was reassurance. After having talked with Deidre, I could tell myself that things are okay, it has always been okay, the leaves are singing and the sky is blue, and we are all vibrating, transforming, including you and me, filled with love and joy. Hope you get to see that, recall that as well, if you feel like you are confused and lost." - Aika, journalist

Your life will never be the same

Dear Deidre, I am still flying from my work with you. The sessions I did were both life changing for me. They were vital to my spiritual growth. You are blessings in this universe, and I feel so fortunate to have them share their healing and guidance. Your life will never be the same once you have a session with them. My spirit is soaring with the ravens! - Tina McCarty, Tuscon, AZ

Finally-hope in a desperate situation

Hi Deidre, Thank you for all of your support, guidance and I came across a miracle over the past couple of days ... so thank you so much for helping me. I am doing a milion times better. For the first time in over a year and a half I finally feel like I have some hope in all this desparate situation which is like unbelievable and you definitely helped me get there so thank you.  - R.G., L.A.

Karen Olson-Leonard - client comments testimonials - Deidre MadsenTotally divine and helpful

Dearest Deidre, How honored I am to have received such a beautiful reading from you! How totally divine and helpful it was/is for me on my journey. What a wonderful gift you have of seeing and receiving information for others! Thank you so much for your talent. I thank you, your guides, my guides and all guides involved in our session. Much love and light to you. - Karen Olson-Leonard

Working thru childhood issues towards self-empowerment

Intuitive Reading yesterday.  It was really great to talk with you.  I realized a lot of things during our conversation that I needed to work on. Thank you for helping me to see that I needed to take charge and "say what I needed to say" for me. A lot of my suspicions arise from my childhood. I also know that I need to work thru this to get to the other side. Thank you for your supportive and calming session as I know it has already helped me.  You are a blessing to your clients. Thank you again! - Rhonda J

You really uplifted me ... shed light on many different issues

❦  Dearest Deidre, Thanks so much for spending time with me yesterday and for being so incredibly insightful! You are a beautiful, amazing lady and I really feel that our paths will be crossing again in the near future - for a higher purpose. Yesterday was just the beginning. All I feel that I want to say is "thank you" - you really uplifted me yesterday and shed light on many different issues. You made a huge difference in my life and I wish you health, happiness, wealth, peace and everything else you with yourself.  "I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people." - Maya Angelou  I am so grateful that you came into my life and have lit it up in so many ways. You are really are a beautiful, special person and I am so happy to be part of your "Sister Circle". I love being part of your family. Thanks always for everything.  "When you learn, teach. When you get, give." - Maya Angelou  You are generous with your time, your talents, and your self ... Thank You for sharing your gifts with the world. This really describes "you". You are so very, very special. Thanks always for all your advice, time, support, blessings and love.  Lots of Love, Michelle M., Newport Beach, CA

The degree of correlation of your insight is truly amazing ... you were batting between 850 and 1000

Dear Deidre ... Thanks again for helping us with my wife's spiritual journey. The degree of correlation of your insight into her past lives with the karma in her present one is truly amazing. To use a sports analogy, I'd say you were batting between 850 and 1000.The audio tapes generated during the session indicate amazing levels of insight gained during the session. The increasing levels of detail in the insights was also very impressive. When she was spaced out from being in a state of comatose in the ICU in January, she was concerned about the following appliances: refrigerator, washer, and dryer, which seems to correlate with the Egyptian laborer lifetime insights. She said that she "needed 3D", which we later figured out was that she needed more space when the family was crowding around her bed, another correlation with one of your insights. Her strength of character, compassion, practicality, and sense of fair play all correlate well with the Nun lifetime insights. In my opinion, your emphasis on "being" vs "doing"  goals are very appropriate for her at this time. - Warm regards. A Happy Husband, Tuscon, AZ

I am totally amazed with Deidre and her intuitive abilities

On August 29, 2012 I had my first intuitive reading with Deidre. I have been waiting a while for my answer on my divorce ruling I decided to ask her during the reading. My question was when would I have my answer. She first said 14 came up but then number four was stronger. So she said 4 weeks was the answer. I received my divorce ruling on September 26, 2012 exactly 4 weeks from the time of my reading and the date the divorce ruling was signed with September 14, 2012. I am totally amazed with Deidre and her intuitive abilities. I can't wait to see what happens with the other time frames she provided to me on my other questions. - Trin

Elaine Ohm client comments testimonials - Deidre Madsen

Most accurate of any intuitive

I had an Intuitive Reading with Deidre ... her reading has proven the most accurate of any intuitive I've encountered so far. I'm still in awe of how accurate things you spoke of have unfolded for me. It's weird how what's been happening to me lately is so intertwined with what you saw in the reading. Many Blessings, Elaine Ohm

She immediately was so "on" about what was going on with me and extremely helpful

 Deidre is one of the most intuitive, wonderful, giving and spiritually special people I have ever met. From the minute I met her and I did my first Reading with her she immediately was so "on" about what was going on with me and extremely helpful.Every time I interact with Deidre I leave with such a beautiful feeling of peace, calm and tranquility in my inner being. I have referred many people to her and as I tell each one of them "she is truly a gift to all of us." - Michelle M., Newport Beach, CA


Mary Green-Noland client comments testimonials - Deidre MadsenWith Deidre I could help my deceased mother with her transition in the afterlife

 I felt an immediate bond. I learned through my session with Deidre that I could help my deceased mother with her transition in the afterlife with some very specific work on behalf of myself and my seven siblings. I also learned that a tumultuous and painful relationship from which I was emerging at that time was, in fact, the Divine counterpart to a very spiritual and unusually gifted relationship with my twin flame whom I would be meeting in approximately 8-12 months. I also felt strongly the awareness of positive results for my mother when they were realized by her. I then met my wonderful man, 9-1/2 months later, unexpectedly, as I was focusing, as instructed, on other areas of my life. He is all I ever dreamed of. Thank you, Deidre, for holding this mirror up for me so that I could see more clearly where best to focus my energies. than you, most importantly, for encouraging me to stay on my path and to stay faithful. I have tried my best, and been rewarded beyond hopes. Please keep up your selfless giving work, and encourage others like me to stay their courses and believe. - Very Best Regards, Mary, Phoenix, AZ



imagination happily inner after TGI Transformational Guided Imagery Sessions - Deidre MadsenTransformational Guided Imagery (TGI)


Healing Developmental Disabilities - Mental Retardation, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Poor Motor Coordination, Hyper Sensitive Hearing, Speech and Language Deficits and Social Emotional Regulation

Hello Deidre, Thank you for the Transformational Guided Imagery, TGI work you have been doing with Scotty.  It has been 24 years since he acquired his brain injuries from low oxygen saturations, infantile stroke and cerebral atrophy all resulting from a heart defect at birth.

Scott has participated since the age of two in many traditional forms of therapy to assist him with his developmental disability including mental retardation, sensory integration dysfunction, poor motor coordination, hyper sensitive hearing, speech and language deficits and his struggles with social emotional regulation. 

All of these therapies brought Scott very far over the years. We have had what I know to be some of the nations best therapists to whom we are forever grateful. 

We can now add you Deidre Madsen to this list of highly qualified professionals.Thank you.

In the short time that you have been assisting Scott in TGI sessions he has very quickly improved in what our pychologist, Beth Anne Martin, PhD at Cleveland Clinic Foundation calls Theory Of Mind, the ability to think about ones own thinking. This higher level of thought has been observed not only by myself and family members but by Scott's programing director at his work site who is a specialist for the emotionally challenged population. 

We all see Scott having increased helpfulness with his peers due to his ability to access the areas in his brain that provide him with empathy for others, improved focus and attention and an ability to stay in the "here and now".

Additionally,  Scott shows us increased flexibility, faster processing of information and feelings. Scott healed past emotional wounds with his father who has been in hospice and is now spontaneous with sincere emotional interactions with his Dad. He is no longer fearful of his Dad's impending passing due to your Transformational Guided Imagery work. 

We are blessed to know you and your unique work.  It is my hope that you can assist others with developmental disabilities to more fully experience the outer world by acessing the right and left hemispheres of their brains to activate their own internal psyche to be more of who they can be.

Sincere Regards,

Billie Erickson,
Mother to Scott 
4/11/2016 | ORDER

Overcoming insecurities

Hi Deidre, I wanted to let you know I experienced a big shift last evening when I was out in public with my boyfriend. I also felt empowered to speak to him directly about my needs, without feeling needy. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom. We shall see where this goes, but I feel like I am coming from a more grounded place. Sharing your personal story of how you access your inner male was very helpful, as I sometimes need things to be spelled out:) And, as we were in a bar filled with younger people, I found myself blessing other women who appeared insecure to me and wishing them that they know their worth. - With Love, VT | ORDER


Ayshica Andrews - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre MadsenI cannot thank God enough for leading me to you

My Dear Deidre,  I cannot thank God enough for leading me to you and I cannot thank you enough for helping me [Intuitive Reading] in this journey of life as I find myself, who I am and why I am here. [Also] your Articles have been very helpful for me. May you continue to share your love and light with all those in need of it. - Your friend, Ayeshah | ORDER

TGI skips right past all the excuses, defenses and surface issue

I have known Deidre for a few years. I had several TGI sessions with her in 2003 and 1 session about a month ago. I am amazed at how TGI gives me direct access to my emotions and how I am feeling in the moment.I went to the last session to explore a drawing I made of a dream. During the session I discovered that my drawing was connected to my emotional issues at the time. Deidre made a few suggestions which helped me to heal and release these issues. I find that TGI goes straight to the core issue(s); it skips right past the excuses and defenses and surface issues. TGI also gives me confidence in my dreams and visions. I feel very good about Deidre and TGI sessions and their ability to bring up my emotions for healing and release. - Daniel Maddux, Sedona, AZ | ORDER

A Little Bird Lived in a Cage

A little bird lived in a cage
And didn't know how to rend his rage
  For being confined in a tiny space
There were mental bars all over the place
  Along came Deidre Madsen and
what did she do?
  She opened the door and showed
the bird through
  Freedom was only a hop away
It was the most amazing display
  I'll tell you this, I am that bird
And truly you can take my word
  I can now fly very far and wide
Then come back home where I abide.
- Jeanette Hamilton, Sedona, AZ | ORDER

Aurora Annette Spuhler - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre MadsenOne of the most powerful ways to get to the core with your issues

I had never heard of TGI before I met Deidre but I immediately got interested when she explained to me what it was all about. Since that I have had quite a few sessions and this is one of the most powerful ways I can think of to get to the core with your issues. Its usefulness has no limits, only your fantasy. I deeply recommend to take a journey with Deidre to your inner room and meet your guides, healers and even the janitor in your inner maintenance room! And the best of all you can do it on yourself after your first session. TGI works on both the physical, emotional and mental levels. It's a very exciting journey through your different layers.If you feel like you're not a visual person and wish you were TGI is the choice for you. And if you have physical and emotional pain that you are ready to let go of, try TGI. Thank you Deidre for introducing me to the most fascinating modality that I've experienced so far. - Aurora Spuhler, Sedona, AZ | ORDER


Charlie Bear Comes to Tea

Charlie Bear has come to me
To travel into infinity
  He moves through space like Superman
And holds me by his other hand.
  We soar and soar through outer space
Looking for a sacred place
  To alight so I might see
Some of what's out there waiting for me.
  To experience first hand so I might know
There are infinite places where I can go
  To see the splendor of other domains
From mountain tops to grassy plains.
  We can go beneath the sea
Oh, my, such splendor do I see
  And then if I so choose to go
Way into space he'll also show.
  That there are places far and wide
That welcome me to go inside
  And laugh and love and just be me
A soul as free as one can be.
  There are no rights, there are no wrongs
Life can be such happy songs
  And then returning back to earth
I ground myself to my place of birth.
- Jeanette Hamilton, Sedona, AZ | ORDER

Patrick Brack - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre MadsenA complete experience 

I've known Deidre since 1998. I am an energy worker and she and I developed patterns for healing that engage spontaneous emotions and some very sharp visualizations. She rocks! Over this time she has developed a way for her clients to reach a good and healthy and life extending way of understanding their issues. I especially like the agreement that she has drawn up to help affirm that the mission in their sessions has been accomplished. TGI work with Deidre is a complete experience. - Patrick Brack, St. Louis, MO | ORDER


Raven Butler - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre MadsenWhat an angel - I have a safe place to go in my mind

Deidre is now my sister. I love her more than words can ever say. I came here a broken, depressed mess and am leaving with hope and a renewed sense of love and joy. I will keep in contact because she has put me on the path to healing and spiritual enlightenment. What an angel. I have a safe place to go in my mind; inner guidance and had the experiences of a lifetime at the vortex of beauty with a Spiritual [Nature] Vortex Ceremony and TGI [session]. She has released me from a prison of hell. - Aho! Raven, Douglasville, GA | ORDER

Jeff Allen, Tokyo - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre Madsen I noticed immediate results

I received a healing session with Deidre this week, and it was amazing! She gently led me on a guided journey through my inner psyche, helping me to explore and change my inner world as I desired. The session was fun, relaxing, and I noticed immediate results from the changes I made. Thanks Deidre! - Jeff Allen, Sedona, AZ | ORDER


500 Stars

I could use all the words I know to tell you just how amazing of a reader you are ... but those words could never begin to express how grateful I am ... so next time we chat ... please listen to my heart. 500 stars could not express the impact Deeeeeeee has had in my life. I have been doing readings with her for almost a year and ALL of her predictions have been correct. She also has helped to develop a plan [TGI] as how to achieve the goals I had set for myself .Her patience and understanding surpass her years ... as she understands the desires of your heart and truly wants to help you achieve them. - Woody, lowville, NY


couples retreat - clients comments - couples and singles conscious happily inner after signature retreatHappily Inner After Signature Retreat


You have a beautiful gift

  Deidre has made our stay more complete as a couple through her guided visualizations - connecting to my spirit guides and my husband's ancestors and elders. She helped my husband see he needs more fun and play in his life and for me the beginning of generations of healing old ways. Thank you Deidre - you have a beautiful gift. - Sharon & Gary, New Mexico | ORDER


I walked away with a newness I have needed for a long time

  Although at times it is hard emotionally to deal with the "stuff" that comes up, it is well worth the release and change. This is not an easy process, you must be ready and wanting change. I have made changes and the process started for me about 3 weeks before I arrived. I wrote my intentions and they started to manifest by the time I arrived, I left my home (18 yrs then) and bought and moved to another city - all unexpected but needed, I walk away from here with a newness I have needed for a long time. - Meg Affinito, Fernely, NV USA | ORDER

Ayshica Andrews - Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) client - Deidre MadsenI feel calmer, courageous and empowered

Hi Deidre, I wanted to again thank you for all you did for both Sam and myself this weekend. I feel calmer, courageous and empowered. I spent more time that evening doing the gazing work and I have also been reading more of your articles. The chakra clearing work  really appeals to me and I have started doing it every evening. I have realized that I need more than anything to clarify what it is that I really want, and then I need to set out in that direction. You have helped me gain some sense of balance again when I felt as though I was totally sinking. Now I don't know where I  go from here, but I do know that I can trust  I will find the answer. I truly do believe that our spiritual teaches come to us as we are ready to graduate to the next level of lessons and at this time I feel you are that chosen teacher right now. I know that I  will be looking to your guidance and knowledge as I continue to grow. I also must make mention of how beautiful I thought your flute playing was. I wanted to tell you that day, but to much was happening and it was never expressed. You should consider doing a meditational  or prayer cd with your music. - Love and Blessings, Ayshica | ORDER


Kimberly Furbish Curless - client comments testimonial Happily Inner After Signature Retreat - Deidre MadsenYou are an angel

Deidre, I could write word after word expressing my gratitude, however, I will do my best to keep it simple. You are an angel. An angel of strength, an angel of love and an angel of teaching. You came to me bearing gifts that I never imagined I'd receive in this lifetime.Your guidance allowed me to re ignite and reintroduce myself to my spirit within. And I must say, it's been a pleasure meeting her again. I see myself as a source of empowerment and as a woman who has numerous gifts to give to those around me.My spirit shines bright and my head is held high. Forever I will be grateful to you and for you, the first of many angels that I have been blessed enough to meet! - My Love and Gratitude, Kim C., Portland, ME| ORDER

Lisa Strasser Lamour - client comments testimonial Happily Inner After Signature Retreat - Deidre MadsenHelped me get over my "stuff"

Deidre, Thanks for the memorable and fantastic healing retreat. You are an angel! Thank you for your wonderful spiritual retreat that helped me get over my 'stuff' and get to this glorious place! Hope you are well and enjoying sunshine and warmth in Arizona! - Peace and love, Lisa Strasser Lamour, Portland, ME | ORDER


Deidre is calm in her guidance and very loving

My extensive retreat experience resulted in a greater knowledge and stepping into of my authentic self. I connected with gifts of a past life, feel freer with much clearing and cleansing, and was challenged to reach beyond my perceived limitations. All of this with the extremely caring support of the staff and practitioners. I leave Sedona with many more tools in my personal spiritual tool belt. Amazingly simple technique with powerful results. Deidre is calm in her guidance and very loving. - Lianne, Oakville, ON Canada| ORDER

  • “Who, being loved, is poor?” – Oscar Wilde
  • “Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." – Dr. Seuss
  •  “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  • “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”– Lao Tzu
  • “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther
  • “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • “When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” – Albert Einstein
  • "Show me the way, take me to love." – Anu Malik