EMF Symptoms and Remedies

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ON THIS PAGE: Introduction & Symptoms | What is EMF? | 2 Types of EMF | Natural EMF | Manmade EMF | EMF Shielding & Remedies | EMF Protection Recommendations

EMF Protection InfographicAre you experiencing ill health, feeling sick whether in your home, work, or car? You may not be aware that we are bombarded by various forms of energies; some of which are extremely harmful. 

While striving to live healthy and conscious life we are surrounded by noxious toxic energies. If you are cleaning up your inner act, your outer space will also become important and in need of repair and clean-up thus creating a proper balance.

We must not neglect our external environment and if after thoroughly speaking with your doctor, you still experience symptoms listed here you may discover that some of the chronic issues you have been suffering were caused by your environment. You may have become hypersensitive to your environment.

60 Gigahertz Millimeter Radiation Waves from 5G Towers Create the SAME Bodily Distress Symptoms as the Fake Coronavirus

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) EMF Symptoms

  • Low energy, low libido, irritability, stress
  • Headaches, heating behind the ears, tinnitus
  • Heart palpitations and chest pain
  • Fatigue, memory loss, foggy thinking, dizziness
  • Sleeplessness, confusion, sleep pattern rhythms affected
  • Skin reactions, redness, rashes, itching, burning, tingling
  • Flu or flu-like symptoms (headache, body aches, fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue)

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation

EMFs are invisible electromagnetic spectrum of energy and radiation produced by electricity. EMF comes in two types: Ionizing and Non-Ionizing, which basically refers to the ability of the energy to break chemical bonds into ions.


The Central Nervous System

"In experiments with EMF fields on the central nervous system, "The sites of the greatest changes-the brain's hypothalamus and cortex-were cause for concern. The hypothalamus, a nexus of fibers linking the autonomic nervous system, is the single most important part of the brain for homeostasis and is a crucial link in the stress response. Any interference with cortical activity would disrupt logical and associational thought. "**


We are the First Generation to Live in an [saturated] EMF World

Paul Brodeur, the author of Currents of Death, a book about EMF and a series of famous articles on EMF for the magazine The New Yorker, first raised the question about the key difference between natural DC magnetic fields of the earth and artificial man-made EMF which is mostly composed of alternating current (AC). Brodeur suggests that the AC magnetic fields appear to have profoundly negative effects on human cell behavior. Human life has gradually evolved over two billion years in an environment devoid of AC magnetic fields. Man-made AC fields differ greatly from the earth's magnetic field, as the earth's current is direct current (DC) and not alternating current (AC). Brodeur argues that, in terms of the biological consequences, this constant, unprecedented human exposure to AC fields is highly stressful. The evidence is persuasive that man-made AC fields can interact with or stress our human cells to the point where adverse reactions result.


ADVERSE EFFECTS:  "The adverse effects of exposure to EMF appear to arise slowly over a long period of time. For example, it may take 5 to 10 years in the case of leukemia or perhaps 30 to 40 years in the case of Alzheimer's disease for symptoms to develop. The health cases that are coming to light in the 1990s most likely had their origin in the 1980s or before.  Damage that is being inflicted today is not even knowable.  The EMF problem has been categorized as a new form of pollution as consequential as air and water pollution.  It has also been likened to the newly-discovered hazards of asbestos and cigarette smoking. In terms of its cumulative health effects, it's been compared to the slow process of lead poisoning. The EMF problem will grow - and at a compounding rate. Fortunately, public awareness of EMF is also growing.

"Recommended safety levels range from 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG as the maximum exposure - with 1.0 mG as a preferred standard.  Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5 mG." **

2071894 3796249428READ AND DOWNLOAD THIS PUB MED ARTICLE: ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS OF 5G MOBILE TECHNOLOGY. This article identifies adverse effects of non-ionizing non-visible radiation (hereafter called wireless radiation) reported in the premier biomedical literature. This article also presents evidence that the nascent 5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, as commonly believed, but will have adverse systemic effects as well. Download Here >>PDF download

Two Types of EMF … Natural and Manmade


Natural EMF: Geopathic Stress Zones

Geopathic Stress from Hartman lines, Curry lines, Water lines, and Subterranean waterflow from an underground fissure.

geopathic zonesGeopathic Stress – Natural EMFs

If a waterflow runs underground it causes friction through the layers of earth, causing protons to be released which rise to the earth's surface and out into the atmosphere. No matter how deep the water way is underground (5" or 100') it still emits protons. If you live in an area of the world where the earth is primarily made up of clay, the friction between the water and the earth is more severe.

brain waves Deidre Madsen 1Now, if one of these water lines happens to cross earth's natural grid (Curry or Hartman) you have what some would call a negative. 

Many times, people will unconsciously place their bed over one of these crossings. This will cause friction in a relationship, in the home, and especially in one's health.

Our earth's frequency is 7.83 Hz, which is identical to human (alpha) brain waves.

With the advent of 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz portable phones, cellular phones, towers, satellite systems utilizing microwaves and our homes filled with every electronic gadget known to man, our bodies are overloaded, overstimulated and our natural defense and immune systems are overtaxed.


"Unfortunately, the entire effect of multiple electromagnetic fields on human physiology is not completely understood. However, it is well known that low-frequency magnetic fields can trigger major biochemical responses critical to the functioning of human cells, which operate by complex electrochemical processes. The consequences of living in our EMF world may not be known for decades. Virtually all research on the serious health effects of man-made EMF has come to the conclusion that the adverse health responses from EMF are from long-term cumulative exposure."


Manmade EMF: Electropollution and The Internet of Things/Bodies (IOT/IOB)

These are some examples of the constant array of energy pollution and unfortunately most noxious energy is found right in our very own home and now within our own bodies.

iot1EXAMPLES: Microwave ovens, Induction cooktops, X-Rays & CT Scans, Smart (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) devices including meters, cell phones & cell towers, computers, laptops & tablets; Bluetooth signals, Wi-Fi devices & routers, Smart TVs, refrigerators, cars, home systems & keys, Electrical wiring & dimmer switches, Radiant electrical heat, Plumbing, Electrical boxes, Wireless speakers & headphones, VoIP phones, plus

Chemtrails (conductor), Exposure to your neighbor’s EMF, and Humans that have taken the mRNA Injections & Boosters.


Bluetooth iCloud Humans

With the rollout of the mRNA technology embedded in the Cv19 (and now possibly the flu) injections and boosters, plus Smart Dust and graphene oxide, new technologies have been introduced into the world’s population allowing the opportunity for the masses to be hacked into its biological processes and added to the Cloud to become a part of The Internet of Things (IOT) (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INTERNET OF THINGS) and creating forced evolution. In addition, a new artificial immune system has also been introduced via the injections helping to interface between humans and computers.

Some have adapted to the rollout, others have not. You can see the pattern by looking at the past:  Plagues and pandemics go hand-in-hand with each evolutionary technological breakthrough.

How do you know if you’ve been affected by this new interfacing tech?  There is a long list of symptoms accompanying the latest wave of technological advancements and these mimic or similar to radiation symptoms:  Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Headache, Fever, Dizziness and Disorientation, Weakness and Fatigue, Hair Loss, Bloody Vomit and Stools from Internal Bleeding, Infections, Low Blood Pressure, Magnetized, Heart Problems and Sudden Death.

Note:  Radiation poisoning can be misconstrued to be seasonal Coronavirus influenza (Flu).

EMF Shielding Protection Benefits 

From incorporating any of the following shielding recommendations into your personal life, you cannot help but gain relief from symptoms of EMF exposure and subsequent stress overload including: 

  • Improved Functioning of the body’s natural Immune System
  • Resume Normal Repair of DNA
  • Improved Focus and Concentration 
  • Being More Optimistic and Enthusiastic 
  • Sleeping Better 
  • Feeling More Centered and Balanced (less reactionary)
  • An Increased Overall Sense of Wellbeing
  • Better and More Focused Meditation
  • Relief from stress overload (irritability, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, eyestrain, jetlag, CFS, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and more.

You owe it to yourself and your family (and your pets!) to correct your environment.  Get back to Nature's Way of living.

motherearthThe Remedies

Mother Nature Knows Best Research Confirms – Electropollution … may cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and “out of balance." Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of shielding them from ambient EMFs, allowing the cells to increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals. Some researchers believe that by producing a 7.83 Hz pulse with a scalar field generator (Schumann device), we can counter the effects of the irritating man-made fields. By replicating the Earth's natural rhythm, we may be providing ourselves (at least in our immediate vicinity) with a healthier environment. 

Strengthen Yourself Against EMF 

"Your body possesses a remarkable ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. But when your body is chronically bombarded by man-made EMF (electromagnetic fields), its innate intelligence and energy can become weakened. When your body's ability to cope is impaired, it's more difficult for your body to shield itself from negative influences. EMF, in effect, can knock your innate intelligence and energy "out of phase."*

If you are ready to clear your external environment from harmful EMF's, radiation, microwaves, even people's negative thought-forms and negative moods have been scientifically proven to impact people.  There are many ways to counter the effects of not only EMF's but microwaves, radiation as well as geopathic stressors:

Get informed ... research this topic via the web and local library, Dowse your home for harmful or noxious energies and geopathic stressors, Utilize magnetics to balance energies, Heal and Shield with Photon machines, Bioelectric shields, Earth OM Field Generators, Cell phone guards on every cell phone, Smart device and portable POTS phone, Holographic Scalar Wave Frequency Generators and Tachyon Energy and nutritional supplements.

Recommended Products to Neutralize, Shield, Detox for Family, Pets, Home and Car

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These highly recommended products are helpful for humans and pets. In addition to the above products, wearing Crystals and Gemstones can prove beneficial for balancing and harmonizing, clearing and healing the body.

If you want to live in harmony with your environment, get back the natural flow of good, positive energies in your life, feel better and live healthier check your environment out for these kinds of health hazards using testing equipment: AC and DC Gaussmeters, EMF Meter, Tri-Field Meter, Radiofrequency Meters, and Microwave Meters. 

Taking care of these issues will literally guarantee better health and wellness for you and your family. The goal is to balance abnormal energy patterns by incorporating not just one, but several of the suggested solutions. Take back your health; get back to the art of living Happily Inner After.

To Your Health!

*The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life," Robert O. Becker, MD, and Gary Selden, 1985, William Morrow, pp. 284, 285

Please be aware that the FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. The products recommended on this website are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. All testimonials should be taken as anecdotal, and it should be expected that everyone’s response to taking any supplement will be different including supplements shown on this website.

How Water Reflects Our Consciousness

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⏱️ 6 Minute Read | Also see Animal Totem Medicine | Crystal Medicine Healing | Prayers, Meditations & Chants | Solar & Lunar Wisdom

H2Oillo wat title photo

Some of the MOST ELECTRIFYING, POWERFUL HEALING can be done right within our own bodies of water. The body of water that is THE body of US, as well as the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and the water right out of our kitchen taps!  Please read the following ... it WILL change your reality!

Water has a very important message for us. Water is telling us to take a much deeper look at our selves. When we do look at our selves through the mirror of water, the message becomes amazingly, crystal, clear. We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both within and all around us.

The photographs and information in this article reflect the work of Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher. Mr Emoto has published an important book, "The Message from Water,"from the findings of his worldwide research If you have any doubt that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the information and photographs that are presented here, taken from the book of his published results, will change your mind and alter your beliefs, profoundly.

From Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts,words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, it's quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. It's physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But it's physical appearance is not the only thing that changes, it's molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.

Snow has been falling on the earth for more than a few million years. Each snowflake, as we have been told, has a very unique shape and structure. By freezing water and taking a photograph of the structure, as Mr. Emoto has done, you get incredible information about the water.

Mr. Emoto has discovered many fascinating differences in the crystalline structures of water from many different sources and different conditions around the planet. Water from pristine mountain streams and springs show the beautifully formed geometric designs in their crystalline patterns. Polluted and toxic water from industrial and populated areas and stagnated water from water pipes and storage dams show definitively distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures.

 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring Water
   H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Japan Shimanto River,
referred to as the last clean stream in Japan
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Antartic Ice
   H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Fountain in Lourdes, France
 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Biwako Lake, the largest lake at the center of Japan
and the water pool of the Kinki Region,
pollution is getting worse
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Yodo River, Japan, pours into the Bay of Osaka,
the river passes through most of the
major cities in Kasai
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi 
Fujiwara Dam, before offering a prayer
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Fujiwara Dam, after offering a prayer

With the recent popularity in music therapy, Mr. Emoto decided to see what effects music has on the structuring of water. He placed distilled water between two speakers for several hours and then photographed the crystals that formed after the water was frozen.

 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichiBeethoven's Pastorale Bach's "Air for the G string"


 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Tibet Sutra

  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Kawachi Folk Dance
   H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Heavy Metal Music

After seeing water react to different environmental conditions, pollution and music, Mr. Emoto and colleagues decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated,distilled, water crystals, using words typed onto paper by a word processor and taped on glass bottles overnight. The same procedure was performed using the names of deceased persons. The waters were then frozen and photographed.

 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichiUntreated Distilled Water    H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Love and Appreciation
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Thank You
   H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You
 H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Adolph Hitler
  H2Oillo wat sanbu ichi
Mother Teresa



These photographs show the incredible reflections of water, as alive and highly responsive to every one of our emotions and thoughts. It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of it's environment, whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine.

Masaru Emotos extraordinary work is an awesome display, and powerful tool, that can change our perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in, forever. We now have profound evidence that we can positively heal and transform ourselves and our planet by the thoughts we choose to think and the ways in which we put those thoughts into action.

Photographs in this article are from " The Message from Water," written and copyright protected by Masaru Emoto.

This article is copyright protected 2001 by The Wellness Goods Company. www.wellnessgoods.com and is reproduced here with the gracious permission of the author. This article in its entirety was extracted from the beautiful website of www.wellnessgoods.com. Please visit their site where you will find many more related articles.

The Age of Miracles to the 9th Degree

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⏱️ 8.7 Minute Read | Also See Soulmates & Twin Rays | Mayan Calendar Creation Speeding Up | Physical Proofs of Ascension

From Dark to Light Twin Hearts Unite

Hello and Welcome to YOU Ya!

The Twins are coming together to Unite the world into a whole-minded world of Light and Peace. Twins come in the form of relationships with divine partners and/or the balance between hemispheres where the masculine/feminine two sides of the brain and the mind-heart unite into a whole-minded whole-being supra consciousness.

Prepare to experience even higher highs and lower lows as we traverse this teething phase. As the downfall of the protective systems previously put in place and the veil is lifted; we will experience a spiraling economy touching everyone's pockets, large corporations and small businesses closing their doors for good, those in power stepping down, and the darkness revealed. Those that are in alignment with the understanding that they have choice; that they are the "Masters of their Own YOUniverse" will see the stepping off point, or launching point, in their lives where the experience of co-creating and manifesting their dreams and wishes aka Light vibrations, coming true ... becomes very palpable ... very real.

Now we see that as everything materialistic potentially falls away, we are left with ourselves, at long last. Let's rejoice in this time to come for we are entering the advent of ourselves, our True Selves. And it is a grand and glorious time. As the darkness of the night is cast off, we are now immersed within the light of day and the Age of Aquarius full speed ahead, we see there is no limit to our potential, no limit to our thinking, no limit to our Light! Sit with the potential and reality of this thought for a moment. And breathe.

ticktockBeyond the Great Precession of the Equinox, the Cosmic journey back to God/Source/Great Creator/Divine Father. As John Hogue has reminded us, the proverbial clock that has been TICKING for the past four decades, has just  T O C K E D. We have officially moved past the half-way mark be'tween the overlapping Piscean Age into Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. The Age of the Piscean fundamental belief structure and its predominant Piscean icon - the Church - is drawing to a close. We are feeling the rebalancing of the Yin/Yang Principal and are now fully immersed in another 36 year cycle.

We are beginning to see in earnest the telltale markings of the "the Age of Aquarius" as Piscean Age of Faith or Faith-Based religion (Latin Religio = To Bind) struggles with innovation. Aquarius Age is Age of Science and Enlightenment, and the "existential tasting and experiencing of life".*

As I have said before, we are beginning to see with our two physical eyes, what I call "Extreme Spirituality" realizing our own innate potential and seeing now that we really are the ones we have been waiting for. [Ref. Deidre's Article: WHO ARE OUR HEROS] We are the heroes of NOW to set the stage and raise the bar for more of the magical and profound same.

Worldwide, people are feel first stirrings of wanting "to know" something is true, first hand, about themselves, their world and the mystery of existence.

"A revolutionary understanding and practice of meditation will begin in Cosmic Night. It will give birth to the inner new human in hundreds of millions of people around the world. Their flowering of consciousness [golden flower of life] can tip the scales of fate toward a golden future in the next 36 years. Out of our transformation will come an end to fear, and a celebration of heaven and earth meeting in blissful union inside each of us. ~ John Hogue's, Long Cosmic Day's Journey Into Cosmic Night Predictions*

Ongoing social and cultural indicators markers of trends reveal our conscious and subconscious co-evolution that are vastly influencing our world. Balancing our (male/female) hemispheres will become at once pertinent for everyone who is waking to their own inner divinity and seeking ... AND for the rest of the sleepers, becomes a marked "problem" (opportunity) in society as we see so many individuals who have not gathered their proverbial ducks now swimming in a sea of fear and doubt as never before; and it will manifest in even greater swings of the inner pendulum between the outer and the inner planes - more of the dark shadows in people will emerge and it will become even more clear that something needs to be done - on a global consciousness level. [Interest to Note: Making the sign of the cross across your breast and heart is yet another example of the subconscious desire and action to balance ourselves body, mind and spirit.]

As stated above as one tiny example, there is so much more Light infusion streaming into the planet now it is inevitable that it will affect everyone and everything. For some it will bring about internal cataclysmic shifts ... notice I said cataclysmic? cat·a·clysm n. A violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change. Keep in mind, this is a good thing ... sometimes we require ourselves to experience a shaking up from within ... God speaks to us all the time, All the Time, and many aren't listening preferring to preoccupy themselves.

Two Worlds, A Minimum Of

Ah, so much doom and gloom. Seems like it doesn't it? Well, let's keep in mind that this dualistic planet is about to be considerably shaken to its root. What is to be done? How can we cope? Don't be the frog in the pot of boiling water.

I invite you to consider that what many people will SEE will be what I just described - darkness, destruction, despair. And then, there will be those who won't see (experience) the darkness or negativity at all. What will they see then? They will see prosperity, joy, abundance, good health, beauty, balance, calm, peace, harmony, wealth and love.

Tho I mention the potential for two worlds, there are actually limitless amounts of realities available to us at any given time. Science is beginning to tap into this deeper understanding and is finally able to reveal the "dark matter" of our local universe; and have finally learned how to view it correctly (like a kaleidoscope), similarly with our "junk DNA" which will one day reveal the super storage of our multiple realities and life cycles.

So many predictions about the two worlds have been written and shared for ages and eons by native elders, and wise sages throughout time. I will reiterate one:

The Hopi Prophecy

hopination"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living? What are you doing?
What are your relationships? Are you in right relation?
Where is your water? Know your garden. [Figuratively, water = Divine Feminine Holy Spirit; Garden = your I AM Divine Gifts and Attributes; what you reap so shall you sow.]

It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other. [Everyone and everything is our mirror]
And do not look outside yourself for the leader. [You are the one you have been waiting for!]
This could be a good time! [Choose wisely]
There is a river flowing now very fast. [River = Light Stream]
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly. [Inner cataclysm]
Know the river has its destination. [A higher plan/purpose]
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of
the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. [Be flow]
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves. [Who I AM and What I Do have nothing to do with one another]
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. [Notice the word "All"]
We are the ones we've been waiting for." [Aho!]
~ The Elders, Orabi, Arizona Hopi Nation"

People who are on board with their I AM will be the ones in the MIDDLE OF THE RIVER helping the others to let go of the shoreline and come join them in the flow! IT'S ALL ABOUT CHOICE. There are many ways of letting go of the river bank.

Each of the following is a practice, ceremony and/or ritual that helps remind us of who we really are:

We have several things working in our favor to experience Joy, Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love which will support and uplift us without repeating old patterns (backsliding into our fears and shadows).

  1. Since we are in the Age of Aquarius and have finally released the dogmatically positioned Piscean Age, we have greater opportunities on our side for forward thinking, positive flow. Falling into old patterns will be met with intellect and awareness (i.e., the ability to be aware that we need to be aware ) these are the KEY ELEMENTS that will hold us more firmly to our cosmic center in the balanced space be'tween all.
  2. In this 36 year phase, this is the time where the goddess is strongest, supportively nurturing, where the masculine gets a rest and receives nurturing from the feminine.As I mentioned, you can choose to allow the feminine to take this role or you can choose to allow the shadows of your inner Queen/Goddess to rule as a tyrant queen where the masculine finds no rest or safety. Allow the Goddess/Queen to share her love!!! Now that the masculine can relax ... his true purpose to her of supporting and uplifting the inner divine feminine power of creativity and flow can spring forth and assist in a healthy, right-relationship manner ... she can now release (let go of) her inner warrior and allow him to do his job, she now feels safe, too. Congratulations are in order!
  3. According to the Mayan Calendar, we have entered the time of All Creation happening at once. Creation is be speeding up ... and no, it is not time that is speeding up ... it's creation! Darkness can now fall away, signs of deeply repressed shadows are overcome by the Light of Day, when the sun comes out to play in our lives we feel more positive and share a sense of bright future possibilities in our lives. We are more optimistic in the daytime. | READ MORE: MAYAN CALENDAR, CREATION SPEEDING UP

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what Light I have."
~ Abraham Lincoln

We all have our purpose and mission on the planet. Do you know your mission? We have all been preparing for our missions here for aeons. As we see the evidence of our awakening to support the planet, it is our higher destiny to bring heaven to earth. Relax and enjoy the coming year's amazing forward motion. Recognize you are being supported by myriad Angelic Kingdoms awaiting your bidding. Do your part to invoke the greatest consciousness possible.

Just as the Fibonacci Sequence in nature affords us the ability to look back historically so that we can learn and evolve into our future, we see clearly that we have the choice to fling open the doors to our soul, our heart and our connection within and without to I AM ... and bring forth the sweet music of our inner spheres of Light I AM ... we SEND FORTH the call, Our Call, Vay-Yik-Ra! (Hebrew "The Call into Holiness") and through these actions and intentions our genetic DNA spiral will express limitlessly through myriad sacred geometries. We can take the strengths and lessons of the past 36 year Cosmic Day cycle and marry that with the Cosmic Night and step up to All That Is!

Aho and Ose Ahava Shalom!


Deidre Madsen 2015Deidre Madsen
Imagery Consultant
Award-Winning Author and Writer
Lecturer and Speaker
Life Coach


Happily Inner After by Deidre Madsen
As a tenured Imagery Consultant, Deidre works body, mind and spirit

whole-brained holistic sessions with clients worldwide and assists in
opening to your spirit-supra-consciousness and succor
Order her Award-Winning Book Happily Inner After
paperback, kindle, hardbound, Amazon | Balboa Press

*Credit John Hogue for excerpts in this article


Creation is Speeding Up

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⏱️ 8 Minute Read | Also see Ascension 101 | Ascension Symptoms | Quantum Consciousness | Balancing the Hemispheres

Orienting Our Consciousness to the Flow of Creation


Also See: [Video] Imminent Cataclysm and the Plan to Survive the Great Reset by Greg Reese ReeseReport.com WHERE THE PREDICTION FOR THE END OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR IS 2046! In order to understand what is coming it is critical to read the following. It will explain what to do and how to be during the upcoming shift. Be ready. Be aware.


Beloved Dear Friends,

Ian Xel Lungold, along with Dr. Carl Calleman, have had a great privilege and honor to work with Mayan Shamen for years. He has researched, investigated and unearthed great secrets of the Mayan people's calendar. The Maya have been measuring Creation's flow, rate, and intention for the last 16,400,000,000 years. The end of their calendral year was ... OCTOBER 28, 2011 ... not 2012. Or, now set to 2046. And, it is also not the end in the way many perceive it to be. Following is an email message I have sent to many friends after I attended Ian's very first seminar. These are my notes taken from that seminar. For more info go to Ian's website MayanMajix.com.



greatawakening hubble eye of godHold onto your hats.

We are in the time of the colossal "Shift Happens".

This is a very good thing, right?

Along with things that appear to be bad comes a plethora of GOOD.

How do we prepare?

How do we align with the new cosmic energies?

In order to understand what to do we must briefly review the following transcript from Ian Xel Lungold's lecture which holds the keys to navigating through this amazing time on the planet.


[1/15/1999 | Ian Xel Lungold | Sedona]

  • THE GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS CYCLE: On 1/5/99 began the Galactic Consciousness Cycle which lasts for 12.8 years - the Ethics Cycle. We have just left the Power Cycle that lasted 256 years. We will watch Ethics overcome Power in our lifetime.
  • YEAR 2002-2003: Getting the truth - ethics going in at this time. That's where the real big stuff will come forth into the open.
  • WE ARE NOW IN THE "UNIVERSAL CYCLE"  THE LAST CYCLE:  The Last Cycle starts 2/10/2011 ... the Universal Cycle!!! We're going to a special place.
  • WHAT IS THE LAST DAY OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  10/28/2011 The Mayan Calendar ... All cycles come to a HALT. AND THIS MAY BE THE 2046 TIMELINE NOW.
  • IS TIME SPEEDING UP:  Seems like time is speeding up?! No ... CREATION is speeding up!
  • WHAT IS THE OBSTACLE:  We have one hurdle to overcome ... THE MIND (a tool) Don't think you are your mind! Use it as a tool, an instrument.
  • The mind's natural speed limit or 'flicker frequency' is 33 frames per second (identifies similarity or difference between something). Nowadays, more data is pouring in. The mind doesn't have as much time to process things, but has an override mechanism to help it cope with the influx of more and more data.

What Are Our Mind's Overriding Mechanisms?

  • Stress - Walk away response. There is an epidemic of this stress; this gives you a clue as to what is a comin'!
  • Fight or Flight is another overriding mechanism where adrenaline pumps thru you massively, examples are road rage, terrorism, desk rage!?!, etc.
  • Unconsciousness (mother of all addictions) - People have a desire to remain unconscious via drugs, alcohol, suicide, overeating, you name it.

Our mind is not built for speed - creation is going too fast/faster/fastest
We are going outside our mind or ... out of our mind - Ian Xel Lungold

  • WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP:  Intuition! The source of our personal power. Time and Place create our personal intent. A point in 'time' where things ARE.
  • WHAT ARE WE MOVING AWAY FROM:  We are moving away from this in the flow of creation toward intuition where the time and place become only ... now
  • WHAT IS THE GUIDEPOST:  The Mayan calendar (birthdate) provides our orientation to our personal intent and our personal participation in the divine plan ... you know you're doing the divine plan when all feels "heavenly" (guidepost).
  • WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  Orientation. The main purpose, or key point, of the Mayan Calendar is to orient our consciousness to the flow of creation.


WHY ARE WE EXPERIENCING WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOW:   In the past what we had to choose from for goal options:

  • PAST:  In our past, our goal options amounted to the following example: See a circle with a few lines (options) running through it for our choosing. Not very much stimulus to pick from, eh? But …
  • PRESENT:  Now, in the present time, we have more options to choose from, right? You can liken the example of the circle now to that of the spokes on a bicycle; many more options with which to choose. These options are what enter our view point, what happens all around us; what our mind lands upon and identifies the thing/object/idea/stimulus as either a similarity or a difference.
  • FUTURE:  Our future is going to be more extreme. Our future will have WAY MORE options to choose from, miracles will come! We are going to need immune system help BIG TIME! WHAT WILL THE FUTURE'S CIRCLE LOOK LIKE? WHAT WILL OUR VIEWING STIMULUS LOOK LIKE BY 10/28/2011? So now at the end of the Mayan calendar ... 10/28/2011 ... Imagine a circle, it is blank inside except for one single word ... ALL.

All creation presents itself in ONE MOMENT.
No need for space OR time anymore.
It will be a WHOLE NEW GAME!
- Ian Xel Lungold




HOW DO WE PREPARE FOR THIS, WHAT DO WE DO NOW:  Notice. Notice patterns and predictability especially patterns regarding ethics, and ... BE CENTERED BE CERTAIN.

HOW DO WE BE CENTERED AND CERTAIN:  When you can recognize patterns you will become CERTAIN and; therefore, will achieve a sense of peace of mind or piece of mind ... centeredness.

The Maya split things up into days and nights ... all correlating to our years/months all the way to 10/28/11.

We are now (have been actually) heading into Truth bigly.

It will be spilling forth like nobody's business.

And so will earth changes in the coming few years.

All our institutions, mega corporations, everything that holds the energy of money/power in the controlling sense, will be thrown off the gameboard.

I encourage you to investigate his findings for yourself.

Remember we must stay centered.

To be centered we must be certain.

To be certain we must look for patterns.


Patterns recognized bring certainty.

Certainty brings centeredness.

Centeredness brings Peace of Mind!

We are here now at the true beginning of our world as we've envisioned.

Welcome to the Evolution!

Aho and Ose Shalom!


Deidre Madsen 2015Deidre Madsen
Imagery Consultant
Award-Winning Author and Writer
Lecturer and Speaker
Life Coach


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⏱️ 39 Minute Read | Also see Ascension 101 | Ascension Symptoms | Quantum Consciousness | Balancing the Hemispheres


by David Wilcock

We know that the Sun is actively pumping out spiraling energy waves that drive the planets and moons in their respective orbits. Both Bode's Law and the new Stoneking Resonance theories show that the planets are spaced out in the natural Diatonic musical proportions relative to each other.[1]

The very first extra-solar planetary system that we discovered, which was around pulsar B1257+12, also shows these same proportions.[2]

The proportional phenomenon supports the idea that every star is pumping out energy waves that create similar planetary systems, as this kind  of resonance obviously could not be caused by random groupings of gas and dust. Then, just like the principles of a hologram or a fractal, within the larger waves from the Sun are subtler, smaller waves. And these are also based on the same musical principles. They all branch out, forming waves upon  waves and getting smaller and smaller.

00 star space hubble tile galaxydnaTHE GALAXY IS 'TUNED' TO FORM DNA

In the optimal planetary system, where there are no major cataclysms or interruptions, there is a specific distance from the Sun where the tiniest spiraling waves will gather a planet's natural materials together to form the DNA molecules of life. The DNA is the wave, and the wave is  the DNA. That DNA is formed in the process of planetary evolution may sound ridiculous, but it can effectively be proven by something known as the DNA Phantom effect. Dr. Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and shone a laser through it, and to his surprise he realized that it actually captured the light and caused it to spiral through the helix, as if it were a crystal. Even more amazingly, when Dr. Poponin removed the DNA, the light continued spiraling on its own![3]

For light to form a DNA helix on its own should of  course be impossible - unless the light itself had become harmonically tuned to some naturally existing frequency  in the energy of space around it. To me, this says that the spiraling light energy of DNA was there first, and the physical molecules simply formed around the spiraling energy once the planet was at the proper frequency position. The Galaxy is ''tuned'' to form human DNA in planetary systems wherever it gets the chance.


The theory of the Evolution of Species is being disproven because the DNA molecule is just too complicated to  have arisen by ''natural mutations.'' Dr. Crick, one of the  original discoverers of the DNA molecule, later proved mathematically that it is absolutely impossible for evolution to have ever even begun to produce DNA in the short amount of history that we have as a planet.[4]


So now, we are moving into a new position. Microbiology experts tell us that 97 percent of our DNA is apparently un-used,[5] but I have been told that more and more of the chain is ''unzipping'' for those who are able to handle the  new fourth-density energy structure. These people may not physically look any different, except perhaps more attractive in subtle ways, but internally they will develop greater depths of emotion, perception, intuition, and sensitivity. Some of the younger people will actually develop telekinesis or the ability to ''see dead people.''

Many others often find that their bodies will no longer tolerate foods of lower vibration, and they are impelled to eat diets high in fresh organic fruits and vegetables. So as you drift farther away from your parent star, your planet enters into different vibrational energies and will support life in higher densities. As Ra explains[6], there is an Octave of eight major densities. This is the same as if you played the white keys on the piano, the Diatonic scale. The Octave can also be broken down into a system of 13, which can be seen by playing the Chromatic scale of white and black keys together.

There are many densities within densities. Each of these vibratory frequencies corresponds to a specific plane of existence - and/or a specific level of consciousness. Another teaching of Ra is that all people have higher selves,  a sixth-density future incarnative self that is guiding their life and guiding their physical incarnation from the future. The Higher Self basically says, ''Look, I know that you're going to evolve to become me. I'm looking back into my past at myself, but I also know that you have free will. I don't necessarily know all the choices that you will make on a day-by-day basis to eventually get to be me, where I am now. So I'm going to help you get to this point. I'm going to show you how to get to where I am, knowing that it's myself that's evolving.'' That is what dreams are.


Dreams are a very high level, distilled message from the Higher Self that comes through to the individual in the language of metaphor. It doesn't matter whether you understand your dreams with your conscious mind or not.  It doesn't matter whether you remember them or not. Your dreams communicate with your fourth-dimensional or fourth-density astral self, which I believe is the same self  that Edgar Cayce was using to do his medical readings. It's your astral self that goes through the dream experience. So it's as if you have multiple levels of your being that  are doing different things, things that you're not aware of. They're doing all sorts of work, and they're buzzing around - and yet it's all part of you, at the same time. And this is a very mind-expanding concept because you realize how much more you are than your physical body. You realize how much more you're loved and how much more of yourself there is.


The keystone to all of this that we're talking about - to everything I mentioned so far - is the idea that evolution must come on a mass scale. Ascension is not simply restricted to an idea like the Christians' saying there is going to be this ''rapture,'' where Jesus comes back and ushers in a thousand years of peace. It's a cosmic event, and has been prophesied in almost every major religious and spiritual tradition that has existed on the face of the Earth. In my new career as research director for the ''Time of Global Shift'' tour, I provide references to back up these assertions.[7] Let's talk about some of these now. We'll start with Dr. Alexey Dmitriev from the Russian National Academy of Sciences. Dmitriev did work with tornadoes showing that in the presence of a tornado there are very high electromagnetic fields, visible light, and ball lightning. And there are all sorts of cases where the tornado causes the physical objects to fuse into each other - where matter actually becomes able to permeate other matter. Dmitriev cites cases where two burnt and charred wooden boards were fused together by a tornado, even though they would crumble at the slightest touch. There were pebbles that had gone through glass without breaking the glass; pieces of straw that went through a window and got stuck in the window without breaking it.[8]

All this weird stuff is happening that shows that matter is able to disappear or become permeable to other matter in the presence of a strong enough field. Then we look at the Bermuda Triangle. In a triangular area off the coast of Florida between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda, there have been planes lost as well as ships. It hasn't really been active since the 1970s, but certainly it was before then. And we're not just talking about marine vessels that disappear, and you can say, ''Okay, well, it sank.'' We're talking about airplanes that are on radar and have radio contact, and suddenly they're just gone. In certain cases there have been people who disappear and then reappear. There was a case in the late 1969 where a National Airlines 727 passenger aircraft flying into Miami had lost all radar and radio contact for 10 minutes. Of course, the air traffic controller was highly freaked out by this. Ten minutes went by and communication came back on. The air traffic controller asked them where they had been, and they didn't know what he was talking about. They had no perception of anything's having happened. And when they landed, it was discovered that every single timepiece in the entire aircraft - everybody's watch, every chronometer, you name it - had lost 10 minutes! It was as if they basically just winked out of our existence for 10 minutes and then came back.[9]

The more we investigate these vortex phenomena, the more we see that some strange things are happening. Another vortex phenomenon case involved a group of young hippies who were camped out inside Stonehenge when the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only the charred pegs of their tents.[10] I believe that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen, and I think that the creators of Stonehenge probably used these effects for travel through space and time.

So apparently Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle are places where, at certain times, the amount of gravitational and vibrational energy coming out of the Earth exceeds that going into the Earth. You could think of these areas as being akin to holes that have been popped in a plastic bag filled with water - for a certain amount of time, the water would flow out very quickly. And you can see that in those two locations, there is a history of incidents suggesting that matter has been transmuted in the presence of such an energy vortex. What we are leading to is that the entire energy of the Solar System is increasing, and that at some point, it will reach a level where it will transmute all life on the planet. That is when Ascension will be manifest.


Research is now suggesting that the Sun is like a hole that has popped in the energy field of the Galaxy, allowing energy to flow out in a given area; that's why we see it as bright white light. They've already proven that there's no nuclear furnace going on in there. The amount of neutrinos that the Sun gives off is far too low for it to be the byproduct of a nuclear reaction. There are missing neutrinos. They've known about this for 30 years, and the problem is not being solved - those missing neutrinos simply don't exist! So the Sun is not a nuclear furnace. The Sun basically represents cosmic energy, the true energy of Creation. What this means is that the Sun is like a pinhole in space where the energy is flowing out - just like the pinhole in the bag of water we spoke about earlier, or what you would see in the Bermuda Triangle. And in higher levels of vibration, you see a lot more than  just the pinhole of the Sun; you see all the vibrations that surround it. These appear as concentric spheres of energy, like ripples on a pond, which are connected by a spiraling coil of energy that expands on out to drive the orbits and rotations of the planets and moons. Everything meshes precisely together like one giant set of gears. This coil from the Sun has been studied and measured. NASA refers to it as the ''Parker Spiral.''[11] Right now, we can only detect these fields with instruments as a form of magnetic energy.


There are many, many crop-circle formations that show these energy systems of sacred geometry and concentric, expanding spheres connected by spirals. So ''they'' are definitely trying to give us a message. The recent 900-foot long Milk Hill crop formation mirrors the Sun's expanding spiral energy patterns. It contains 409 different circles and was actually displayed on CNN Headline News, as its sheer size and grandeur attracted attention.[12] And what I am saying is that when the energy in the Bermuda Triangle rises, for example, matter changes. When the energy that the Sun is producing rises, the spiraling coil wave from the Sun actually expands, pushing the planets into spheres of energy that maintain a higher frequency of vibration. My research suggests that the actual physical sizes of the planets expand spontaneously when this happens - not hugely, but enough. You can see this in hindsight by going to the idea that if  you shrink the radius of the Earth to 55 or 60 percent of its current size, all the continents fit together like a jig-saw puzzle; there's no left-over space. That's called Global Expansion Tectonics.[13]


So as the planet gets farther away from the Sun, it expands on this spiral of energy that the Sun is pumping out at a very slow speed, and it gradually inches farther and farther away. That's why the Ancients said that Earth's year used to be exactly 360 days long, and that they only begrudgingly added the last five and a quarter days after the fall of Atlantis. Five days is just a tiny bump compared to what can happen. So the farther away you get from the Sun, the more you break into higher levels of vibration represented by a bigger sphere. As the Earth punches into a higher level of energy based on its position to the Sun, it expands in size, because as it moves into that higher energy, the energy within the core actually expands. What also happens is that this energy ''zaps'' all the creatures that are on the Earth, because the increase in the wavelength of the planetary spiral is accompanied by a spontaneous burst of energy from the Sun - a burst that has qualities of both radiation and intelligence. The ancient Hindus referred to this burst as the ''Somvarta fire at the end of an Age.''

So what has happened in the past, at about 50-million-year intervals, is that all the life that had been on the Earth spontaneously dies. And then, all of a sudden, this higher order of creature shows up. The geologists call this ''punctuated equilibrium.''[14]

A very recent study published by Dr. Bruce Runnegar and other UCLA astrobiologists supports the theory I am discussing. It's been all over the mainstream news since the end of June. The researchers looked at the planetary orbits and ran them back through time with computer simulations that were very precise. To their surprise, they discovered that 65 million years ago, at the time of the most recent mass extinction (of the dinosaurs), there was what they referred to as a ''chaotic change in the resonant frequencies of the Solar System.'' This chaotic change suddenly jostled all the orbits of the inner planets.[15]

While we're here, we should add that all geologists know that the continents broke apart at this time, having once been a single landmass. We also know that the worldwide sea levels suddenly decreased at that time. This was obviously the Earth's sudden increase in size. The hardened crust of the land broke apart, and all the seas drained off into the new cracks, lowering their worldwide levels. And remember that the geologist's have discovered that every time you have a mass extinction, you also have a mass speciation - that is, new species arise. That's another aspect of what happens when this energy ''zaps'' us, causing the planets and their orbits to expand. For example, there is no ''missing link'' between Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon (modern man) because what happened was that Neanderthal got ''zapped'' and spontaneously evolved. They grew much larger brains and lost the clumsiness of their bodies.


This is where it gets kind of strange. This anomalous change, this spontaneous evolution in the presence of new energy, is also happening to the whole Solar System. In other words, it's not just that the Earth is drifting away from the Sun to go  into a new position. At the same time the Sun, also, is ready to break out into a new level of energy in the Galaxy. This doesn't always happen. According to Ra, right now we are actually arriving at the end of a 75,000-year galactic cycle at the same time that we are arriving at the end of a more common 25,000-year planetary cycle. As a galaxy evolves, expanding spheres of energy continue to engulf the stars in that galaxy with higher and higher levels of vibration. This is now causing the intergalactic space around our Solar System to become more and more highly charged. This charge is in turn absorbed by the Sun and radiated throughout the Solar System. So the current ''shift'' is really a unique event for all forms of vibrational life in our area of the Galaxy, not just for those on Earth.[16]


Here are some measurable changes in our Solar System which suggest that this evolutionary leap is going to happen soon:


We're having solar activity never before witnessed - at least not in recorded history. We're having sunspot activity on a scale never before seen. We're having radiation emissions, proton emissions and other anomalous energy bursts. All of these things are stepping up in frequency in a way that's never before been seen. In fact, the solar emissions are getting so intense that they are frying many of our satellites. In certain cases we are unable to measure these solar emissions because we never expected that they would get this high, and all our scientific models have to be revised. [17]


Another thing that I think is really interesting is that the actual quality of the space between the planets is changing. The space between the planets is actually conducting energy better. The meaning of this is actually quite simple: The Sun releases charged, radioactive particles, such as energetic protons. NASA used to have very convenient scientific models for how long it would take those protons to travel to the Earth. Now, in some cases these protons are traveling up to 400 percent faster than the models expect.[18] So what's happening is that the Sun itself is actually changing. Its magnetic field is actually getting larger. Its energy is changing. The energy between the planets is changing, conducting the Sun's energy faster. Particles are moving faster through space. The actual visible plasma energy in space between the planets is getting brighter.


Dmitriev's work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres.  For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The Mars observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to crash, because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as they calculated, and basically the wind on that little mirror was so high that it blew it right off the device.[19]


Also, the moon is growing an atmosphere that's made up of a compound Dmitriev refers to as ''Natrium.'' Dmitriev says that, around the moon, there is this 6,000-kilometer-deep layer of Natrium that wasn't there before. And we're having this kind of change in Earth's atmosphere in the upper levels, where HO gas is forming that wasn't there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now. It's not related to global warming and it's not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It's just showing up.


The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that's formed between Jupiter and its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken more recently.[20] And the planets are having a change in their magnetic fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger. Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus's magnetic field is changing. Neptune's magnetic field is increasing.[21] These planets are becoming brighter. Their magnetic field strength is getting higher. Their atmospheric qualities are changing.


When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes.[22] The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories: Energy field changes, luminosity changes, and atmospheric changes.


On the Earth, we're seeing the changes even more completely. For example, Michael Mandeville has done research that has shown that the overall volcanic activity on the Earth since 1875 has increased by roughly 500 percent. The overall earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent just since 1973.  [23]


Dr. [Alexey] Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters. He showed that if you compare the years 1963 through 1993, the overall amount of natural disasters of all different kinds - whether you are talking hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, you name it - have increased by 410 percent.


There's a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories in California, who has been investigating the Sun. He has discovered that since 1901, the overall magnetic field of the Sun has become 230 percent stronger than it was before.[24]


So, all in all, what we're seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Some people get into the idea that there is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun that's going on here. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically in Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research. They've come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that could be causing this energetic change all throughout the Solar System is that we are moving into an area of energy that is different - that is higher.[25]


Now, check this out. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, of course, and that magnetic field creates an egg around the Solar System, which is known as the heliosphere. The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long and thin end of the drop pointing in the opposite direction from the direction that we're traveling. It's just like a comet, where the tail is always pointing away from the Sun. The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there.[26] This plasma energy used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 miles). So ten astronomical units represents the normal thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System.

Today, that glowing plasma has gone to 100 astronomical units deep. Although Dmitriev's paper does not give an exact timeline, we can assume that this increase happened in the same 1963 to 1993 period as the increase he found in natural disasters. Whenever it happened, that's a 1,000 percent increase in the overall brightness of the energy at the front end of the Solar System. And this means that the Solar System itself is moving into an area where the energy is more highly charged. That higher-charged energy is in turn exciting the plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic. This in turn is saturating interplanetary space, which causes the solar emissions to travel more quickly and charge up the energy on the planets. And this is conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports.

The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering. That's the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs of time. All this is happening all at the same time, and it's all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift. In other words, we will get to the point where we are so far into the new level of energy that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy out of itself. This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System. The planets are pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atoms and molecules that make them up actually expand in terms of their physical size.


So what we are basically talking about here is conscious energy that changes how the planet functions and what kind of life it supports. And when we realize that we are more than our physical bodies, we have no need to be afraid of this energetic change. When this new energy comes out of the Sun, we will naturally be transported into a higher level of our own being. Our physical body becomes irrelevant at that point. We are much more than that. As we've alluded to before, the blast of energy that will come is conscious. It will look like fire, but it's really conscious energy. Here's another example of how this happened in the past.  In a previous geologic era on Earth [the Paleozoic], the predominant species was this little crab called the Trilobite. They got blasted - you find in the fossil records that they were all killed. But what you don't see is that their group soul evolved into whatever the next stage of evolution was. The dinosaurs got blasted. Their souls turned into mammal souls.  So nobody goes anywhere, nobody is actually extinguished. We can find the bodies and it looks cataclysmic, it looks horrible - but all they really do is just bump up another notch and start to inhabit different bodies.


If you're very attached to your physical body, you might say, ''Well, what would I be without it?''  You might see this as traumatic, but in fact your experience could be looked at as Soul graduation. People are saying, ''I'm doing my spiritual growth. I'm doing my path. I'm walking in my truth. I'm trying to grow spiritually, I'm trying to evolve.'' Evolve to what?  Grow to what? Are we just going to keep reincarnating over and over again as humans? No. Is the Earth going to remain in this vibrational level where human beings will blow up bombs, poison its waters, pollute its atmosphere, kill its creatures, and cut down all the trees?

No. The Earth is not expected to go through this. The Earth is an evolving being, too. The difference with the Earth, unlike a regular human lifetime, is that it goes through a very premeditated, very obvious course of its evolution. As it orbits around the Sun, and as the Solar System orbits around the Galaxy, the extraterrestrial races that are in higher dimensions know exactly when these changes are going to happen.

That's why they're here now, because basically they're aware that this is going on, and are standing by to assist us. They're aware that, just as the vortex of energy has caused airplanes to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, when the Sun's energy bumps up another notch, matter on Earth will be transmuted. The Sun's energy can cause matter to just physically transmute. When transmutation occurs, creatures like animals and plants may appear to be dead, but what happens to the human body will actually be alchemical transmutation. So it's not as though there's going to be all these fried corpses lying around. When the energy hits you, you transform. Your body will actually transmute itself. There is a parallel in the Shroud of Turin, where certain researchers have found that Jesus' body burned a complete three-dimensional image of itself into the cloth. And they found through experimentation that such a burn could only be caused by an instantaneous blast at a very high temperature, ''zapping'' the cloth like an X-ray film.


The basic date for the ''shift'' corresponds to the end of the Mayan Calendar - December 2012. Ra makes the suggestion that the Mayan Calendar was given to the Mayans by high-level sixth-density extraterrestrials so that they would have a tool with which to time the passage of these cycles. It's a good thing to know how these cycles work, because they are tied in with history (see Ra article).


The only thing that matters is how much Love you are willing to share. It would be so easy to miss this fantastic opportunity to participate in the evolution that is happening here and now on our planet. The media is bent on creating a reality where our happiness is contingent on the acquisition of new products. We seek the best jobs and the highest status as we succumb to the mass illusions of ''consensus reality'' and ''winning the game.'' Each of us has the choice to create our lives so that we may participate in the Utopian world that will manifest on Earth after this Ascension process has completed - a world without poverty, hunger or pain; a world where full-body levitation, spontaneous healings, instant telepathic communication, and abundant Love are the law of the land. This is the world that Jesus promised us in John 14:12, when he said, ''As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things.''

It comes back to question: What are you going to hold onto?  You have to leave behind the physical life in order to participate in the Ascension. You have to be willing to move into a life that is spiritual. You have to be willing to give up the things that you once thought were important - your car, your material effects, your earthly status, your earthly fame and power - because you're basically only going to take yourself. You can't bring anything with you. No money, no credit cards, no gold coins. When you leave your body and move into these higher realms of consciousness, all those earthly things will be meaningless. When you get out of this world without these braces, guess what? Your memory will be your sole companion.

And then you will realize that the only thing
that ever mattered was ...
? How much love you were willing to share
while you were incarnated on Earth ?

The Spirit of Ma'at wishes to thank Terry Brown for her work in transcribing the tapes from Wynn's three-hour interview with David. [Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock] David Wilcock believes that he is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. But he's not insisting on this (see pictures at left - you decide). Like Cayce, David does ''readings,'' but rather than health, the subject matter gives a 'higher self'' overview of information that the individual needs to help in evolution of consciousness.

David has focused on the mission of bringing cutting-edge scientific research to bear upon the subject of indigenous prophecy, UFOs, and the coming ''shift'' that Gregg Braden and others also talk of.  Like many others who are concerned with planetary ascension, he sees a Golden Age coming soon for humanity.

In addition to immersion in hard science, especially the physics of the cosmos, David ''channels'' an entity known as Ra, who has spoken through others, as well.  Channeled information received on ascension from Ra (by another source,   L/L Research), is in this magazine at The Universe According to Ra, also written by Wynn Free. David Wilcock has written four online books and many articles. His books, articles, readings, and much more may be found at his website, Ascension2000.


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David Wilcock (see also Wilcock bio) is one of the more interesting people who are making a serious attempt to explain the rapid changes that the world is going through today. Though controversial, his views are well thought out, profound, and backed up by a wealth of scientific data.

We interviewed David on the subject of Ascension and the energetic ''shift'' - a coming change that, according to Wilcock and others, like Gregg   Braden, involves not only individuals but our   planet, our Solar System, and the Galaxy itself. In order to prepare us for this information, David begins with the Story of Creation.  We may believe this or not. Certainly, it can't be ''documented'' in the usual way.  But we suggest that you reserve judgment until you have read and absorbed the incredible, provable, scientific facts of what is happening in our Solar System and on planet Earth. - Wynn Free (visit his website at WynnFree.com).

David Wilcox website OBJECTIVES SCIENTIFIC / EMPIRICAL: We strive to completely redefine human scientific understanding by proposing an integrated zero-point energy or 'aether' cosmology, backed with credible experimental research evidence. In this model, anti-gravity and free energy technologies are easily explainable. Furthermore, this new cosmology can clearly and scientifically prove that a dimensional shift will occur on Earth on or before 2012. This work is not "channeled" material - it comes from years of our director David Wilcock's rigorous scientific and metaphysical research. This multi-disciplinary information, featured in the Convergence series, is tantamount to the "Holy Grail" of New Age teachings, and is of enormous religious and scientific significance to humanity.

SPIRITUAL: Although Mr. Wilcock is primarily a scientific researcher, he was contacted by positive extraterrestrial intelligence in 1995 and now produces their verbal transmissions with highly accurate remote-viewing style protocols. Since the conscious-mind interference is minimal in this technique, these "readings" are quite different from normal speech and are of inestimable value in understanding the spiritual perspective and humanity's imminent destiny. David has dedicated his entire life to this process of acting as a researcher and telepathic ambassador for this angelic group, often known as the Confederation of Planets. Our accuracy has been continually validated through documented future predictions and other means that defy human intellect.

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