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Magical Weight Loss

Shedding Toxic Waste from Your Waist

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you let yourself go and have gone up a few too many dress sizes? Have you tried every fad diet and exercise to no avail?

What You Don't Have To Do...

  • No need for dieting
  • No exercise required
  • No fancy foods to buy
  • No meetings to attend
  • No books to purchase
  • No supplements needed
  • No risky diet pills to take
  • No expensive surgery

Could your weight be on your shoulders or a noose around your neck? Well, I have been shedding the same ten pounds for years now and without much success until now.

I began to wonder if maybe it is more than physical... maybe it's etheric or mental or astral weight. Granted, ten pounds is not much in the grand scheme of things but those last ten pounds have become quite an ordeal.

Part of losing this weight is discovering why I want to lose it in the first place. (And by the way, what on earth does this have to do with ascension?) Being clear on the goal of the weight loss, whether it's 10 pounds or a 100, is important because much of this has to do with your mind and how your brain thinks about weight.

Our External World Directly Correlates to How We Feel Inside.In order to get rid of those "last ten pounds", we have inner work to do. Inner work is one of many transcending ways to heal. When we do the inner work it reflects in our external world. In other words, our external world directly correlates to how we feel inside; no matter what it looks like. I know this may be hard to swallow but truly, we buy into systems of mass consciousness thought (tribal mind). We have to work to detach ourselves from these more harmful ways of thinking/being. We exist in a macrocosm and a microcosm environment... the Many and the One.

Magical Weight Loss - Deidre Madsen

Today you will discover one of the easiest and quickest ways to lose those unwanted pounds.

What You Will Gain...

Hint: It won't be more weight

  • Peace of mind
  • A sincere feeling of freedom
  • Gain a steady balance in life
  • Start dropping emotional baggage
  • Eliminate guilty feelings
  • Learn self-value, self-love and self-worth
  • Like what you see in the mirror of your life
  • Gain personal power to proceed life's path
  • And, inches off your waisteline!

We are taught by our inner (and outer) elders and sages that we must be free flowing within. We must move into a delta state and "be there" the larger percentage of our lives if we are to sustain ourselves through the incredible earth changes (e.g., solar winds and flares, dramatic unseasonable weather patterns, influxes of mass energy changes - and that's just with Mother Earth).

Coping skills - now, add to that the myriad levels of toxic experiences with which we are bombarded (e.g., in our drinking water, food, air, or emotionally in our sometimes-roller-coaster-ride-type relationships). Dramatic earth changes are happening even now and are yet ahead of us. How are we going to be prepared for this? How are we going to cope?

Living a balanced life includesstriving for compassionate hearts and learning forgiveness. If you agree, then you might also be aware that we must also achieve compassion and forgiveness in order to ascend to the higher realms [heavens]... we must be open and flowing in the Light of the Divine. Therefore, a good amount of inner healing should follow, right?!


emotion weightloss get the skinny Magical Weight Loss - Deidre Madsen

The Skinny: Identifying Toxic Clues, Traits & Projections

Let's begin with toxic relationships because within this one topic we can uncover enormous value in understanding our triggers and emotional breaking points. And, if we can work through clearing and healing our toxic relationships we will free vast amounts of our energy and move into an inner state of harmony and balance... one big steppin' step closer to divine ascension.

Q. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where they speak to you in such a way that you react with either guilt, shame or fear?

If not, you have mastered an important part of your life, congratulations and many blessings to you. However, if you can say YES to the question please continue.

Are you...talked TO rather than talked WITH, feeling like a small child in someone's presence, feel very small inside, helpless, or angered when you are away from that person and recreate the episode? These are quite sensitive subjects to touch on but if we explore them in greater detail we can begin to take back our power, reclaim our lost selves and give back the toxic waste we have accumulated and be free!

Magnifying glass Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenClue #1 Judgment - Part of the pattern of people who like to control others is through mind games stemming from their own innate fears of inadequacy and/or self-loathing. Say you are in a conversation and suddenly you have become the target of other's unwanted and unasked for advice... you are being told you are doing something wrong, you are not good enough, you are on the wrong path, you are behaving irrationally, poorly, wrongly; you do not fit into their idea of tribaol or social mindset or behavior.

Magnifying glass Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenClue #2 Unsolicited Advice- Whatever the "advice" is, it is always to put you in your place. The place of the child. The place of the underling. You feel like they are treating you like a child, a mindless idiot, a senseless and helpless waste of time. Sometimes these toxic moments can cut us so deeply we almost literally feel it within. And really, we do feel it within our hearts. Our hearts and minds respond on some level to all external stimuli.

Magnifying glass Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenClue #3 Anger is Often the Result - When we leave a toxic conversation, hang up the phone, go back home, or get in our cars, we find we could have said something different, should have said bla bla bla, should have responded with such n such come back phrase, should have, would have, could have. Then we get angry. Ultimately, we are angry at ourselves for not defending ourselves from attack, from unwanted awful advice that we don't need in the first place. All we need is to be loved and supported for who and what we are no matter what.  But NO, they have to tell us what Is wrong with us and they go on and on. It becomes nauseating, disgusting when we feel their projections and feel helpless to them.

Do you feel the toxicity in these examples? The negative energy is palpable. Often we respond with anger, first at them, and then at ourselves; heaping on more negativity than we want. Our inner child is feeling quite abandoned by now as you can well imagine.

venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre Madsen Recognizing a Toxic Individual - Masks of All Shapes & Sizes

We can be such excellent game players and disguisers others cannot see behind their game or mask. We have either seen people wearing one or all of these masks.

For those of us who are empaths or clairsentients we can sense or feel the truth that lies behind their masks; however, for those of you who cannot sense as easily here are some clues.

And remember, while discovering these counterfeit camoflaging clues, all masks are clues and our own mirrors. You spot it, you got it!


The Bravado Mask - The Warrior's Shadow - These individuals claim to be honorable and truthful to the core. They are all about being the "warrior." Unfortunately, the inner warrior archetype has run amuck, and really, they are miserable inside. It is all a cover for major inner pain and anger. Usually lots of anger and rage. They are walking time bombs. A walking time bomb can manufacture incidents where they can vent their frustration and rage albiet inappropriately, ultimately they must find an outlet or they will burst. You can usually sense this easily by imaging how they would respond if you told them Your Truth. Could you do this easily? Could you really and truly share deep truths from within to them? How would they respond? Could you trust the relationship to be completely supporting and nurturing? If not, then you have recognized a mask!

The Two-Faced or Two-Sided Mask - The Magician's Shadow- These individuals talk out both sides of their mouths.  Meaning, they say one thing to one person and another to another... about the same belief. How do you know you are in the company of a person wearing this mask? If you sit back quietly and listen to their conversation with others they may suddenly appear phony or give out a different version of the story they just told you the other day, embellishing or tweaking it to suit present company. Physically, their behavior leaves an indelible, sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach. Plus, you may find them negatively talking about others often. You may begin asking yourself this question, "Gee, if s/he talks about so-and-so like this, I wonder what s/he says about ME when I'm gone!" This is a huge clue. And now, you are beginning to act upon your intuition, recognizing something is not kosher or copacetic with this person. Excellent, you have found another mask!

The Perfection Mask - The King/Queen's Shadow- Usually you will find this mask on someone who appears to know-it-all. They are the authority on life. They are perfect in every way and let you know it. They tell you all about themselves, they give you unwarranted and un requested advice, and they do it unsolicited. You may even hear them announce they Are Perfect and Have No Flaws. What tools do they use to control their reality? Usually they try and guilt or shame you into submission, finding the tiniest speck of flaw to pull on, like a loose thread on a knit sweater, they will tug and pull until they have nearly unraveled you. Truly, these actions reflect a deep, inner pain of self-loathing buried so deeply they cannot consciously tap it. If you find yourself avoiding wanting to share private, personal information with a Perfectionist, then... Congratulations, you have identified yet another mask!


The Helpless Victim Mask - The Child/Lover's Shadow- These people are the ones who run around like Chicken Little acting like their world is caving in on them. Everyone is out to get them. You may hear "there is no end to my suffering" types of statements. Or, "I cannot seem to get ahead [in life, at my job, with my love life, etc.]" from them. For many these experiences come in waves of frustration for once they seem to get their proverbial "poop in a group" the bottom falls out, the rug gets pulled out from underneath them, and the other shoe drops.

So many times they have emergencies of great importance. If you look around and see who is helping them in this their newest crisis you may find that you are the only one there. Why? Because (perhaps) the rest of their friends have figured out this not-so-mellow-drama of theirs and do not wish to perpetuate another one. The Helpless Victim's attitude is as if they are waiting for the other shoe to drop, the sky to fall, and so forth... believe me this is exactly what they will experience. The bottom line with these folks is that you feel like you have to help them and that you are the only one who can. You might feel suddenly responsible for their emotional health and well-being.

If you can dislodge yourself from their embrace long enough you can begin to see how the conversation always centered on them. They rarely cared about you and your emotional needs. And they subtly coerced situations to their advantage (often at others' expense). Sometimes these symptoms are difficult to detect in a Helpless Victim because we can get so caught up in their drama we adopt it as our own. If our ego is pumped up enough we will think we are "saving them" and "helping them as the shiny knight on the white horse." In truth, we are falling into a dangerous trap and ultimately not assisting anyone's mental health and inner spiritual growth. An experienced ear can detect the woe cry of a Helpless Victim and reach a level of compassion but the road to get to that point can be difficult. If you find you are afraid to hurt their feelings by saying "No" to them?... Congratulations, you have identified the Helpless Victim Mask!

Mental Abuse - Secret's Secret Secret

venetian masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenThe Shame and Blame Game - Pick a card, any card

Mental Abuse. This subject is quite sensitive for a few reasons. First, not many are willing to categorize degrees and levels of mental manipulation as abuse.

You will find from some violently abused victims a belief that mental abuse doesn't qualify because no one got hurt physically or no act of sexual abuse was committed. No act of physical violence was committed, i.e., no bruises were visible and/or no broken limbs were found. It is very difficult to prove this type of abuse to the police after hurriedly dialing 911 after yet another verbally violent argument with your spouse.

For the longest time, mental abuse was pushed in the background in lieu of the violence and extreme negative behaviors associated with sexual and physical abuse. It seems domestic violence issues were of greater concern at the time and police were dispatched regularly to questionable homes to investigate. Yet, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children endure silent abuse every single day and no one does a thing about it. It is still abuse though just better hidden.

However, valid and identifiable, mental abuse is probably one of the most hidden secrets in regards to what constitutes abuse. And it is making its way into the spotlight as a way for people to recognize abuse, even without physical proof. Usually the victims feel they are crazy or mad because they cannot find a way out of a situation that feels controlled; they have a great amount of fear and anxiety from their mate, boss, parent, etc. as well.

What about physically abused people? What do they think? Why do some disregard mental/emotional abuse as being valid? Usually, they themselves have been so horribly abused that their mental health has been compromised thus they have less capability in recognizing even the slightest mark of mental/emotional abuse and to them, these derisive comments or slurs are normal and 'no big deal.'  For the rest of us more astute individuals... recognize that toxic individuals will don any of the above referenced masks and generally use one of the following:

Mental Abuse Identifiers

Demeaning Phrases

When you are in a mentally abusive relationship your spouse, parent, or partner will use name calling and derisive comments as a way to demean you. You may hear:

  • "You're so fat and lazy no man/woman will ever want you."
  • "You can't do anything right."
  • "You are so stupid, I just can't believe it!" or "Wow, how stupid can you be?"
  • "You'll never amount to anything."
  • "You will never be a good wife/mother/parent (husband/father/parent)."
  • "You know that dress will look much nicer on someone prettier (younger, sweeter, fairer)."
  • "You couldn't hit that ball if you tried."
  • Or you may be cursed at and called names that this website will not print.

Fear-Inducing Phrases

If you find your spouse, parent, or significant other manipulating you with fear-inducing threats, you may hear statements like:
  • "You will get custody of our child over my dead body."
  • "If you do such-n-such I will leave you and then where will you be?"
  • "Don't even think about it."
  • "Over my dead body!"
  • "And where do you think you're going?"

If you feel you have compromised yourself, your ideals, dreams, goals and visions, your standards and morals and are afraid to speak your truth, then you may be the victim of mental/emotional abuse. Your self-esteem is at stake here. And they will take your energy, destroy your self-image, and demoralize you. When we love ourselves more we will not allow abuses to occur. How? We will get to this in a bit but first...

venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenMask's Off!

Once you have reached the point of (1) identifying toxic relationships, (2) picked out specific mask-wearing individuals in your life, and (3) (ruling out the obvious physical abuses) identifying some of the subtleties hidden in unpleasant mental/emotional abuse, now you are ready to take back your power.

Q. What? I'm not sure about this? I don't want to rock the boat or cause disruptions in my family's home? Besides, my grandma was abused by her husband but she kept quiet for the sake of our family!

Don't fall into the River of Denial!

Please believe me, I of all people understand your fear. I have been the biggest fraidey cat I have ever met. Your fears are valid to you of course and it is difficult conveying them to others. So therefore they are quite valid... to some degree. It is not easy taking a stand for yourself. Even now you may be talking yourself out of doing anything to change your reality. You want to go back to where things were before, kind of safe, kind of okay, you can deal with the trauma and toxicity in your own way, right or wrong. Okay. Then if that is your choice... that is your choice. No hard feelings. If, however, your curiosity is piqued and if there is a hurt little inner child within screaming "NO! Keep reading!", please read on.

Denial is a tough one. Why, when things were going so well, would I mention denial now? In this case, denial is when we refuse to be open to the possibility of problems (opportunities) in our lives. When we are in denial we really feel that the other person is at fault and they are the cause of our pain and suffering, e.g., "If only so-and-so would stop drinking, stop smoking, stop screaming, stop beating me... then my life would be great." Granted, it sure looks like it's them, sure feels like it's their fists in our face and their high-pitched voice screaming in our ears, but really, it's not.  It is us.  If others tend to walking all over you or use you as their Door Mat or Punching Bag, then I dare say you are allowing all of it to happen. In order to take back our power we must let go of our own masks! If we don't... we will end up wearing the Helpless Victim mask ourselves.

Real-Time Assessment - Our Personal Event Horizon

Real-time assessment of our own "stuff" is critical in taking back our personal power and moving forward into encompassing compassion. Recognizing/identifying our own masks we now recapitulate our lives' events horizon

EXERCISE Get a big sheet of paper, write out every major event throughout your life preferably in chronological order. You will relive and remember both happy and unpleasant moments in your life you though you'd forgotten. This exercise jogs your memory and at once reminds you of the pleasures you found within even some of the darkest of relationships. You will discover a timeline filled with God/dess's Divine Hand helping you along the way. This exercise will assist you in identifying how you yourself have donned one or more of the above-mentioned masks and perpetuated its existence in your relationships.

Looking back at one of my own masks, concealing my true authenticity, I realize all the extravagant family parties and gatherings I held in my home were bandages hiding my inner pain; thinly disguised behind fun and laughter; not unlike our dear beloved Robin Williams, God rest his soul, who made people laugh to keep himself safe from abuse while all along being sad and alone inside. As with all things, there is a mixture - so there was a level of true fun and laughter; however, now I  see the transparency or charade behind it all. I was constantly, silently reaching out for help. Yet no one knew, other than Nikki, my beloved German Shepard who was always there for me as a shoulder to lean on; a rock in a turbulent inner storm. Anyone with a modicum of spiritual growth taking a peek into my life at that time could veritably FEEL my unwitting, fraudulent existence; and hopefully experience some compassion for my soul's cries.

face-in-the-mirror-at-the-carnevale-in-venice Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenFace in the Mirror- Face the Music

This exercise works so well it helps reveal your deepest and darkest of all secrets.  When you Face the Music of your life, your symphony may sound like a cacophony of dissonant chords... or... it may sound like the sweet music of the spheres of Light.  Usually, however, it sounds like a little of both to be quite honest.

EXERCISE Now is the hour where you face the next choice, to judge yourself or not. If you choose to judge your past actions you will fall back into mask wearing and lose your sense of authenticity. If you wish to go the other direction and not judge your past actions then you may be looking at ways to forgive yourself. Stop and pray. Ask for forgiveness from yourself to yourself. Talk to your body if there was physical manipulation or abuse and let your body know how much you really do love it and wish to be whole again. Show your inner child how much you really do love him/her by hugging yourself, visualizing you and your inner child together giving comfort and support to them. Now would be a great time to begin any number of physical alternative therapies such as massage, reflexology of the hands and/or feet, jin shin jyutsu, and reiki to name a few.

Understand that forgiving your past means you are allowing yourself to heal. Forgiving something that you were unaware of, a way of living, a better paradigm of life, a better way to love or be love. You simply did not know.

Q. What if I did know and still chose poorly?

Sometimes these can be real blocks in our spiritual growth. If we do something we know we should not have done and several years later still feel terrible about it... we have been beating ourselves up for far too long and need to really let go of these old experiences. Remember we should show and tell ourselves how much we still love ourselves no matter what happened in the past. This way cellular memories are being shown love... and forgiveness can commence.

Are We Victims or Volunteers?

In order to be authentic we must take responsibility for every single event in our lives. And yes, I mean every one including when we were infants and children. When we forgive ourselves and others we are telling the Universe that we are taking back our responsibility 100%. That is what the forgiveness aspect of healing is all about.

hamster with mask Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenGet Me Off This Karmic Hamster Wheel!

Squeak, squeak, squeak. When you are ready to embrace your new you and forgive your past you are ready to embrace your Authentic Self. Get me off this roller coaster! Getting off the Karmic Wheel of Life is as easy as choosing to do so.

Choose to not participate anymore in other's dramas. 
Choose to not create more dramas yourself. 
Choose to live in a way that pleases you on all levels of your being.

Q. Why do we mentally and emotionally hurt others?

Because we all hurt inside. We adopt this behavior from our childhood's response to our world of possibly abusive parents who themselves were living in fear and inner pain and turmoil. We are here to break this unhealthy cyclical program.

Being My Authentic Self

Q. But, what is an "Authentic Self"?

Authentic Self represents the realness of who you are, the core you, the deepest aspects of you coming to the fore.

Q. What if all my life I've recognized I was denying who I really was (or thought I was) and allowed everyone else around me to dictate to me to who I must be?

This is what many of us face and again I say it is time to forgive yourself for not being true to you. It is okay. You are reading this (and hopefully other helpful/supporting material) and are ready to take back your autonomy... your self.

Q. How do I get my Authentic Self back?

Your dreams and visions of long ago, the ones that have stuck with you through thick and thin, are a part of your authentic self. This is the area where, as you recapitulate your life, you will discover a pattern and a beautiful picture of who you are will come forward to greet you. Your Authentic Self. If you recognize those closest to you that balk at your 'becoming authentic', there is a high probability that what you are projecting forth is your Authentic Self. We do not have to be boxed in to a way of being here on this 3D Earth. We can go outside of the box and explore the big ?????'s beyond... the great unknown, the mystery. It can be safe. It can be fun! Far more fun and adventuresome wouldn't you say? Okay, let's go...

Why? Because your authentic actions could threaten some who respond by becoming uncomfortable and may try to change you back into what they feel you should be. Recognize you are mirroring to them how they must themselves be... Authentic! We are all teachers and students. This leads me to my next tip...

venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenUnhealthy Minds Think Alike (Separate the Wheat from the Chaff)

When you are really doing it, becoming authentic you may discover the mask-wearers like to ban together in groups to support one another's distorted, unhealthy (games) realities carefully crafted to meet their comfort level in life; even to the point of dishonoring their closest family relations in order to preserve and maintain their façade.

With any change comes upheaval and until things settle down... be prepared that your choices may upset the ole' apple cart.

When we grow strong enough inside we can break free of their control over our lives. We can ourselves become free. When you begin to take back your life, you will find very few will come to your side for support, choosing rather to stay in the comfort zone no matter the consequences. I myself lost dear friends and family members along the way, but these too have been replaced with wonderful friends (my spiritual family, my Ammi Shaddai) who support me in every way and understand the importance of integrity to self. In this way you are not only creating a balanced support system, you are now beginning to understand the importance of going beyond unhealthy relationships; you transcend the lower 3D relationships and move into more healthy higher and more divine relationships recognizing the need for these to replace the lower thought form paradigm of the need for physical bonding with parents and loved ones, etc.

As we move into a more divine state of being ourselves we then recognize those around us that carry like resonance and the ones that carry lower resonance will no longer be attracted to our vibration and will naturally gravitate to those of like vibration, i.e., the Universal Law:  Like attracts like.

Be thankful for this universal law for in it you will find your soul grouping, soul family, or spiritual family; a welcomed change from those that wish to dominate you and bend you into the lower belief system of "family module" or tribal mindset.

Healing's Next Step

Congratulations on braving it out and being true to your authentic self! We are now faced with the good possibility that our choices of supporting ourselves for the first time, in lieu of supporting those that wish to hurt us intentionally (or not), have left us in a different state, i.e., we may now have no family, spouse, children, and/or friends. Do not be alarmed, let us now look at it differently instead of looking at the cup is half empty. How about looking at the cup is half full and we are filled with possibilities...


Surround yourself with goodness and light. - Deidre Madsen


Now... in our cup of life there is room for Light and Love, Harmony and Compassion, without compromise; for in the Light of Love, compromise is not considered, it is a no-thing. It is at this moment where we should take stock in what IS there as opposed to what IS NOT there anymore. If you have to, make a list of positives; insist on seeing the good that your choices have created and changed. We will also want to surround ourselves with those that are helpful... not harmful... to our path. Saying "No" to someone whom you know has a hurtful, abusive agenda will self-empower you. And, your inner child will finally begin to trust your actions, choices and decisions.

venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenThe Way of the Compassionate Healer

When you are inwardly empty and quiet, while outwardly detached from perception, you naturally attain penetrating experience of monminding, which means that even if everything happens at once, that cannot disturb your spirit, and even though all kinds of troubles face you, that does not affect your thoughts." - Zen Essence, The Science of Freedom

"Holy love is the only true love.  There is no love the same or better for you than your own love." - The Psychic Children Speak to the World, by James F. Twyman

When looking at transcending the lower ways of being vs. the higher mind and heart, we can look at what we have experienced as "our past" and view it in a different Light altogether.

We can forgive our ancestors, our lineage, our past, our children, our parents and siblings, our ex-spouses and current ones, our old friends and foes and come to one single point... time to forgive it all. At this point, we realize that no thing really matters except our connection with God/dess/All That Is. That is the still small voice within and outside of that there is nothing left between us and Source. Once here in this moment, we realize that after everything, nothing really matters but this anyway. It took a long road to get here but wow it was worth it. And so here we are in this moment ready to embrace Love Divine and realizing we had to let go of everything to get it. Some things we may never experience again but when we put it all in the hands of the Divine Light, it really doesn't matter anyway in the end. For there is no stronger love than the love we feel from our Divine Father/Mother Abba.

Now here in this moment, we recognize we too can be a catalyst for others to heal themselves and their lineages. How profound a revelation. We can be wayshowers and lights to others helping them find their way in the dark. And all we had to do was forgive and have compassion. Let go and Love. Forgive them and yourself.

Q. If we are so "Loving" why can't we be able to mend our past relationships?

It is not really up to us to lead other's lives. We must only lead our own and if others wish to be with us and join us along the way, then it will be so. If they wish to join with others along their path, it will be so. We cannot claim those around us to be with us. We can only claim our birthright with our true Source Creator. That is all. We can, however, hold these past relationships in our hearts and keep them in our prayers, continually in forgiveness mode. And whatever path they are on, it is all in the Divine Plan. And through it all you find you have not only shed toxic waste from your life, but by really letting go... you've shed a few unwanted pounds along the way! We can transcend our inner hurts and heal ourselves, in turn we heal our lineage.

venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenWe Are Our Brother's Keeper: Healing With Grace

What does this mean? We are our brother's keeper. Well, in my assessment it means we are responsible for our brothers and sisters well-being in that if we do not we are not being authentic to yourself and as we heal within, we heal our surrounding relationships. This is more like a Tao tenet or Zen-ist interpretation.

Good walking, leaves no track behind it;
Good speech leaves no mark to be picked at;
Good calculation makes no use of bolt and bar,
And yet nobody can undo it;
Good tying makes no use of rope and knot,
And yet nobody can untie it.
Hence, the Sage is always good at saving men,
And therefore nobody is abandoned;
Always good at saving things,
And therefore nothing is wasted.
This is called "Following the guidance of the Inner Light."
Hence, good men are teachers of bad men,
While bad men are the charge of good men.
Not to revere one's teacher,
Not to cherish one's charge,
Is to be on the wrong road, however intelligent one may be.
This is an essential tenet of the Tao.
- Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching

Can you see we have to do all this wonderful inner work but do it with grace. I have not been very good at that because I responded with fear to so many of my own obstacles. You can learn from my mistakes and see that it can be all done in a smooth and gentle way.

"When you are inwardly empty and quiet, while outwardly detached from perception, you naturally attrain penetrating experience of non-minding, which means that even if everything happens at once, that cannot disturb your spirit, and even though all kinds of troubles face you, that does not affect your thoughts." - Zen Master Yuan-Wu, Linji master, the Pi Yen Lu (English: Blue Cliff Record; Japanese: Hekiganroku) is a collection of zen koans compiled by the Song dynasty Ch'an master Hsueh tou Ch'ung Hsien (980 - 1052).


Be in the world, not of it. - Jesus Christ



venetian-masks Magical Weight Loss - Deidre MadsenMaking it Personal:
Eat to Live in Lieu of Live to Eat

So now how do we incorporate these tenets into our personal healing experience? We vibrate more holistically now as we have become more authentic to our true divine nature and will then automatically begin to heal those that are closest to us for we ourselves see them with compassion and in that moment we heal our very natures and theirs within us. For me, I may have bumbled through my own family and friends and have done a less-than-adequate job of patching things up but I have done the majority of the work. Perhaps it is my mission to heal this way and show others a better way not through me but through themselves and their own higher divine missions here on earth. For if we all go by just one person's way, it no longer becomes autonomy of soul and spirit it becomes their dream and vision. We are not here to experience life through someone else's eyes, but our own sovereign soul.

The enigma of forgiveness and redemption exists in that the follower of Light or seeker of Light comes forward and embraces the Light's glow wholeheartedly (surrenders to it) and all else fades away. It is our own personal divine experience with the Light that moves us to our own personal ascension path. When we grow in the Light so also do our brothers and sisters of humanity for we are all one.

Weight loss or weight lost is the weight lifted from our being. We become lighter with every breath we take that is not affected by our need for attaching ourselves to another's pain or trauma. We grow in our unaffected and pure light. And we switch from 'living to eat' to 'eating to live.' Pure miracles!

Blessed Be In Service and Love and True Light,

Deidre Madsen