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Deidre Madsen Deidre Madsen, is the award-winning author of Happily Inner After - A Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Knight in Shining Amour. She is a relationship and life coach, lecturer and instructor. Deidre is a self styled quantum activist, following the theories of monastic idealism, sovereignty, 5D self-actualization, and is tenured as a Supra-consciousness Imagery Guide supported by quantum energetics and phenomenology. Deidre experienced her full realization awakening in the second wave of the Harmonic Convergence. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairescent, pre and post-cognitive, psychometrist, telesthesiast, profiler, telepathist, empath and synesthete.

Some of her past and ongoing research include Depth, Archetypal and Analytical Psychologies, Cayce, Indigenous Native ceremonial pujas and traditions. Member of Academy for Future Science (AFFS, AFFS US).

She is a film producer, writer (WGA), an avid actor and performer (official website, IMDb) leaning toward depth or shamanic acting; she is also a vocalist and past dancer and model.

She makes her home in Los Angeles, California with her two Maltese dogs.

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Haansh’Taye (Navajo "Butterfly")




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Ascension Symptoms - Are You Suffering from R.A.M. (Rapid Ascension Movement)? If so you may be experiencing some of the following ascension symptoms. These symptoms are indicative of rapid DNA shifts as we and all of creation move into a higher consciousness both physically and psychologically.

Just remember you are not alone. Most everyone is experiencing these RAM symptoms to a degree. Very few it seems are gliding through Mother Earth's ascension into the fourth and fifth dimensions with ease and joy.

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