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Creation is Speeding Up

⏱️ 8 Minute Read | Also see Ascension 101 | Ascension Symptoms | Quantum Consciousness | Balancing the Hemispheres

Orienting Our Consciousness to the Flow of Creation


Also See: [Video] Imminent Cataclysm and the Plan to Survive the Great Reset by Greg Reese WHERE THE PREDICTION FOR THE END OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR IS 2046! In order to understand what is coming it is critical to read the following. It will explain what to do and how to be during the upcoming shift. Be ready. Be aware.


Beloved Dear Friends,

Ian Xel Lungold, along with Dr. Carl Calleman, have had a great privilege and honor to work with Mayan Shamen for years. He has researched, investigated and unearthed great secrets of the Mayan people's calendar. The Maya have been measuring Creation's flow, rate, and intention for the last 16,400,000,000 years. The end of their calendral year was... OCTOBER 28, 2011... not 2012. Or, now set to 2046. And, it is also not the end in the way many perceive it to be. Following is an email message I have sent to many friends after I attended Ian's very first seminar. These are my notes taken from that seminar. For more info go to Ian's website



greatawakening hubble eye of godHold onto your hats.

We are in the time of the colossal "Shift Happens".

This is a very good thing, right?

Along with things that appear to be bad comes a plethora of GOOD.

How do we prepare?

How do we align with the new cosmic energies?

In order to understand what to do we must briefly review the following transcript from Ian Xel Lungold's lecture which holds the keys to navigating through this amazing time on the planet.


[1/15/1999 | Ian Xel Lungold | Sedona]

  • THE GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS CYCLE: On 1/5/99 began the Galactic Consciousness Cycle which lasts for 12.8 years - the Ethics Cycle. We have just left the Power Cycle that lasted 256 years. We will watch Ethics overcome Power in our lifetime.
  • YEAR 2002-2003: Getting the truth - ethics going in at this time. That's where the real big stuff will come forth into the open.
  • WE ARE NOW IN THE "UNIVERSAL CYCLE"  THE LAST CYCLE:  The Last Cycle starts 2/10/2011... the Universal Cycle!!! We're going to a special place.
  • WHAT IS THE LAST DAY OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  10/28/2011 The Mayan Calendar... All cycles come to a HALT. AND THIS MAY BE THE 2046 TIMELINE NOW.
  • IS TIME SPEEDING UP:  Seems like time is speeding up?! No... CREATION is speeding up!
  • WHAT IS THE OBSTACLE:  We have one hurdle to overcome... THE MIND (a tool) Don't think you are your mind! Use it as a tool, an instrument.
  • The mind's natural speed limit or 'flicker frequency' is 33 frames per second (identifies similarity or difference between something). Nowadays, more data is pouring in. The minddoesn't have as much time to process things, but has an override mechanism to help it cope with the influx of more and more data.

What Are Our Mind's Overriding Mechanisms?

  • Stress - Walk away response. There is an epidemic of this stress; this gives you a clue as to what is a comin'!
  • Fight or Flight is another overriding mechanism where adrenaline pumps thru you massively, examples are road rage, terrorism, desk rage!?!, etc.
  • Unconsciousness (mother of all addictions) - People have a desire to remain unconscious via drugs, alcohol, suicide, overeating, you name it.

Our mind is not built for speed - creation is going too fast/faster/fastest
We are going outside our mind or... out of our mind - Ian Xel Lungold

  • WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP:  Intuition! The source of our personal power. Time and Place create our personal intent. A point in 'time' where things ARE.
  • WHAT ARE WE MOVING AWAY FROM:  We are moving away from this in the flow of creation toward intuition where the time and place become only... now
  • WHAT IS THE GUIDEPOST:  The Mayan calendar (birthdate) provides our orientation to our personal intent and our personal participation in the divine plan... you know you're doing the divine plan when all feels "heavenly" (guidepost).
  • WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  Orientation. The main purpose, or key point, of the Mayan Calendar is to orient our consciousness to the flow of creation.


WHY ARE WE EXPERIENCING WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOW:   In the past what we had to choose from for goal options:

  • PAST:  In our past, our goal options amounted to the following example: See a circle with a few lines (options) running through it for our choosing. Not very much stimulus to pick from, eh? But …
  • PRESENT:  Now, in the present time, we have more options to choose from, right? You can liken the example of the circle now to that of the spokes on a bicycle; many more options with which to choose. These options are what enter our view point, what happens all around us; what our mind lands upon and identifies the thing/object/idea/stimulus as either a similarity or a difference.
  • FUTURE:  Our future is going to be more extreme. Our future will have WAY MORE options to choose from, miracles will come! We are going to need immune system help BIG TIME! WHAT WILL THE FUTURE'S CIRCLE LOOK LIKE? WHAT WILL OUR VIEWING STIMULUS LOOK LIKE BY 10/28/2011? So now at the end of the Mayan calendar... 10/28/2011... Imagine a circle, it is blank inside except for one single word... ALL.

All creation presents itself in ONE MOMENT.
No need for space OR time anymore.
It will be a WHOLE NEW GAME!
- Ian Xel Lungold




HOW DO WE PREPARE FOR THIS, WHAT DO WE DO NOW:  Notice. Notice patterns and predictability especially patterns regarding ethics, and... BE CENTERED BE CERTAIN.

HOW DO WE BE CENTERED AND CERTAIN:  When you can recognize patterns you will become CERTAIN and; therefore, will achieve a sense of peace of mind or piece of mind... centeredness.

The Maya split things up into days and nights... all correlating to our years/months all the way to 10/28/11.

We are now (have been actually) heading into Truth bigly.

It will be spilling forth like nobody's business.

And so will earth changes in the coming few years.

All our institutions, mega corporations, everything that holds the energy of money/power in the controlling sense, will be thrown off the gameboard.

I encourage you to investigate his findings for yourself.

Remember we must stay centered.

To be centered we must be certain.

To be certain we must look for patterns.


Patterns recognized bring certainty.

Certainty brings centeredness.

Centeredness brings Peace of Mind!

We are here now at the true beginning of our world as we've envisioned.

Welcome to the Evolution!

Aho and Ose Shalom!


Deidre Madsen 2015Deidre Madsen
Imagery Consultant
Award-Winning Author and Writer
Lecturer and Speaker
Life Coach


Happily Inner After by Deidre Madsen
As a tenured Imagery Consultant, Deidre works body, mind and spirit

whole-brained holistic sessions with clients worldwide and assists in
opening to your spirit-supra-consciousness and succor
Order her Award-Winning Book Happily Inner After
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⏱️ 7 Minute Read | Also see Physical Proof of Ascension | Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral


WELCOME TO THE GREAT AWAKENING | In case you hadn't noticed, everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING IS ASCENDING. We are awakening at a rapid rate due to the 100th Monkey Effect. As Source Energy Beings, we are coming out of a deep inner reflection of self-evaluation and self-discovery and emerging into great awareness. The great awakening on all levels ushers in the time of extreme spirituality. How are you affected by the great awakening?



Our Personal Lives
Body, Mind & Spirit 


The Immediate World
Around Us 


 The World at Large
aka Our Mirror



Spiritual, religion, family, interpersonal relationships, government, politics, news coverage, television, film, books, music, the arts, computer technology, school systems, healthcare, borders and boundaries, communication, science, quantum thinking, Einstein's theory, technology, psychological, psychotronics, our personal dreams and goals, and much, much more.

pexels photo 2990616

Globally, a growing audible angry outcry surges for a new path to be forged shouting that the old patterns of world domination through fear and violence DO NOT WORK. The old guard is dying. Their ways have been self-serving couched in service to others; they never worked for the higher good of man or the planet. Masses are waking to the ruse. We are experiencing a deep welling of sadness and frustration that comes with this outcry for something different; we realize we cannot continue in this old way another minute. It brings to mind the definition of insanity is when we do the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different outcome.

We are at a point where the suffering of the world's people, especially the innocents, and its natural biological systems cannot continue on in these insane thousand-year-old practices which are finally recognized by real leaders of the world as passe, outmoded, outdated and archaic. Things are changing.

In this grand experiment, as Source Energy Beings we are to finally evolve past the Type 0 Civilization barbarism to the harmonious Type 1 Civilization

According to the Kardashev scale the difference between a Type 0 civilization and a Type 1 civilization is that a Type 0 does not harness all of the energy output of its planet. This type of civilization is still in the process of transitioning from costly electricity to free energy systems and, for example, taking advantage of the limitless fossil fuels and limitless sources of primary water. A Type 1 is sustainable, it harnesses and stores all of the energy from its home planet and works to harness off-world planets.

Additionally, a Type 1 represents a harmonious and holistic approach to preserving all life after emerging from its zoo-like ethos. We are very close to becoming a Type 1 civilization being evaluated as somewhere between .07 - .08 on the scale.


With every phase of our lives, we undergo challenging learning curves, a sort of Bell Curve of a new intake of information and knowledge. Along with this fantastical time of teething we experience it either negatively and struggling or positively and buoyant with a heady feeling that is being awakened within the human body; a feeling of power and potential, yet with a new level of ethics from the past Mayan cycle lessons, our power is far more controlled as we hold ourselves more and more accountable and responsible, which in turn takes us to greater and higher levels of potential.

Much more of our personal potential is available to us both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually; therefore, we must remain vigilant and responsible. We are not given the opportunity to ascend to a Type 1 Civilization without being able to carry out the responsibility.

Responsibility today is a four-letter word to many who wish not to have any responsibility but allow governmental systems, or other hero types, for support. Let's face it, adulting is hard, challenging and difficult. It's time to grow up as a civilization. Take back the responsibility we've given to others and do the right thing for the good of others. As mature adults or stewards of the land, we must learn from the past with an eye toward making a better future in service to others. We must take care and remain alert for patterns that reveal what we have learned as it comes into the light of conscious. This can be a physically challenging time where we see the repercussions (or rewards) of 'exercising our new-found laurels,' and woe be to those who stand in the way of these 4D creations in the form of a sort of instant Karma experience.

Just as the Mayan calendar predicted, since December 28, 2011,
where the timelines collapsed, all is happening at once.

 Become Your Own SuperheroEVALUATING OUR HEROES

In the time of TicTok, Zoom, YouTube and live streaming to virtually every platform; reality shows that were once the rage have given way for everyone's personal 15 minutes of fame affording us worldwide face-to-face access. Everyone can now become a star of their own production, their own life's superhero, with the switch of their webcam or phonecam. Today, there is a renaissance coming in this façet of today's 'heroes' alone.

We now know that the heroes of the past, those placed on high mountain cliffs, pedestals, monetary notes, etc., have their grand place in history to be sure; however, are far removed from our day-to-day connection with life. Though not to be cancelled or scrubbed from our past; historical figures and events are there as reminders for us to either learn from our past so as not to repeat, or to emulate their positive behavior and gain valuable takeaways.

A farmer needed a hole dug in his field. He prayed to God to help him. He waited, propping himself up on a shovel. Nothing happened. He waited all day. He asked God at the end of the day why he didn't deliver. God said, "I gave you a shovel!"



We are the ones we have been waiting for all along. We ❤️ Underdog stories because they REMIND US OF WHO WE ARE.

THE UNDERDOG SUPERHERO | Citing just a few fictional and non-fictional examples of underdog superhero stories:

  • Harry James Potter had to figure it out in Prisoner of Azkaban by creating a Pratonus Charm against the Dementors
  • Rocky Balboa became an all-American boxing hero by coming from behind and defeating Apollo Creed
  • The legend of the mere 300 Spartans taking on and miraculously defeating the great Persian army of 300,000
  • President Donald John Trump was a total underdog in the U.S. presidential elections when he quashed the Democratic rivals
  • King David James Archuleta had to figure it out quickly during the Philistine battle and conquer Goliath
  • Noach ben Lamech and his family were ridiculed mercilessly for building the Ark
  • Jesus of Nazareth the beloved Christ and Messiah had to step into the ultimate role

everyday heroes


There are many more fictional stories of underdog stories including Forrest Gump, Pursuit of Happyness, School of Rock, and Iqbal and non-fictional historical from the Bible, Sports, etc. As an instant gratification/visual society we are able to view each person (that chooses to step up) as a hero. The obstacles and terrific odds they overcome in their daily lives we might look at with a sense of awe-struck wonder, and like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, on Christmas morning, our hearts grow three sizes larger, underdog stories supply us with the inspirational guidance to be-come more 'human', an irony to be sure (for in the reaching for our human-ness we become more God-like - our truer nature).

In Compassion's beautiful healing we see the great many around us who suddenly and with heart wrenching emotions, become our everyday heroes including and especially ourselves. The amazing stories of everyday heroes offer up an important and key element in the future survival of humankind and that key element or component is compassion. From this comes the revelation that will become one of the spearheading focuses for the upcoming renaissance period, a period of peace and harmony. We are in the midst of a building up of the energy that will support this as an undercurrent of higher potential as old archaic systems fall away.


We are in for a wild and amazing ride. These new waves of spiritual gifts (gifts from the beyond (or Spiritual Gifts from the Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha Kodoish/Great Spirit/Shekinah) will be supported and in fact fueled by our growing levels of compassion, and the mere fact of our species natural higher intelligence which will bring about tremendous scientific breakthroughs in many areas of science and technology with far reaching discoveries in space travel, free energy, quantum physics, scientific research, archaeological findings, Web 3.0, quantum financial systems (QFS), quantum thinking, and consciousness soul evolution. Great new discoveries that take us further into the multi- and parallel-universes are already being realized and recorded. And what a time to be alive!

We will begin to give birth to, or help others realize greater more esoteric/metaspiritual gifts or talents (naturally inherent to our genetic programming, yet for the most part laying dormant until awakened) that will be part of a surge of excitement that begins to grow in the collective consciousness of humanity. Here we will begin to see greater amounts of individuals with phenomenal extrasensory gifts of perception, precognition like never before, teleportation, hands-on or absentia healings en mass, and so on.


Q. Is it possible that we as a species realize at some point that we are truly the heroes (masters, avatars, etc.) that we only dream or write about, that epic movies and great films are testaments to (i.e., our higher potentiality) and, in that discovery (on a grand scale) do we come together in greater focus and ability to miraculously change the world? A. Yes, this is our future reality AND IT IS HAPPENING NOW!

Once again our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and we must do our inner clean-up of the emotional issues and blocks we so adhere to and run away from. It is a dedicated work to be sure and is one that many people do not focus enough on; it's when we solely focus on helping the planet, helping something outside of ourselves, that is when we get out of balance with ourselves and the world. However, once we are ready to take a deeper look inside and begin to heal those areas of our lives, we will free up valuable inner space and be even more ready and open to making way for the greater Light and the gifts of the Divine.


Remember, we have had the power to overcome all along; just as Dorothy discovered in the Wizard of Oz, we too are waking up to real-eyes we we have been wearing the magical ruby slippers all along; and this time we will use them, ethically! We protect our sovereign divine Light of the soul/spirit connection with the Divine Father in Heaven; our God-given right as sons and daughters of the Most High.

Away will the old religions go where the belief that our true power elsewhere to the exclusion of ourselves. Away will the systems of the old guard of go. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, the wayshowers and futurists of our past, that we must lay the ethical, right-relationship groundwork for everyone to follow so that a solid and everlasting framework be laid and even set in motion and be modeled by our actions.

Let those who hear the music of the spheres come forward and open the sacred geometries within our divine genetic lineage coding, our Merkabah vehicle, to bring forth the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that we may heal ourselves, each other, all the innocents, and our jewel of a planet.

Let the hero in you, reading this now, be ready, set, go - for the moment to step forward and claim your true birthright and be the change you want to see in the world!

Aho and Ose Shalom!


Deidre Madsen 2015Deidre Madsen
Imagery Consultant
Award-Winning Author and Writer
Lecturer and Speaker
Life Coach


Happily Inner After by Deidre Madsen
As a tenured Imagery Consultant, Deidre works body, mind and spirit

whole-brained holistic sessions with clients worldwide and assists in
opening to your spirit-supra-consciousness and succor
Order her Award-Winning Book Happily Inner After
paperback, kindle, hardbound,Amazon | Balboa Press

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INTERVIEW: GRANDMASTER CARY-HIROYUKI TAGAWA'S CHUU SHIN BREATHWORK... PLUS, KING/QUEEN, LOVER, WARRIOR & MAGICIAN Airdate: 3-1-10 Are you asking this question to yourself: Why is this happening... again?! And what can I do about it? If so, please join your host Deidre Madsen with her Special Guest Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. You may recognize him from his extensive Hollywood filmography, what you may be unaware of is that he is the founder of his transformative and healing Breathwork Chuu Shin - Martial Alchemy. Mr. Tagawa will explore the deeper mysteries behind the alchemical breath and how it brings us back into body, mind and spirit balance. You are in for a riveting and incredible hour. Deidre will also go deeper into the archetypal structures of the interior four - the Fantastic Four - whom which we interact on a daily moment-to-moment basis. If you have felt disempowered, lost, unguided, confused or betrayed on some level, you will benefit from this show because we not only help you identify the inner archetypes using the sacred Native American Medicine Wheel / Hoop of Life teachings but we incorporate the Fantastic Four Archetypes into the equation - you will definitely come away with a far greater understanding of WHO IS SITTING ON YOUR THRONE and what you can do about it.  Listeners are invited to call in with questions, stories and messages for other listeners of their experiences in the realm of self-discovery.

INTERVIEW: BERT JANSSEN'S GIFT IN SHIFT, CROP CIRCLES & MORE Airdate: 1-11-10 Join us for an Audio Adventure with Deidre's guest speaker, Dutch native, Bert Janssen, an award winning author, researcher, and motivational entertainer. His interest in the power of shapes, form, harmony, and geometry has led him into the mysterious world of quantum science, crop circles, and sacred sites. He travels all over the world to study, photograph and lecture on these subjects. He has produced three award winning documentaries and authored three books. Two of the books are on the crop circle enigma. His third book, the novel Sophie’s Egg, is a fascinating story about the main character, Paul, and his discovery of self-realization. Paul, just like Bert Janssen, utilizes the messages of the crop circles in Wiltshire, England to dive deep into the great mysteries of humankind. To go to the place where science and spirituality intersect. There where quantum physics meets shamanism. There where the world consists of images and where life is based on the power of perception. There where Heaven meets Earth. Conferences, lectures, tours, workshops, business gatherings, etc. Whether Bert is lecturing at a conference somewhere in the world, or leading private tours to sacred spaces, or walking the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, or speaking at your business gathering, his message is always encoded with the understanding that lives in the place where science and spirituality meet. By listening to the messages and connecting to the messenger of the crop circles, sacred sites and spiritual science, Bert Janssen has become one of the most high energy, inspiring lecturers - teachers - motivational entertainers in the world. This hour promises to be quite illuminating as Bert also shares some of his upcoming talk this January 15th at the 4th Annual "Finding the Gift in Shift" Conference.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS: DIET & NUTRITION HELP - OBESITY, IMMUNITY, BODY IMBALANCES & MORE | PARTS 1 & 2 Airdate: 12-21-09 You, your babies, and your family and pets' health may be at risk if you are not aware of the hidden effects MSG, Aspertame, genetically modified soy products and more have on your body. Get the List!!! We share the list of ingredients MSG is hidden in with you. You'll want to take notes on this show. Join your show host, Deidre Madsen as she explores ways to assist you and your body, mind and spirit as we inch closer to 2012 and our personal evolutionary growth on the plant. With this help you will be more informed and empowered to make good decisions for you and your family. Questions and comments around proper diet and nutrition health and wellness to support you with a clear mind and body as we enter the ever amazing and sometimes challenging close of 2012.



INTERVIEW: MICHELLE MALATSKY'S AUTHENTIC YOU! FROM DEPRESSION TO CORRECTION ... TO PERFECTION! Airdate: 12-7-09 Struggling with Who You Are in your world??? We are on a fast track to 2012... time to get your ducks in a row. Join your show host, Deidre Madsen, for a delightful and highly informative show with special guest, Michelle Malatskey of Newport Beach, California. Michele Malatskey is married and a mother of 3 daughters. She is a pharmacist by profession, but while studying what drugs actually do in the body, turned towards 'the power of the mind'. One of the courses she studied while studying pharmacy was given by a very enlightened, spiritual lecturer, who actually opened the door wider into the 'world of spirituality'. Since then, she has been on a spiritual path and just loving it. So much so, that she is in the process of completing a book on "how to let go in order to find your true happiness as well as the importance of being your true self". While writing the book, she also wrote a book of poems, which are also extremely enlightening on what she believes is going on in the world as we approach 2012. Namely, that what we are going through is not a "depression", but rather a "correction" so that we can learn to get rid of all relationships in our lives that 'lack respect' and are, for lack of a better word "fake and not real". Michele believes that we are going into a golden age that will be filled with sincerity, love and genuineness. If you are confusied about your life and identity, Michelle is quite intuitive and offers guidance and support for others on their seeking spiritual path.

INTERVIEW: ANASTASIA & THE RINGING CEDARS SERIES WITH BOOK EDITOR DR. LEO (LEONID) SHARASHKIN Airdate: 11-30-09 Join Deidre Madsen, your show host, as she interviews Dr. Leo, the Anastasia Series Editor. Dr. Leo says, "Many teachers have talked about "oneness"—that on some very deep level cultural differences disappear and humanity is all one, one whole. Yet grasping this concept intellectually does not help—it must be felt. When English-speaking readers from the world over tell me how they have wept or laughed as they read Anastasia, how they were overcome by anger or compassion—the same response I have seen in Russia—this instills in me a feeling of awe, as this "oneness" is now manifest right before my eyes. I do not know of any other modern author whose messages have appealed to the core of human beingness of millions of people, bypassing all the layers of cultural conditioning—with the same power as Anastasia's."

Anastasia...Remarkable woman of the Siberian forest. Anastasia is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic culture, whose powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today. She is the inspiration for the Ringing Cedars Series. According to Megré's account, she was born in 1969, in the Western Siberian taiga (boreal forests) not far from the city of Surgut on the river Ob. She consistently displays the most developed psychic and mental powers including remote viewing and healing, mind reading and seemingly perfect memory. When challenged to solve some of society's most complex social, health and environmental problems, after only a few minutes lying on her back on the ground, with eyes closed and just her fingertips twitching, she has provided answers in such incredible detail, that witnesses have been left flabbergasted. She says these powers are natural to Mankind and in these books she describes exactly how they may be regained by any one of us. Most of all she is a beautiful mystery—one who has changed the landscape of metaphysical thought with her foresight and innate wisdom.

FIRING THE NEURAL HOLOGRAM OF HUMANITY'S MYSTICAL HEART Airdate: 11-23-09 Join your show host, Deidre Madsen, as she interviews Gabrielle Young, Poet/Seer/Poet Advocate. This hour promises to be uplifting, rewarding and beautiful as Gabrielle shares her talents of poetry recitation of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla and more opening humanity's awakened body of visionary awareness - new language, new body, new Light environment. Initiatory Language of Awakening Power - the role of the Beloved in evolutionary dynamics transpoetic language of awakened heart community. Gabrielle Young is a visionary performance and recording artist. She is also a teacher, healer, and mystic whose programs and performances anoint consciousness through Sacred Sound, Vibration, and the Word. Programs on sacred arts and sciences focus on the regenerative sustaining power, beauty and wisdom encoded in subtle transmissions of Light, sound, color and movement. These direct higher-resonance transmissions open vibratory gates within us, calling forth our essence into deeper expressions of love, creativity and compassionate service. Listen in to one of the most beautiful shows we've ever aired. You are in for a real treat!

2012 THE MOVIE, WHAT DOES IT MEAN... IF ANYTHING? COSMIC WEATHER REPORT Airdate: 11-9-09 Join your show host, Deidre Madsen, for updates on the Cosmic Climate Weather Report as it relates to our ascension and 2012; the upcoming movie 2012 and the implications of same. Plus magic realism, quantum everything and earth changes occurring even as we speak as we have just entered the 2nd half of the 6th Mayan Day, the night which lasts til early November 2010. Our special guests will be returning guests Linda Evangeline Sayre, healer, speaker and entrepreneur (who will also share about her upcoming seminar) and our beloved Michael Madsen, healer, teacher and warrior brother (who will also add more about his upcoming warrior radio show) to round out our guest list. We will provide an update on last week’s Amber Alert. And mini-readings. Join us for a fast paced hour of fun, fact and fabulousness!

RAISING THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER. SECOND'S ANYONE? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? Airdate: 8-10-09 One Week Later... checking in from Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aug 7 Planet Alert: Raising the White Flag of Surrender! Second's anyone? A SPECIAL 1.5 HOUR SHOW. If you have had a month of difficulties and struggles like never before, you do NOT want to miss this show. This week we will compare notes and speak to the huge ratcheting up of the energies from these last 30 days. There is a direct correlation between the energy system of July’s Solstice and the three eclipses … being the model times TEN for the 2012 portal. Join us for a round table discussion with this week’s special guests, Sedona’s own Michael Madsen and Dianna Phillips all the way from the Heartland of America. The white flag of surrender is a huge clue on what to expect during this special show – including the what, where, how and why of it all as the Iron Age ends and the Golden Age is ushered in. SHOW LINEUP: Your host, Deidre Madsen’s spirited round-table discussion format with special guests fills the first hour, followed by mini-readings and life coaching insights Q&A, lastly Michael will take us on a Healing Awakening Meditation Journey that will round out this info-packed show. 

ONE RINGY DINGY - ANSWERING THE CALL TO SERVICE Airdate: 8-3-09 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aug 7 Planet Alert: One Ringy Dingy - Answering the Call to Service! Last month we spoke about the three eclipses and how they have affected us on intensely deep levels. We will our final deep look at the significance of these three eclipses as we head into the final third and how they interrelate to the astrological perspective of the Divine five pentagram (Christ) symbology. What does this mean to us having the solar logos eclipsed between two moons? What do we need do further in order to be in total balance during these times as we draw nearer to 2012’s energies and the Iron Age ends and the Golden Age begins. What do we need to do as we chute through the tube torus null zone, or zeropoint? Join Deidre and her special guest during this important info-packed energy alert discussion. Once again, you do NOT want to miss this talk. At the end of the show call in with your questions for Deidre's mini-readings and life coaching insights.

SERVICE TO SELF VS. SERVICE TO OTHERS - WHY WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES NOW! Airdate: 6-29-09 Planet Alert: Are you a Lightworker, Healer or someone who focuses almost entirely on being of service to others? Do you find that you have no time for yourself anymore? Or has the quality of your own life become overrun by others seeking your help? With the sudden death of Michael Jackson today, we know that a healthy and balanced emotional and electromagnetic body is vital to not only our survival but our ability to move into the next phase of this next set of game rules which have been downloaded into the YOUniversal X-Box of our lives. It is urgent that everyone pay attention, to their own intuition NOW and learn the rules of this new game set. Join Deidre during this important info-packed energy alert discussion. Learn what YOU can do to easily ride (or Moon Walk through) these new tsunami-like waves of new ascension energy as we barrel our way towards 2012. You do NOT want to miss this talk. At the end of the show call in with your questions for Deidre's mini-readings and life coaching insights.

PSYCHIC TEACHING TIPS Airdate: 3-16-09 STRENGTHENING THE PSYCHIC MUSCLE - Deidre Madsen of Lightworker's Corner offers an in-depth look at ways to understand veils, the spaces be'tween things, discernment, how to recognize your innate psychic abilities, what is the difference be'tween "clears" or "clairs" (Fr.), and more. If you want to get a jumpstart on the show, and have your questions ready, go to my blog. For those of you who have been waiting for this show, your wait is finally over.

KICKOFF SHOW WITH SPECIAL GUEST KELLY CROCKEN-FIGI Airdate: 3-9-07 Kickoff Show with special guest Kelly Crocken-Figi of Associates in Massage Therapy on her work, her passions and career, vision for her work, and causes.

The Age of Miracles to the 9th Degree

⏱️ 8.7 Minute Read | Also See Soulmates & Twin Rays | Mayan Calendar Creation Speeding Up | Physical Proofs of Ascension

From Dark to Light Twin Hearts Unite

Hello and Welcome to YOU Ya!

The Twins are coming together to Unite the world into a whole-minded world of Light and Peace. Twins come in the form of relationships with divine partners and/or the balance between hemispheres where the masculine/feminine two sides of the brain and the mind-heart unite into a whole-minded whole-being supra consciousness.

Prepare to experience even higher highs and lower lows as we traverse this teething phase. As the downfall of the protective systems previously put in place and the veil is lifted; we will experience a spiraling economy touching everyone's pockets, large corporations and small businesses closing their doors for good, those in power stepping down, and the darkness revealed. Those that are in alignment with the understanding that they have choice; that they are the "Masters of their Own YOUniverse" will see the stepping off point, or launching point, in their lives where the experience of co-creating and manifesting their dreams and wishes aka Light vibrations, coming true... becomes very palpable... very real.

Now we see that as everything materialistic potentially falls away, we are left with ourselves, at long last. Let's rejoice in this time to come for we are entering the advent of ourselves, our True Selves. And it is a grand and glorious time. As the darkness of the night is cast off, we are now immersed within the light of day and the Age of Aquarius full speed ahead, we see there is no limit to our potential, no limit to our thinking, no limit to our Light! Sit with the potential and reality of this thought for a moment. And breathe.

ticktockBeyond the Great Precession of the Equinox, the Cosmic journey back to God/Source/Great Creator/Divine Father. As John Hogue has reminded us, the proverbial clock that has been TICKING for the past four decades, has just  T O C K E D. We have officially moved past the half-way mark be'tween the overlapping Piscean Age into Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. The Age of the Piscean fundamental belief structure and its predominant Piscean icon - the Church - is drawing to a close. We are feeling the rebalancing of the Yin/Yang Principal and are now fully immersed in another 36 year cycle.

We are beginning to see in earnest the telltale markings of the "the Age of Aquarius" as Piscean Age of Faith or Faith-Based religion (Latin Religio = To Bind) struggles with innovation. Aquarius Age is Age of Science and Enlightenment, and the "existential tasting and experiencing of life".*

As I have said before, we are beginning to see with our two physical eyes, what I call "Extreme Spirituality" realizing our own innate potential and seeing now that we really are the ones we have been waiting for. [Ref. Deidre's Article: WHO ARE OUR HEROS] We are the heroes of NOW to set the stage and raise the bar for more of the magical and profound same.

Worldwide, people are feel first stirrings of wanting "to know" something is true, first hand, about themselves, their world and the mystery of existence.

"A revolutionary understanding and practice of meditation will begin in Cosmic Night. It will give birth to the inner new human in hundreds of millions of people around the world. Their flowering of consciousness [golden flower of life] can tip the scales of fate toward a golden future in the next 36 years. Out of our transformation will come an end to fear, and a celebration of heaven and earth meeting in blissful union inside each of us. ~ John Hogue's, Long Cosmic Day's Journey Into Cosmic Night Predictions*

Ongoing social and cultural indicators markers of trends reveal our conscious and subconscious co-evolution that are vastly influencing our world. Balancing our (male/female) hemispheres will become at once pertinent for everyone who is waking to their own inner divinity and seeking... AND for the rest of the sleepers, becomes a marked "problem" (opportunity) in society as we see so many individuals who have not gathered their proverbial ducks now swimming in a sea of fear and doubt as never before; and it will manifest in even greater swings of the inner pendulum between the outer and the inner planes - more of the dark shadows in people will emerge and it will become even more clear that something needs to be done - on a global consciousness level. [Interest to Note: Making the sign of the cross across your breast and heart is yet another example of the subconscious desire and action to balance ourselves body, mind and spirit.]

As stated above as one tiny example, there is so much more Light infusion streaming into the planet now it is inevitable that it will affect everyone and everything. For some it will bring about internal cataclysmic shifts... notice I said cataclysmic? cat·a·clysm n. A violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change. Keep in mind, this is a good thing... sometimes we require ourselves to experience a shaking up from within... God speaks to us all the time, All the Time, and many aren't listening preferring to preoccupy themselves.

Two Worlds, A Minimum Of

Ah, so much doom and gloom. Seems like it doesn't it? Well, let's keep in mind that this dualistic planet is about to be considerably shaken to its root. What is to be done? How can we cope? Don't be the frog in the pot of boiling water.

I invite you to consider that what many people will SEE will be what I just described - darkness, destruction, despair. And then, there will be those who won't see (experience) the darkness or negativity at all. What will they see then? They will see prosperity, joy, abundance, good health, beauty, balance, calm, peace, harmony, wealth and love.

Tho I mention the potential for two worlds, there are actually limitless amounts of realities available to us at any given time. Science is beginning to tap into this deeper understanding and is finally able to reveal the "dark matter" of our local universe; and have finally learned how to view it correctly (like a kaleidoscope), similarly with our "junk DNA" which will one day reveal the super storage of our multiple realities and life cycles.

So many predictions about the two worlds have been written and shared for ages and eons by native elders, and wise sages throughout time. I will reiterate one:

The Hopi Prophecy

hopination"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living? What are you doing?
What are your relationships? Are you in right relation?
Where is your water? Know your garden. [Figuratively, water = Divine Feminine Holy Spirit; Garden = your I AM Divine Gifts and Attributes; what you reap so shall you sow.]

It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other. [Everyone and everything is our mirror]
And do not look outside yourself for the leader. [You are the one you have been waiting for!]
This could be a good time! [Choose wisely]
There is a river flowing now very fast. [River = Light Stream]
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly. [Inner cataclysm]
Know the river has its destination. [A higher plan/purpose]
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of
the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. [Be flow]
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves. [Who I AM and What I Do have nothing to do with one another]
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. [Notice the word "All"]
We are the ones we've been waiting for." [Aho!]
~ The Elders, Orabi, Arizona Hopi Nation"

People who are on board with their I AM will be the ones in the MIDDLE OF THE RIVER helping the others to let go of the shoreline and come join them in the flow! IT'S ALL ABOUT CHOICE. There are many ways of letting go of the river bank.

Each of the following is a practice, ceremony and/or ritual that helps remind us of who we really are:

We have several things working in our favor to experience Joy, Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love which will support and uplift us without repeating old patterns (backsliding into our fears and shadows).

  1. Since we are in the Age of Aquarius and have finally released the dogmatically positioned Piscean Age, we have greater opportunities on our side for forward thinking, positive flow. Falling into old patterns will be met with intellect and awareness (i.e., the ability to be aware that we need to be aware ) these are the KEY ELEMENTS that will hold us more firmly to our cosmic center in the balanced space be'tween all.
  2. In this 36 year phase, this is the time where the goddess is strongest, supportively nurturing, where the masculine gets a rest and receives nurturing from the feminine.As I mentioned, you can choose to allow the feminine to take this role or you can choose to allow the shadows of your inner Queen/Goddess to rule as a tyrant queen where the masculine finds no rest or safety. Allow the Goddess/Queen to share her love!!! Now that the masculine can relax... his true purpose to her of supporting and uplifting the inner divine feminine power of creativity and flow can spring forth and assist in a healthy, right-relationship manner... she can now release (let go of) her inner warrior and allow him to do his job, she now feels safe, too. Congratulations are in order!
  3. According to the Mayan Calendar, we have entered the time of All Creation happening at once. Creation is be speeding up... and no, it is not time that is speeding up... it's creation! Darkness can now fall away, signs of deeply repressed shadows are overcome by the Light of Day, when the sun comes out to play in our lives we feel more positive and share a sense of bright future possibilities in our lives. We are more optimistic in the daytime. | READ MORE: MAYAN CALENDAR, CREATION SPEEDING UP

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what Light I have."
~ Abraham Lincoln

We all have our purpose and mission on the planet. Do you know your mission? We have all been preparing for our missions here for aeons. As we see the evidence of our awakening to support the planet, it is our higher destiny to bring heaven to earth. Relax and enjoy the coming year's amazing forward motion. Recognize you are being supported by myriad Angelic Kingdoms awaiting your bidding. Do your part to invoke the greatest consciousness possible.

Just as the Fibonacci Sequence in nature affords us the ability to look back historically so that we can learn and evolve into our future, we see clearly that we have the choice to fling open the doors to our soul, our heart and our connection within and without to I AM... and bring forth the sweet music of our inner spheres of Light I AM... we SEND FORTH the call, Our Call, Vay-Yik-Ra! (Hebrew "The Call into Holiness") and through these actions and intentions our genetic DNA spiral will express limitlessly through myriad sacred geometries. We can take the strengths and lessons of the past 36 year Cosmic Day cycle and marry that with the Cosmic Night and step up to All That Is!

Aho and Ose Ahava Shalom!


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