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Ascension Symptoms

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DNA ACTIVATION FROM 3D TO 5D:  Are You Suffering from Rapid Ascension Movement or RAM? If so, you may be experiencing some of the following ascension symptoms. These symptoms are indicative of rapid DNA shifts as we and all of creation move into a higher consciousness both physically and psychologically.


List of Rapid Ascension Movement (RAM) Symptom


Loss of time
Loss of memory
Increased creativity
Excessively lethargic
Increased synchronicity
Vivid and lucid dreaming
Unexplained body aches and pains
Electrical and mechanical malfunctions
True abundance and instant manifestation
Invisible forces, spirit presences and entities
Altered states of consciousness and time shifts
Manifesting people/situations as teachers/lessons
Need to break free from patterns/cycles/limitations
Need to be surrounded by situations/people in synch with you, and to let go of those that are not

  Foods/medicines/supplements increased sensitivity
Feeling like you are in more than one place at once
Willingness to heal emotional fears and blockages
Need to be true to your divine purpose/mission
Disordered mind and left-brain confusion
More alienated than ever from the world
Loss of interest in the "New Age" market
Sudden career or relationship changes
Increased intuition and psychic ability
Desire to live in synch with nature
Surges of unexplained emotion
Deep sense of inner peace
Depression getting worse
A desire to go within
Alternate realities
Surges of power
Unusual dreams
Lashing out

Just remember you are not alone. Everyone experiences some degree of ascension symptoms; and very few seem to glide through Mother Earth's ascension through the fourth dimension and on into the fifth with ease and joy. Some pass off these symptoms as physiological or psychological in nature, though this is not always the case.


 Everything is physically ascending and upgrading 


Still unsure about the truth to this statement? (Read here >> Physical Proof of Ascension) Also, please do your homework and research this topic in libraries and the internet, and it helps to ask people in-the-know. Maintaining an even keel, a balance within, working with ourselves and our issues and pain, gracing our bodies with weekly massages and nurturing healing, being kind to ourselves, forgiving ourselves and others, eating healthy and smart, all these things will help ease us through this time of transition.

As Things Get Lighter Some Things Get Darker

It sure feels like many, many people are communicating their innermost fears during this ascension. As we move through these astounding planetary energies, gifting us with incredible opportunities for greater awareness and insight into who we are in all our divinity, we have the chance to gladly and willingly love ourselves more fully than ever.

List of Rapid Ascension Movement (RAM) Symptoms - Deidre MadsenTry Not to Slap a Bandage on Your Inner Pain

Many of us have experienced a lack of love in our lives. A lack of love that should have felt something like mother love, or nurturing on a deep soul level. Instead, we have experienced harsh judging and accusations by our families and loved ones. We have experienced neglect and abandonment on many levels including what I call "bleed-through past/parallel/future lives". It has come to my attention that there are an abundance of people (women esp.) who cannot understand why things happen to them, why their lives have been filled with wrong choices, fear and manipulation. I was one of these women and had to learn that I was not a victim to my circumstances.

There Are Deep Cavernous Holes Inside of Our Hearts Begging to be Filled with Love

Often, we search for a way to fill this hole, or void space, through marriage, relationships with friends, volunteer work, owning a pet, careers, travel, great $$ spending binges, over-eating, and addictions of all sorts. While some of these are wonderful ways to experience love, they may not be what we require for healing. These all seem to fill this void for a little while but we always return to the deep hole void in our hearts and discover the falsness of our recent little foray through life.  We learn to see the truth behind the mask of our lives, that there has been no filling up of that space at all, which can plunge us deeper and deeper into despair and loneliness.

List of Rapid Ascension Movement (RAM) Symptoms - Deidre MadsenGifts in the "End of Times"

What can we do to remedy this within us? We can take a good look at what is happening during this ascension time and gain some clues that will assist us greatly along our path toward self love.

This ascension time of Mother Earth/Lady Gaia is filled with great gifts. These are planetary, stellar energies bombarding everything multidimensionally (including our three dimensional world called Planet Earth) providing us with new found powers, gifts and talents we never knew we had. We are now experiencing the love of our brothers and sisters: the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms of our Earth Mother, the Deva Kingdoms, the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Jophiel, and Raphael respectively, as well as many other divine, loving forces of energy just waiting to assist us all in love unconditional.

We are also learning how incredible the gifts of love Jesus the Christed One has to offer. His experience as Christ Consciousness on this Earth some 2000+ years ago has taught us to love ourselves. He once said that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. When he said that he wanted us to understand how important it was/is to love ourselves fully for only then can we understand the depth and breath of love for our brother. In order to reach out to the world, we must first reach inside. Reach into our hearts and explore, examine and experience.

Another gift from this ascension is the opportunity to let all our past life karma finally rest, be at peace, affording us the chance to fly in the face of freedom, fully. We must take responsibility for all our choices, good or bad. How reassuring this is to know that we have no need for the old patterns and belief systems we brought through to this lifetime.

List of Rapid Ascension Movement (RAM) Symptoms - Deidre MadsenIMAGE AND SIMILITUDE. There is also a greater opening up now of awareness and allowing with many people. More people are open to other spiritual options, realizing the great gifts of many of the world's religions be they Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Tao, Zoroastrianism, etc. What matters is there is a grain of truth in all things and it is up to us to discover who we are and what we desire to experience in our life... and then do ourselves the honor to go out and live it fully. We are divine creations of the Creator. We are made in the likeness of our Heavenly Father. What does this mean to you and me?

Mirror Mirror

Meaning we can look in the mirror and see ourselves as who we really are. When you look in a mirror, who do you see? Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who is the fairest one of all? Remember, Dear Reader, there is a grain of truth in all things... even in our fairy tales, especially in our fairy tales

Keep in mind that you are true divinity in action! Whenever I hold Spiritual Counseling sessions with someone I tap into their High Self, their I AM presence, and I see them for who they really are on a much, much higher level of being. Every single time, I am in awe of the glorious majesty that they are. Each one of us is a perfect expression of the Creator's love incarnate, in the flesh. We are walking, talking miracles of love.

Whenever you feel sadness or sorrow, or feel like the whole world is tumbling down all around you, just take a moment or two and look into a mirror. Look deep into your eyes, the windows to your soul, and reflect upon your reflection, for there standing before you is magnificence!

"Awaken, dear friends, within this dream and realize that it is your duty and responsibility as human beings to imagine and visualize a safe world. It will be as you decree, and your own experience will thus reflect it." - The Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak

We Are Never Victims of Our Reality

We are volunteers and when we feel specific oppression from someone, realize that they are including us into their reality and that we effect them on a deep level. Sometimes we will elicit a strong negative response from a person or family member that appears as if they are judging us, or hating us for something "we have done". They wag their finger at us in admonition and accusation. Why? Because deep down inside of themselves, we are mirroring back to them a pain within themselves. Amazing, really. So, Dearest Reader, realize the honor you have of just being in other peoples' lives; they find the need to draw you into their lives for a beautiful healing experience.

This powerful lesson also applies to you, for when you are in pain, you are finding a spot inside of you that says, "Hey, this hurts me." Then ask yourself, why. Go into your heart space and feel it out. All the answers are deep inside of you, and so is the love you seek so earnestly. These family and friends who "cause us grief, agony and pain" are actually here to help us heal.

Childlike Innocence and Purity - passion of the child List of Rapid Ascension Movement (RAM) Symptoms - Deidre MadsenReturn to Innocence

Use the Wisdom of Our Dear Brother, Coyote. Coyote the Fool/the Trickster (also the Fool in the Tarot), and laugh in the face of adversity, pain and sorrow. 

Be like a child in your innocence and purity. 

Learn discernment so as not to give away your energy or power to someone who would use it against you. 

Draw your boundaries with the tool of discernment, but do it out of love... not against someone, but FOR yourself and your self-love and honor.

Look for Love Everywhere

During this powerful time, this ascension process, we are to look deeply within and find the love from the Creator there. In order to balance and be one with the universe (YOUniverse) we must continue carry a loving forgiving heart and share it with our brothers and sisters. 

We must step into our divine Adam Kadmon Higher Light Body, or allow it to merge with our physical body (which is what this ascension is all about anyway). To do this we must purify our temples (body/mind/spirit) through and through.

Claim your own divinity, walk with unconditional love, and keep your heart open to love, for the world reflects what and who you are at all times. Allow the gifts of Wakan Tonka, the Shekinah/Holy Spirit/Ba (Egypt. Dove), to bring forth the transmuting violet flame and transform old belief systems and patterns into unconditional love and light. Through this time of ascension - be the flow. Creator through and in YOU is the Way, the Truth, and the Light!

In Divine Service,

Deidre Madsen




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