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Creation is Speeding Up

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Orienting Our Consciousness to the Flow of Creation


Beloved Dear Friends,

Ian Xel Lungold, along with Dr. Carl Calleman, have had a great privilege and honor to work with Mayan Shamen for years. He has researched, investigated and unearthed great secrets of the Mayan people's calendar. The Maya have been measuring Creation's flow, rate, and intention for the last 16,400,000,000 years. The end of their calendral year was... OCTOBER 28, 2011... not 2012. And, it is also not the end in the way many perceive it to be. Following is an email message I have sent to many friends after I attended Ian's very first seminar. These are my notes taken from that seminar. For more info go to Ian's website



greatawakening hubble eye of godHold onto your hats. We are in the time of the colossal "Shift Happens". This is a very good thing, right? Along with things that appear to be bad comes a plethora of GOOD as well. How do we prepare? What do we need to do to align with the new cosmic energies?

In order to understand what to do we must briefly review the following transcript from Ian Xel Lungold's lecture which holds the keys to navigating through this amazing time on the planet.


[1/15/1999 | Ian Xel Lungold | Sedona]

On 1/5/99 began the Galactic Consciousness Cycle which lasts for 12.8 years - the Ethics Cycle. We have just left the Power Cycle that lasted 256 years. We will watch Ethics overcome Power in our lifetime.

Year 2002-2003: WATCH FOR: Getting the truth - ethics going in at this time. Had this gut feeling about 2003... that's where the real big stuff will come forth into the open.

The Last Cycle starts 2/10/2011... the Universal Cycle!!! We're going to a special place.

WHAT IS THE LAST DAY OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  10/28/2011 The Mayan Calendar... All cycles come to a HALT.

IS TIME SPEEDING UP:  Seems like time is speeding up?! No... CREATION is speeding up!

WHAT IS THE OBSTACLE:  We have one hurdle to overcome... THE MIND (a tool) Don't think you are your mind! Use it as a tool, an instrument.

The mind's natural speed limit or 'flicker frequency' is 33 frames per second (identifies similarity or difference between something). Nowadays, more data is pouring in. The mind doesn't have as much time to process things, but has an override mechanism to help it cope with the influx of more and more data.


  • Stress - Walk away response. There is an epidemic of this stress; this gives you a clue as to what is a comin'!
  • Fight or Flight is another overriding mechanism where adrenaline pumps thru you massively, examples are road rage, terrorism, desk rage!?!, etc.
  • Unconsciousness (mother of all addictions) - People have a desire to remain unconscious via drugs, alcohol, suicide, overeating, you name it.

Our mind is not built for speed - creation is going too fast/faster/fastest
We are going outside our mind or... out of our mind - Ian Xel Lungold

WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP:  Intuition! The source of our personal power. Time and Place create our personal intent. A point in 'time' where things ARE.

WHAT ARE WE MOVING AWAY FROM:  We are moving away from this in the flow of creation toward intuition where the time and place become only... now

WHAT IS THE GUIDEPOST:  The Mayan calendar (birthdate) provides our orientation to our personal intent and our personal participation in the divine plan... you know you're doing the divine plan when all feels "heavenly" (guidepost).

WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR:  Orientation. The main purpose, or key point, of the Mayan Calendar is to orient our consciousness to the flow of creation.


WHY ARE WE EXPERIENCING WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOW:   In the past what we had to choose from for goal options:

  • PAST:  In our past, our goal options amounted to the following example: See a circle with a few lines (options) running through it for our choosing. Not very much stimulus to pick from, eh? But …
  • PRESENT:  Now, in the present time, we have more options to choose from, right? You can liken the example of the circle now to that of the spokes on a bicycle; many more options with which to choose. These options are what enter our view point, what happens all around us; what our mind lands upon and identifies the thing/object/idea/stimulus as either a similarity or a difference.
  • FUTURE:  Our future is going to be more extreme. Our future will have WAY MORE options to choose from, miracles will come! We are going to need immune system help BIG TIME! WHAT WILL THE FUTURE'S CIRCLE LOOK LIKE? WHAT WILL OUR VIEWING STIMULUS LOOK LIKE BY 10/28/2011? So now at the end of the Mayan calendar... 10/28/2011... Imagine a circle, it is blank inside except for one single word... ALL.

All creation presents itself in ONE MOMENT.
No need for space OR time anymore.
It will be a WHOLE NEW GAME!
- Ian Xel Lungold


HOW DO WE PREPARE FOR THIS, WHAT DO WE DO NOW:  Notice. Notice patterns and predictability especially patterns regarding ethics, and... BE CENTERED BE CERTAIN.

HOW DO WE BE CENTERED AND CERTAIN:  When you can recognize patterns you will become CERTAIN and; therefore, will achieve a sense of peace of mind or piece of mind... centeredness.

The Maya split things up into days and nights... all correlating to our years/months all the way to 10/28/11. We are now (have been actually) heading into Truth bigly. It will be spilling forth like nobody's business. And so will earth changes in the coming few years. All our institutions, mega corporations, everything that holds the energy of money/power in the controlling sense, will be thrown off the gameboard.

I encourage you to investigate his findings for yourself. Remember we must stay centered. To be centered we must be certain. To be certain we must look for patterns. [FIND PURE ORDER WITHIN PURE CHAOS] Patterns recognized bring certainty. Certainty brings centeredness. Centeredness brings Peace of Mind! We are here now at the true beginning of our world as we've envisioned. Welcome to the Evolution!

Aho and Ose Shalom!


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