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Soulmates & Twin Rays

Have You Met Your Soulmate or Twin Ray?

golden-twin-rays-twinflames-soulmatesA Resonating, Timely Informational Article

Enter the Divine Twin Ray Reunions

Many of us have journeyed long and far to reconnect with that one complete half of whom we are. For the experience of duality we split in two separate spheres of light and now it is time to once again complete the divine union between our male and female God-self. As all beings are created from the source substance, we are all a part of mother/father God. In the grand oneness of source there is creation upon creation of sparks of light. You my friends are one of these sparks. Each particle of the vast light we know as God is one part male and one part female. The truth is always as simple as that.

There are many sequences of patterns and families of spirit moving through creation, however the fact remains that all are part of a positive/negative polarity. For the inception of duality we began to move through the universal core as a team of light beings. Together in vast consciousness we blended our light for the building of the house we live in.

We start this explanation from the Great Central Sun in this universe, for creation moves way past this level and we shall have a great time together rejoining with every facet of our being.

A time came when the energy you know as self formed into a vehicle of expression and with wonder you came to a certain life form, praising the two of you as one. To move down through the galactic streams many came through an Archangel or other grand being of life. Many of you understand this being to be your father. And yes they gave birth to your essence into the galactic realms, while some were birthed through the solar level of light. All are children of the one. Some of us simply birthed through an energetic life stream and agreed to step down in vibration. A twin ray coupling, pulling from the one source of all created others. The duality took all on earth through the solar level eventually. Until this time all were experiencing together and aware that we were one being of a male/female nature, working with the forces of creation and birthing many new ideas. All are part of the grand entity we know as mother/father God. The bliss and the ecstasy of two hearts joined as one is beyond any human concept.

At the galactic levels we started with ease and grace the separation process through several dimensions. This ensured there would be no harm to our light vehicles. For most of us the memory of disconnecting is still painful at a deep cellular level. This will become part of the clearing process if one is brave enough to commit to this relationship on all levels again.

Earth is the pivot point for the entire universe for the end of duality. We are at a blessed time when the twin ray couplings can start the slow process of reunion. Your twin ray is the ultimate experience of your God-self in every facet. It is who you are and for this we are extremely grateful. At this time the twin ray reunions are happening on a massive scale. If you feel your one half is not here, you are correct dear ones. To blend heaven and earth we are in different dimensions. However as the earth party moves up and attains the Christ vehicle, the upper dimensional party can commune at a certain dimension. Whatever dimension is up to you and your twin ray. No ascended master will step into a lower than high fifth dimensional field of light. For two reasons, one being the safety of both parties, and the other being that the earth party has got to do their inner work to ascend. The upper dimensional being cannot do it for you.

What is the difference between a soul mate or twin flame, or divine complement? I will give you the step by step process one has to integrate and clear before becoming one again with themselves. This also coinciding with achieving the male/female balance within. This balance along with other work must be completed before union can take place. While going through the reconnection there will be much inner work accomplished. It takes trust, faith and a strong determination to become one again.

Now one might ask why all this when we are supposedly androgynous beings. The term androgynous applies to the balance of the male/female within, and eventually of the complete balance with your twin ray, where one is a complete extension of the other and vice versa. Creation is always a blending of energies on many levels.

It is also time we slowly begin to fuse into the earth's consciousness the story of man and woman. One cannot be without the other; it simply is not done.

The Seven-Step Earth Pyramid of Male/Female Relationships

Divine Complement

#7 Divine Compliment We will start with step seven. A divine complement is someone who shows you the exact mirror of where you are living. This person could be anyone at any given time the higher self sends to mirror your exact image. Often times it reflects our negative vibrations, while other times you are blessed with seeing the beauty that is you. A complement could come in and out of one's life, or stay around for a while completing many lessons for both parties involved. This would be a very good reason why marriages on earth shift all the time. People change with age and move on. Many times this does not happen together, and so two partners end up going their separate ways and rightly so in this kind of environment. Remember relationships on earth are in preparation for moving you to a higher level of being. Get a personalized reading

Soul Mates

#6 Soul Mate A soul mate is one who is previously set up before coming into incarnation. Your cycle of life will take many turns and at the perfect time a soul mate will enter to teach you in a strong way about yourself. Many would like to think they are married with a soul mate, but truly not as many as would like to be are living this relationship. It is a special meeting and one that will most likely alter your life. This could be positive or negative depending on where you stand in self. Also a soul mate in this lifetime could be different than in another lifetime. There are instances when one travels in several lifetimes together. Your soul family is quite large and for purposes of learning at times you may work or set up a connection with a soul mate from another soul family. So in that instance they would be your soul mate.

Also a soul mate could be the exact gender or opposite depending on what you came to experience. Often times a romantic relationship is not in the life plan, because everything at this level is about clearing up with self. We have spent some lives in dear soul mate relationships, while others are meant for the souls study and advancement. Get a personalized reading

Divine Expression

#5 Divine Expression A divine expression in short is one that comes in and makes a large impression on one's life. If one is not moving in the exact direction intended a divine expression would move in to bring out the deepest inner angst and leave you pondering the facts of life. This is good, as the intention of a divine expression is exactly that. It will feel not quite pleasant in a lot of instances, but to open a blind eye spirit will take on many forms to assist. At this time many beings are experiencing a divine expression simply to move them forward. They are actually a gift from your guidance and one to take heed so the truth can face you head on. So many try to make something work that is not in the cards for their enlightenment and this is where trust comes in. If you feel strong about a being at this time, you will want to consider that your twin ray is hanging around and this is actually what you are feeling. Get a personalized reading

Twin Mates

#4 Twin Mate A twin mate is part of a group of beings you are connected to for earth, solar and galactic work. A twin mate is someone not usually linked to romantic liaisons, as these souls are a connection of a like-minded unit of servers. All are connected to at least 144 twin mates. In the paradigm of creation the numerical value of 144 makes for the perfection of manifestation, as it works on a higher frequency of energy. In the galactic core all twin mates were set up together. Some are here on earth and some are in the galaxy doing other work. When we say we are one and the same it is because units of congregated light do not separate themselves from one another. We are indeed together for many reasons throughout our experiences. This connection will continue until we complete this cycle of creation into the birth of the new millenium. Here we will advance and the units move and work with different wavelengths of light. So together in the birthing we re-evaluate and shift energetically our streams of light depending on where everyone resides in consciousness. Some of your twin mates are not waking up as yet, but we hope all do, as time will soon run out for the opportunity at hand. As you connect hearts with many beings several will stand out and the recognition of a twin mate will show itself. Get a personalized reading

Twin Souls

#3 Twin Soul A twin soul is a very like vibrational frequency. Each individual has twelve twin souls. They are part of the twin mate grouping, however these twelve are extremely close to your earthwork. Some of you will be blessed to have a few of these beings close to you on earth. You will feel as if you have known and worked with one another forever, and truly you have. This is likened to the twelve ascended masters you will link up to on your climb to the Christ Light. A very few of you are twin souls to the twelve masters that are on your line-up awaiting your arrival. This is for instructing purposes as you are a teacher of magnitude and your energy is linked to this consciousness of light. There have been many blessed romantic encounters with this group of beings. The ratio of male/female on each grouping is dependent on lessons and/or experiences one needs to attain for advancement into the higher realms of light. Get a personalized reading

Twin Flames

#2 Twin Flame A twin flame is a being you have worked extremely closely with from the galaxy on down into a third dimensional life form. This was set up long ago and you have kept the same twin flames for eons. There are seven twin flames you are connected to. Besides the twin ray this will be your closest bond to an entity. Whichever level of light one is at, you will have the ability to reconnect with the mighty seven. It will assist to further your own enlightenment. These are integrated before reaching the level of the twin ray. Needless to say that many twin flame relationships are of great remembrance and love to all. They are also both genders. For instance this channel has three female, and four male twin flames. Three twin flames are on earth; four are in the upper dimensions. There is a special bond between twin flames and you will forever be connected at the heart, as one does not ever forget the special love a twin flame will share. It moves beyond human sexuality and into the purity of devotion for working together through these cycles. You have been through much and after the twin ray split the first relationship one enters into is with a twin flame. At the level we split there was not yet time to learn jealousy, we just created and experienced in the love of our source. We knew there would come a time when reunion would once again join our beloved ones heart forever. I can honestly tell you there are sad memories from this parting of two hearts which all will clear before moving into the divine embrace of a twin ray. Get a personalized reading

Twin Ray

#1 Twin Ray The twin ray is the ultimate. There is no need to look further for source as this is experienced with one another. The joy at this time as we have prepared long for this event is overwhelming even for the many ascended masters awaiting this reunion. You are the same Godspark that came from the loving embrace of mother/father God. It is quite a gift that we are coming into harmony with the one other half of ourselves. There is much disbelief with this event, and I can only tell you that it is well worth the wait. For those who refuse to accept you only prolong your advancement as many ascensions are tied into the reunification with the twin ray. After working to reconnect and taking the time every day and night to complete the energy work necessary, your twin ray is then known as the Consort. Both of your missions are one and the same. The responsibility is held equally by both of you. At this point you have proven yourself worthy of the title as together you have both conquered the densities to return as one love, one life, one entity.

Each person will have a unique situation and therefore all twin ray couplings will occur differently, as there is closure necessary from many experiences learned by both parties. In addition to ascending the twin ray merge will take a daily conscious effort. So many of you feel that deep inner knowing, but have not been able to express this as the earth consciousness has not allowed for divine relationships in a long time. There have been some instances when you have traveled together on earth. Some twin rays of earth partners are on a galactic star, or perhaps your twin ray is a universal being. The last scenario is the rarest. Get a personalized reading

Also some of you will electromagnetically connect with the perfect mate here already on earth. This would be a soul mate, twin flame, or twin soul. Some twin rays in the upper dimensions are not ready to reconnect. This comes only by the approval of one's higher self. So many different situations, yet each one is perfect for the individual. Whichever level you intend to reconnect with, there will be shifts in your life and spirit will not give you what you cannot handle. For instance, if one is happily married on earth you can commit to a twin ray at an energetic level while working here. This for the time being is perfect. No twin ray will interrupt a harmonious environment. This being only wants the highest and best and is willing to wait for divine time. There are many classes that will educate on this subject. I would encourage one to take advantage of the gift and learn about this wondrous twin ray information.

There are many masters who have contacted and been in the reconnective process for over a year now. I, being one of these masters. We are learning first hand as this is quite an event and together we are creating the most effective way to make this happen. Because there has been so much preparation all are ready to move. Finally at this time many are willing to accept the information as truly we are all as one. To find out more on the subject trust your intuition and meditate about the process. Ask if you are one to make the merging of the dimensions happen with your twin ray. If you have been feeling emotional and that old familiar energy is around you, this could be your twin ray coming in from the higher realms attempting to contact you. Won't you sit and allow this energy to come through.

In the Christ Light and Love.

Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love Story

A New Ending with "Happily Inner After"

Dear TwiFans, this is a message of faith, hope and love for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen and Bella Swan-Cullen from the famed Twilight series. This article puts a magnifying glass on their parallelling relationship. Though it is long over, both of them moving on in their lives; I wanted you to see how to apply the teachings of Happily Inner After to change the "what if" potential. What if they had the right tools for "conscious coupling" at their young ages? Could they have had an alternative result? You bet. And, you can apply this teaching to your own relationship for immense success.

Edward and Bella Twilight Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love Story

Twinning Souls Edward and Bella of Twilight Series, Image:

Shining a Light

Listening to the lyrics and melody of Iron and Wine's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth", reminds me to shine a light on why this couple's personal love story so effected many of us. Clearly during their time together their youth and lack of relationship weathering and sustaining spiritual couplehood tools makes this ever more tragic. Their powerful love relationship seemed to have inadvertently brought family jealousy and painful judgments which poisoned their thoughts and predators taking their love's purity and sanctity. This further complicated their already complicated super-insta-fame lives. Their original love's purity was at stake. What they needed desperately was a true Cullens-like family circle of support but what they received was a flawed support system. Many of us saw their true love's Light and cheered it on as it oftentimes paralleled their on-screen love story. When we saw their relationship crumbling many of us also wished, hoped and prayed for their Light to once again become a beacon of hope. This all sounds so mushy but this is really the truth; this is how many, many Twifans felt and still feel.

Let me state that I am not questioning Taylor Lautner's quality of support for Kristen as a part of her inner circle. He obviously loves her as a friend and is a loving support system for her, oddly life imitates art once again. Yet Taylor's young and inexperienced heart isn't able to provide her the kind of healing that she truly needs either; I don't think he is pretending to be her psychiatrist or anything so I'm just setting the record straight here.

With new love and new relationships in Robert and Kristen's current life, their original truth and love together has never ever left. Their Light potential resonance is still there beaming outwards and remains perpetual as do all deep love affairs of twin souls/soulmates. Their higher hearts both knew truth yet their physical selves were unable to maintain it. So they broke down and let the book of their lives burn away. This sad story is one of the many reasons why I had to complete and publish my work of Happily Inner After. It is these very stories that are desperate for healing and repair, and for the spiritual tools to glue, nay - cement, their love into a pillar of Light. 

I am determined that with this work and the subsequent application no other relationships need suffer. It is my heart's burning desire and this poignant love story is fuel towards its production. No mistake, I have grieved for the relationship loss of the Light within these two beautiful souls. I will continue to see their highest potential.

When you embark on your love relationship, remind yourself as you go through life... who is in your corner? Who is in your inner circle? Is it someone who believes in you perhaps more than you do? Is it unconditional love and friendship? A soul level support? A flicker of Light in the blackest night? Do not let your diamond-like tears drown out that little flame of love. We are all destined for great beauty in our hearts and souls.

What of the real life couple who have gone through an anguishing pain, is there hope there for them? Can the purity that once was be regained and is there a chance that they can find happiness together again and in such a deeper love than ever before, unshakable, unswerving and eternal? YES! I will forever say YES!

There is a potential for success by applying Happily Inner After to this relationship........

Hope Springs Eternal - Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson - A Story of Love Real & Deep

For those of you unaware, the actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, together worked on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series finishing four films together and during the process, fell in love with one another and remained in love for a very long time. Truly I wonder if they are still in love with one another today because this level of cosmic love transcends all time and space.

Since wrapping the films and a few projects later, Kristen Stewart had an infidelity with the director of one of her films Snow White and the Huntsman. To many Twifans this was a deep tragedy because when we read about Robert and Kristen's upcoming wedding we were excited for this true-to-life love story. Honestly, what were the odds of two people doing four films together as the main love interests, and then falling in love and having a life together in "real life" and above all... in Hollywood?! Really, the odds were already against the likelihood, it was such a long-shot. Right? Sure it would be a long shot... IF we were not living in the age of enlightenment and limitless potential, sure that sort of thinking is valid... IF we were not living now well beyond 2012 and the Age of Aquarius, and Venus' grand potential for phenomenal growth and healing of the heart. BUT WE ARE! And there IS HOPE!

It seemed as if Robert and Kristen were playing out the last bit of Bella Swan-Cullen's process and transformation in the films. As they say, life imitates art imitates life. The anguish in Robert's character of Edward, knowing what Bella was going through in her transformation to a vampire drove him to an anguished depth of pain as well.  Helpless, he waited for her evolution. Bella consciously chose to dive into the depths of the process of becoming a vampire, and likewise, Kristen chose an infidelity with a married man and father, thankfully one of whom she could not continue in a real relationship (a kind of subconscious fail-safe) -- bet no one thought of that rare kindness however.

As a "young one" in the movie as Bella and as a young 22 year old Kristen, she exploring the depths of herself and her own inner shadow, wanting something exciting to happen within her... and it did. Remember, we get what we ask for. We also receive our deepest fears coming to life now, especially now more than ever.  That is why it pays to be specific that the excitement comes with ease and grace!

Love Doves by yaamas jamesbrownedotnet Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love StoryWhat is romance? Romance is a love affair, esp an intense and happy but short-lived affair involving young people, it is love, esp romantic love idealized for its purity or beauty, it is a spirit of or inclination for adventure, excitement, or mystery, and a mysterious, exciting, sentimental, or nostalgic quality, esp one associated with a place.

We are always encouraged by the hope of new love,  like the beautiful journey of the heart that both Edward and Jacob played in Bella's heart, we then walked with Bella and Edward down the aisle of inner ascension to their moment everlasting. We joined with them because it is our deep need and yearning for that similar romance of the inner BeLoved that we too eternally seek.

Why Didn't This Work?

  • Is something occuring on a deeper level?
  • Is this too far gone and irreparable?
  • Is it possible for them or anyone to recover from something like this?

First and foremost, this relationship is STILL WORKING. In fact, it is EVOLVING. Painfully evolving at the moment, yes, but nonetheless, it IS evolving. And, yes, it is possible to recover. And, no, it is not irreparable. In some way the relationship's ending seems finite, yet, the deep love continues. Even as we end a close relationship ourselves it takes great mastery to shift the ending into something beautiful and transcendent.

There are two reasons why I posted the James Browne drawing of the mourning doves / lovebirds above: 

  • This is a story about love in its highest potential... Most of us rooted for Team Edward as we saw the redemption (aka fall) of man (vampire) to attain some level of ascended inner Light self from the depth of his lowest potential
  • This is probably the most important, because Robert and Kristen's trauma stems directly from the extreme seamless dovetailing that they have now encountered, and thanks to the times we are living in, post-2012, and the cosmic planet alignments occurring, their (as well as all our) stuff is being revealed, shadows are getting more and more distinct, extinct and stronger in their darkness

Listening to an interview of Robert I could see that he really believed that the one thing that made no sense in a relationship, is for someone to cheat. Understandable. From what occurred to him, I would say that that was a worst-fear-come-to-life moment for him. Truly, our worst fears (and our best creations) are up, right now, for everyone to delight in or take fright in. Things are getting that black and white on the planet and in the cosmos right now.

edward cullen Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love StoryEdward's Wisdom Does Not Make Him "Weak"

Some say that the character that Robert played, Edward Cullen, is manipulative, passive, wimpy. They also say of Kristen's character, Bella, that she is unable to stand on her own and Bella just allow Edward to manipulate her. 

There is no truth in these comments other than in the eyes of the beholder whose projection or point of view is surfacing to contend with their own inner demons/darkness. Nothing more, nothing less. 

In fact, Robert himself continues to show incredible maturity as his own character of Edward did when faced with Bella's need for Jacob's relationship in her life. 

Robert/Edward's maturity translates to something of the Inner Master Archetype on his transition from prince to king. 

Unfortunately, Robert hadn't quite mastered his role in his reality enough to be 100% responsible for what ook place. He was never the victim except for being the victim of his worst fears coming true.

Remember, out thoughts create!

Kristen's Transition to a Place of Inner Power Leaves Behind Bella's "Weakness"

Kristen's performance as Bella, and Bella's overall arc in the films, comes dramatically at the very end when she becomes pregnant and the chance of the baby being taken away occurs. Bella's subconscious knows now that the seeds of wisdom and inner truth are within her and she does not want to lose them. 

Kristen stated in past interviews how important it was for her to reach that fourth movie, the second half of book three in the series, because it was Bella's transition into a powerful part of herself that she couldn't wait to play. she really wanted to step into and explore that hidden aspect of Bella's character. What is interesting is that Kristen believed that up until that point in the series, Bella was not as powerful. Truly, however, this was precisely her strength yet Kristen could not see that strength and played it as a weakness. This was also what Edward (and perhaps Robert) was so drawn to Bella (Kristen); this 'weakness' is her vulnerability and yet it was perceived to be a weakness and not a strength.

bella swan-cullen twilight series Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love StoryIf Kristen and Bella knew that it was preciesly her weakness that made her powerful, she might have perceived her position a bit differently. Yet, this was part of the lesson. true power comes from within and the Warrior Goddess (aka male archetype of Bella/Kristen) was what was wanting to play out. Ironically, as Bella became pregnant her feminine power became stronger as was . Notice the hint of the feminine there? So often people think the feminine is the weak side of us. And it's entirely not true. The feminine is just a different kind of strong.

The Feminine Aspect is a Different Kind of Strong

"Nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart."
This phrase is a line from the song from Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1. The idea of strength is a two-fold truth:

  1. The masculine warrior is our doing side of ourselves, both men and women.
  2. And the feminine goddess is the compassion, muse and being side of ourselves, both men and women.

We oftentimes get confused over what part of us is strength. We think that tears and weakness aren't strong at all. These lyrics incite the strength of the masculine to naturally protect the feminine with all his physical strength. We as women have our own knight in shining amour capable of supporting us this same way. We don't have to be co-dependent on our partners to achieve this safe feeling. How liberating!

How to Repair the Damage Done

Twifans have been sad and angered by this couple's separating. They viewed them as a beacon of Light within the darkness. So instead of projecting onto this very power couple, we must do our own inner work to heal ourselves for Edward and Bella/Robert and Kristen are represented within ourselves. It only takes one person to heal a relationship.

It only takes one person to heal a relationship.

Like Robert and Kristen/Edward and Bella, our entire world is OUR mirror. Everything, and I mean everything, that happens outside ourselves stems from how we are inside ourselves. Get to know that little factoid and half the battle is completed. Basically, we have inner male and female archetypes that exist inside ourselves. For women, we have not only ourselves as goddess/feminine/muse but we also have our inner knight in shining armour male side, our Go-To-Guy, our inner rescuer. For men, they have themselves as their inner male/warrior/king/hero but they also have their inner female/goddess/muse as well, their inner comforter. Both archetypes bring two very different types of security, power and strength. And all are valid and important to not only recognize but embrace for our evolution as a species on Mother Earth.

"How could you believe me?
After all the thousand times I told you I love you,
how could you let one word break your faith in me?"

Twilight Saga Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love Story

For Robert and Kristen the reality is that they created their own worlds, and their personal inner child issues dovetailing so seamlessly they could not identify whose issues were whose. Nor how to separate and untangle themselves enough to identify, mend and heal. They are each 100% responsible for their realities and no one else. 

The Cure

For Robert the large part of his own pain came from being absolutely disempowered by the finger-pointing - she made out with that married guy?!. It felt momentarily good (and well-justified anger is hard to deal with inside); however, it always comes up short, sort of like being fed only on the blood of animals and not human blood as Edward would agree. Instead taking back his inner power by taking back his projections and creations, which could have renewed his inner strength; taking the vegan vampire concept a step further, Robert/Edward would have been "feeding" off the bloodline of his true higher nature/self instead of off of another. He would then take responsibility that Kristen is representing something within himself that is deeply rooted in his own inner child archetype that needs addressing. This can be done. This can be healed within him, by him and from him. Once those parts of him are uncovered and compassionately accepted within, his outer world WILL SHIFT. It has no choice but to do so because quantum physics (Law of the YOUniverse) proves it. Please reference my article for scientific research: Multiple Universes and Parallel Realities.

For Kristen, in looking back at the original Twilight marketing promo poster of her I see how young she was then, probably around 18 years old. She is quite young still though part of what drew Robert to her, and Edward to Bella ironically, is something that he saw deeply within her. Kristen's depth of character is vast and her willingness to explore and plummet into those depths, her fearlessness and fierceness, is quite breathtaking. It takes someone of vast courage, and a level of focused maturity that many never touch within themselves to explore those hidden places within. There is a sense of purity to this as well. Kristen may very well have created a need for exploration to the brinking point, for a deep fear of never knowing anything beyond what she has in her life, (pre Huntsman), drover her in her vulnerability towards someone willing to take full advantage of her. 

Edward-Bella robert-kristen Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love StoryDance With the Divine

When Robert finds the inner divine feminine within himself to be his true inner BeLoved, and make her the object of his gaze and create a place in his heart for her, above all else on this earth, then his outer world will reflect exactly that reality that he has created from within.

When Kristen finds the inner divine masculine within herself to be her true inner BeLoved and makes him the object of her gaze and creates a place in her heart for him, above all else on this earth, then her outer world will reflect exactly that reality that she has created from within.

They each will discover the tranquility of self less the necessity of else and dance with the divine.

Sing with the love of all love in your heart. 

Fall truly deeply madly in love with you. See your magnificence in the mirror. Gaze deeply into your own eyes and find that no one can hold a candle to that beautiful love!

This photo is so candid. It shows the raw and pure beauty of their love for one another and the peace and joy emanating from this photo feels so beautiful. This was their truth, and remains forever so.

Photo credit

Streaming Beauty....

"The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along."
- Rumi, Essential Rumi

"Streaming beauty... streams of LIGHT coming from / to mine own eyes."

It is Robert and Kristen's (and our) evolution or their next step to fall in love with that within themselves. AND ONLY THEN.... will they see their BE Loved in those around them. They will see the vast range of emotions their Beloved has to show them in the smiles and gestures of others' around.

  • Robert will mend and heal his inner child's pain around trust, faithfulness and honor.
  • Kristen will mend and heal her inner child's fear of stifling around self expansion and exploration, and then gain someone capable of supporting her as she fearlessly leaps off the cliffs within her being.

Renessme... The Divine Child Created from the Divine Marriage

We are the ones we have been waiting for and when we heal ourselves, we heal Robert and Kristen. Everything is connected. When Robert and Kristen heal, we heal. When we see the reflection of the divine marriage and amazing miraculous child creation come forth, we see that inherent potential within ourselves. Turning to our inner child(ren) (both our little inner boy and girl, our inner prince and princess), we love and cherish them and provide for them everything they need and want, and become their true-to-life parent, parenting ourselves through compassion and nurturance.

In Zen Buddhism, it would serve to practice Shoshin (初心) or "beginner's mind". It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would. ... and back out again in an endless breath... WE GO FROM DIVINE MARRIAGE... TO DIVINE CHILD innocence and purity within AND without. Trinity. Unity. Union. One. Infinite. LOVE! It happens this way, as our inner marriage developes all our creations come forward as pure creations, like Renessme in the movies, she is a transcended form of the two selves. She embodies such grace and spirit; and is beyond our recogning for it is with the divine that she is beyond our wildest dreams; in other words, God knows our higher hearts' desire.

From Happily Ever After to Happily Inner After

Both Bella and Edward are in the process of moving from the princess and prince, to the Queen and King archetypes within themselves; it is an evolution of wonder and surprise. And for Kristen and Robert, they too will move into their sovereign integral as inner king and queen respectively. Their love is profound and vast.  It transcends and scales new heights. It is strong and powerful. This is a lesson for all of us. We too must let go of everything that seems necessary or important in our outer world and stand gazing into the eyes of our inner BeLoved, and love ourselves. Then open our eyes and see ourselves in everything and everyone around us. Give ourselves the chance for a rebirth back into / from / with the Divine.

In Divine and Loving Service,

Deidre Madsen

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