The Battleground for Our Higher DNA

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The Battleground for Our Higher DNA

The Rise of the Purebloods





Gregg Braden explains the fusion between telomeres on human chromosome two, how this fusion seems to have suddenly appeared 200,000 years ago. They show something has happend with modifying our DNA as it is now.

Gregg Braden talks about how he studied and followed the Sepher Yetzirah “The Book Of Creation”, a sacred 3000 yr old Hebrew text, and the amazing message he discovered, when following the instructions from this text.

They show the codes in our DNA what can be translated in text, and they found out that ALL OUR DNA HAS INFORMATION IN IT.

Our DNA is based on frequencies and information and Gregg shows us the most important and hidden message in our DNA

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This is from the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This is not my theory, it is not my hypothesis, it is not channeling from a higher being or the angelic realms.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  We conclude that human chromosome two is the relic of an ANCIENT DNA FUSION of two ancestral ape chromosomes telomere to telomere. Telomeres are at the end of the DNA. You are probably hearing about those because of health and longevity.

TECHNICALLY:  If a telomere exists at the end of one chromosome and it is fused, you are going to be able to see where that fusion happens because the telomere is only supposed to be on the end of the chromosome. If it is in the middle, it means it was fused with something else and that is exactly what happened; it says the fusion must have been followed by the elimination of overlapping functions as well as events that stabilize the fusion.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN:  These are our nearest relatives, chimp chromosomes one and two. Somehow these have been fused where the telomeres are in the middle, instead of on the ends where they should be. This is human chromosome number two; it is the product of these two chromosomes coming together. Some say that means we came from apes. Not necessarily.

A TELLTALE SIGN:  It is as if the best most intelligent DNA available on earth was taken and fused into a higher form of life and when it happened some of the DNA was taken away some of it was added, but here's the telltale sign. If you have two complete chromosomes and they are fused into one, can you see where the functions would be overlapping and redundant.

WHAT HAPPENED:  Once the fusion happened, the overlapping things were either cut away they were taken away or they were turned off to stabilize the fusion and make it very efficient what scientists now say is the function what resulted so the the cortex of the brain the precision to be able to turn these things off and on in the timing the fact that it happened suddenly two hundred thousand years ago when we appeared suggests something beyond evolution and here's where science opens the door to uncharted territory here's where science opens the door to forbidden language because what they are now saying is this fusion appears to be intentional who or what we have no idea but this is where science has arrived they said this is not a natural process could not have happened naturally something intervened and now the scientists say we have to stop there because we don't know what to say beyond that so the question is who or why did this every civilization every society every culture has their own answer the ancient babylonians they had their answer if you study zechariah sitchin's work you know what that is the aboriginals I was just in australia they've got their answer they tell us the navajo of the american desert southwest they have their story the egyptians have their story the hindus have their story christians have their story the original hebrew traditions have their story the navajo have their story scientists have had this story called evolution there's a program on tv that has a very different idea okay and now the DNA this is forensic evidence it means we're looking in the past at what already happened something happened we appeared 200 000 years ago and the honest truth is we don't know how this happened if scientists can be honest truthful and factual and embrace that then we can free ourselves from the dogma and the story that no longer fits and begin to find the answers so as a geologist I can tell you evolution i've seen it in the fossil record for some forms of life for some plants and animals the data is breaking down when it comes to humans and I have a lot of respect for charles darwin uh he lived in a different world it was a different time and he was trying to get us out of the realm of religion to explain who we are where I in my opinion where darwin went wrong was he took some observations that he made for some forms of life at one point on the planet in one moment in time and he tried to generalize them to include all life everywhere forever including humans and the data simply doesn't support that so that's all we can say is the data doesn't support it does that make sense are you good

I wrote a book in 2003 called The God Code. What I did was I followed the instructions in the 3,000 year old sacred text that had only been translated into English once. It is a Hebrew text called the Sefir Yitzerah, the book of creation. It is as if someone were watching the moment the creation happened and recording it as a scribe step by step and it's it's it's language it's words I said what would happen if I took those words and I converted the words into the periodic table of elements so rather than taking fire and water and air and earth to make a human what if we took and there's a there's a logic to this what if we took hydrogen nitrogen oxygen and carbon and I began working with it from this perspective what if that text was actually telling us a chemical formula and if that's true it means that the DNA in our bodies can literally be read like the letters of a of a page of a newspaper or a book there is a message in the DNA of all life so I came from that perspective I did the work I did the mathematics uh and there is a message in the DNA of all life it's in layers the very first layer the very first message in your body every cell in your body has the same message and the in the message when it's translated literally reads the DNA literally reads:

God eternal within the body

Why is that message in the human genome? I followed the instructions in the 3,000 year old text and it is there; so someone figured out how to store data in DNA a long time ago

Immediately after I wrote that book Japanese scientists came out with a report; they took bacteria and began storing data in the DNA of bacteria. They stored an entire library a city block long inside of the bacteria and they let the bacteria reproduce 2500 generations and then they pulled the data out intact it says that we are just now learning to store information inside of living DNA if we're doing it now it's possible that an advanced form of life has done that a long time ago if we are the product of an intentional act what better way to alert the beings that carry the message than to encode it within their very lives within the DNA itself now that we have the technology goosebumps just saying that now that we have the technology we can literally read a message and think about this when we create something today if you create a piece of art and you're proud of it what's the last thing you do with that piece of art or a sculpture or you create a piece of electronics every tiny piece of electronics has an identifying mark on it somewhere if we are the product of an intentional creation I would not be surprised that within us is the mark of of who or whatever is responsible in a way that would last as long as we do that could not be destroyed like a temple wall or could not be destroyed like an old manual or a text it lives in the life itself.

God eternal within the body, what does that mean?

Who is god I don't know what that means but it all comes back to what is happening right here. 200,000 years ago we appeared on this earth and we were given extraordinary abilities that no other form of life has. I do not think this is before religions, this is not about religion; religions came later and they wrapped the rules and the dogma around a pre-existing truth. This is deep spirituality in that it is about us and our relationship to the earth, to the cosmos, to you and me, to one another, and to ourselves.

So now we are evolving to the point maturing to the point where we can tap this extraordinary extraordinary neural network what do we make of that what do we do how do we apply that to become the best people we can be and create the best possible world how do we do that the very experience that was written out of our most ancient and cherished spiritual traditions they were taken right out of the bible told us forget about the feeling and the feeling is where you have your power because you can intentionally create feeling and no other form of life can every other form of life waits for the world to give them a reason to feel so they can react you have the capacity to create the feeling because you choose and that makes you a very very powerful being believe it or not  

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