Deep Sound Healing ~ 432Hz Theta Binaural Meditation ~ Transcending Trauma

deidre Meditations 29th October 2016
A powerful 432Hz tuned brainwave entrainment program for relaxation and deep healing. Listen to this track with headphones to receive the benefits of the brainwave entrainment program or listen on hi-quality speakers to bathe in the resonant sounds. Downloads available here: --------------------- DOWNLOADS ---------------------- More Source Vibrations Audio Programs: Itunes: Amazon: BandCamp: Scroll down for important links, information and legal agreements. --------------------- CONTACT ---------------------- ➥ Contact Details (Source Vibrations) ✉️ Email: ➥ Social Media ------------------------ LEGAL ------------------------- License Agreement ------------------------- SUPPORT------------------------- ➥ We value your support If you enjoy our offering, please consider of making a donation to our channel. Your contribution will help us expand our content. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications about new releases and live events: Source Vibrations Newsletter →
Video Duration: 01:56:51

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