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    About Deidre

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    Deidre Madsen Deidre Madsen, is the award-winning author of Happily Inner After - A Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Knight in Shining Amour. She is a relationship and life coach, lecturer and instructor. Deidre is a self styled quantum activist, following the theories of monastic idealism and tenured as a Supra-consciousness Imagery Guide supported by quantum energetics and phenomenology.

    Some of her past and ongoing research include Depth, Archetypal and Analytical Psychologies, Indigenous Native ceremonial pujas and traditions.

    She is a film producer, writer (WGA), an avid actor and performer (official website, IMDb) leaning toward depth or shamanic acting; she is also a vocalist and past dancer and model.

    Circle of Beautiful People International(TM) Corp.Deidre is President and Co-Owner of Circle of Beautiful People International, Private Luxury Club. A global community of like-minded HNW individuals. CBP welcomes new members within its ultra-exclusive, online private network for community and connection with bespoke lifestyle benefits. CBP passionately supports global philanthropic charities via our galas, parties and immersive events. CBP celebrates you - the essence of true beauty. 

    She makes her home in Los Angeles, California with her two Maltese dogs.

    Photo: Alexander Drecun