True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?!

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True power is ... what is the answer? Do you know? Some would say money, some would say knowledge, yet still others would say control. The answer lies in your heart.

The way to find the answers in your heart seem at once easy and the most difficult thing you'd ever take on as a human. We are still uncovering so many truths to our existence as these wondrously made individuals that this task seems insurmountable. Coming from a pure esoteric perspective there absolutely are NO WORDS to describe any of this power or magick we are living. Why do you think there are so many teachers who say almost nothing?! They can't! It's too amazing of a ride. They try tho. Yet, there are no words to describe this magnificence.

However, for you today, I am going to give it a 'college try' and attempt to bridge this gap for you with my own version of some pure power and magick, and show you how this is an everyday ... no, no, NO ... correction: Every moment experience! ...

I have observed three categories of realization and main levels of awareness:

  • Most people think, on some if not many levels, this whole "living thing" is boring, a waste of time, and very tiresome. They find no meaning in anything anymore. They are in such great despair. They have become cynical in their nature, violent and angry against the world  There are inner reasons for this which stem from a lot of self-worth issues and belief systems, but suffice it to say that the majority of folks just do the daily grind and can't stand it anymore  This perception of love is definitely service-to-self.
  • Some people are aware that they are on some sort of a spiritual quest. They go to work and/or school every day just like everybody else but they do things in their off-time a bit differently. They purchase volumes of inspirational material, attend churches, immerse themselves in different religions, and meditate and pray, and so on. It is like they surrounding themselves with so much yet they are still so cut off from the truth of it. They are going through the motions. Sometimes you think you are really getting it and then you are faced with the day-to-day struggles of life and sometimes you fall backwards into category #1 with the majority of people. This perception of love is mostly service-to-self with glimpses of service-to-others trying to peek through the mire
  • Few people in the world do know one thing ..... true power is love. This is ultimate service-to-others, or ... The All That Is. This is the true place of power

Now, question, Deidre, how the heck do we get there ... to #3? Well, good question. The best way I can describe this is through experience.

True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?! - by Deidre MadsenI stepped up my pace on my spiritual path a few years ago, very intensely and am now well immersed in the beauty of magick (or power) in my life on a moment to moment basis. For most of my life; however, I was in the first category with most everybody else. What happened to me?!?! Well, a few events catapulted me into this new phase of be-ing; however, overall my life has been a mixture of all three of these categories at once.

You could liken my life to an ice cream cone. Most of it is that decadent first layer, the delicious pistachio layer, loaded with lots of nutty people and situations. It encompasses the majority of my life and is a juicy layer I can draw upon to use as a great vehicle for understanding and wisdom. No regrets, no judgment, but chock full of experience. *big grin*

The second layer is the yummy orange sherbet layer. The yummy orange sherbet is the layer where I do the bulk of my of searching and growing; knowing there is definitely something else going on in the world besides getting up, brushing my teeth and hitting the daily grind. Whew. Thankfully!

The third layer - the Cherry on Top layer - is the ultimate. It is only when you really realize your own value that you achieve this level. I am not referring to an egomaniac type of self-worth or self-love, but the true love of self which encompasses the All That Is.

What lies beneath all this delectable wonderment as the foundation? Why, none other than the sugar cone base, of course. Look at the shape of that base - sort of an inverted triangle, don't you think? Interesting how the Universe has had us create ice cream out of our own image. HA! Think about the significance of this. At least one reason is, it holds up the other three layers, supports and keeps them together. And, its easy to hold in your hand.

True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?! - by Deidre Madsen

What is the Great Discovery? Something I made up? Probably. Something tremendous that seems like it has recently happened but in fact it has been occurring over time. Ever since I moved out of the pistachio stage of my life, and moved through the seemingly wonderful orange sherbet stage, I have discovered a great cherry topping truth. The simplest of all things in life is love. I know, I know, I know everybody say it together now .... "Deidre, THIS IS NOTHING NEW, Sister!" Okay, you are right but for each of us, it has to be this way. And this just so happens to be my way. Not any more or less, better or worse, than anyone else's version.

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

So, I have found that love is the answer. It is so.  In these recent years of my life, I have allowed myself to stay open to all possibilities and the truth of the matter is .... love has come in a myriad of ways but the most profound way is the "Twin Ray" way. I could go into an enormous amount of detail of my life but it really boils down to one question:

What is it all about, anyway?

In order to get to the Cherry Topping you must be open, open, open to all possibilities and opportunities. I once explained this to a dear friend of mine, who is analytical in nature and very pragmatic. I appealed to this side of her be-ing. When we go through the daily grind, every now and again, something "weird" happens like the phone rings and we just know who is on the other line. Hmmm. How did we do that?

SYNCHRONICITY ... we suddenly remember where we have misplaced an item we lost and go to the spot and there it is. We think of someone and they phone us on the spot, ...this is called serendipity or synchronicity or sync (for short).

Sync happens all the time around us and is the tip of the iceberg of truth, but its a way to start you to understanding what all the hubbub is about. Sync happens all around us and is a part of who we are.  If we just take the time to stop and see the little "ironies" around us and realize they are not just ironies but truths and ways our spiritual side is trying to get our attention, then we will start to "see" with our inner self.


We have two eyes and two ears but one mouth.
So, hear (listen) and see (watch) more and
(Shhhh!) keep your mouth (ego) quiet.

My dear friend whom I shared this with has since started seeing - truly seeing and she is well on her way to a greater awareness.  Very self-empowered woman!  I love her dearly and only hope the very best in life and love for her.

So, what happens when a person starts to "see" things around them.  Well, more and more things begin to occur and you are now exposed to other types of people who just happen to "pop" into your life.  The more you stay open, the more opportunities abound.  Then you are in the orange sherbet stage of life and going full-steam-ahead into the great Cherry Top.  This is sort of intermingling the top and middle of the ice cream cone.  Some people say that a veil is being lifted at this stage.  That is a true statement, too.  There are lots of analogies and metaphors used to describe this exciting process.

Little Ego True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?! - by Deidre MadsenLet's take a closer look at the word "POWER."  What is power?  n. The act, ability, and presumed authority to wield or exert force and strength. In our discussion of power, we realize that by the time you reach the great Cherry Topping Truth, you know what power truly is. Power is love. And love as we know it is not just a simple often misused word, it is the force or power behind all things seen and unseen. When we realize what it takes to wield such power we then come to ego. For without ego we cannot understand the 'cause and effect' of a thing. With ego; however, we can use wise discernment. There is nothing wrong with ego; I tuck my little ego into bed every night with a goodnight kiss. So, you learn how everything in life is equally important, none more than the other, but at least now you know what to do when your ego starts to cry and whine for a bottle.

We now come to the ultimate Cherry Top!  The creme de la creme! The best part of the whole enchilada, Senors and Senioritas, respectively. We enter our Inner and Outer Divine Marriage, e.g., read the article Enter the Divine Twin Ray Reunions.

Now that we are in this space .... this great Cherry Topping space ... it all comes down to understanding that it isn't enough to love. To simply love is one thing but to love love with a com-passion for loving love, that is where it gets not only confusing but once you figure it out ... very exciting. Sure it is important to love the birds, trees, flowers, rocks, water, animals .... but it is not really them that you are loving ... what you are loving is love itself. There is an underlying truth of absolute love to everything, it is within every molecule of life, every raindrop, every atom and proton, ever star in space and every baby's coo. It is in the sound of the waves crashing a shoreline or the soft snore of a fuzzy dog or cat in your lap. Yet even at that it is not the thing you are focusing your attention on but the feeling inside of you that is the love in and of itself. I hope I have not completely baffled you altogether.

True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?! - by Deidre MadsenThe glorious process to the top of the ice cream cone comes with great, great rewards and one of them is the reuniting of many people to their "other halves" or Twin Rays.  When this happened in my life with the most loving gift from the Universe, my little ego got a lot tinier and now I tuck it into my pocket at night no longer needing the baby bed.  Don't laugh, I used to have to provide it its own house with a king-size bed. The power that comes from this level of love is what all the poets and lyricists in the world write about. This is IT! This is well worth all of it, let me tell you. I know whereof I speak. What a blessing to share this divine power with someone who has equal respect, love, and an ego to match the size of mine! They can keep each other company!

Here is the funniest part of this whole story - or ironic part - the ice cream cone has taken on a new form. The seemingly most difficult part to get to is really the easiest and fullest. Life is now so filled with wonderment and glory, each and every day, I cannot imagine life any differently anymore. Everyone can experience this power.

If you want to view what it looks like from the top of that ice cream cone? Stand on that cherry top! Stand up there where the twinkling stars are. That is where your perspective on life is transformed. That is where the heart of everything is, the cherry reminds me of a big beautiful heart! It is the biggest part of this delicious adventure called LIFE!

"Man has only to know this simple truth consciously, and then he will be free. Spiritual consciousness is both the reason and the summit of human evolution, and its true nature is beyond words. Words are merely invented symbols of human ideation, but spirituality is a wordless and timeless state of eternal beautitide. He who has attained this state of consciousness truly knows that he is a free spirit, as he is truly God. He lives in the eternal realms of spiritual liberation, for he is a liberated soul.  He has risen unto his True Home on the celestial symphony of salvation. This is the true heaven, where freedom and love eternally reign.  Go to that point where you started your journey,"  " must complete that task which has been ordained for you. You will again return joyfully to the Abode of Love." - by George Arnsby Jones, The Pilgrimage of James, An Odyssey of Inner Space, Peacehaven.

the great cherry topping truth  True Power is ... An Ice Cream Cone?!

The next time you are at an Ice Creamery,
order a Cherry for the top ... YOU are worth it!

Always and forever growing, learning and loving!


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