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Table of Exercises/Log of Visits

This grid serves a dual purpose. You can click on each of these directly to go to that particular area as well as using it as a guideline for your progress. Printing this out, you can check off and date your visits.



Exercises to Maximize Brain Functions            
Choose a hemisphere to visit            
A visit to the other hemisphere            
Experiencing an activity in the left hemisphere            
Experiencing an activity in the right hemisphere            
Exploring between the hemispheres            
Exchanging gifts between the hemispheres            
First experience with the center between the hemispheres            
First experience of doing an activity in the center            
The third eye or the mind's eye            
Exercises for Improving Mind/Body Functioning            
Experiences with a vertical line (symbolic)            
A visit to your heart and other organs            
An experiment with the cerebral spinal fluid            
Using bodily healing resources            
Exercises for Understanding and Freeing the Emotions            
Getting acquainted with the hallway            
Exploring different rooms in the hallway            
Experiencing a younger self at any age            
Experiencing your own birth            
A Visit to the Heart Center            
First visit to the heart center            
Second visit to the heart center            
Exercises for Understanding and Utilizing the Spirit            
Resources from the cosmic area            
The energy of the etheric (spirit) body            
A Visit to the Sacred Place            
Step 1: Discovery            
Step 2: Exploration            
Step 3: Guided Meditation - The Pool            
Step 4: Guided Meditation - The Cone of Light            
Experiencing Integration for the Holistic Nature of Being            
Using inner resources for healing            
The energies of Mother Earth            
In the hallway of your mind: A third guided meditation            
Resources or self-healing: The use of the sacred place in healing            
A Visit to the Solar Plexus            
Step One            
Step Two            
Step Three            
Gathering Gifts From Various Staging Areas            
Different Styles of Transformational Exercises and Conclusion            
Example 1: Six directions            
Example 2: Body Visit            
Example 3: Meeting your Inner Physician            
Example 4: Your Maintenance Room            
Example 5: Journey Technique            
Example 6: Gut Instinct            
Afterward: A Walk-Thru Guided Meditation for the "3rd Eye Blind"            
Meditation: Walk Down Memory Lane            


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